Halloween night, Tue 30 Oct 2012

Halloween night is a night out for monsters and eerie things.  For many years, I have noticed Halloween nights being celebrated and enjoyed in clubs by young people all over the world.  However, I have not attended any one of them.  I know participants wear eerie attire, carrying with them a spear on one hand, and a arrow tail behind their back.

I think this occasion can be a fun time to get together, squeezed ourselves in a small pub, with tight opportunities for dancing and talking loudly and closely at each others ears to share a conversation.  And, when the music stops or the singers decide to take a rest, wow, we have some minutes of rest intereval.

I had been invited before to a pub next to and just after 112 Katong, and I thought it would be a nice place to celebrate Halloween night.  The music and songs on Tues is nostalgic and rather suitable to most of us.  Most drinks are at $10 each, pay upon delivery of the glass.  I think they do not serve coffee, tea or soft drinks. Many tables and stools, and yet can be cramped for a SHC crowd.  There is a 2 piece band, with a singer, likely he can entertain us if we make a request.  Did not see any food, so likely we have to eat before coming.

Well, if you like a night out, one day before 31 Oct, come together for a drink or two, listen to some great music and catching up the weird ones among us celebrating Halloween night, come join me at this place, I think the name is 57 Chevvy at 8pm.  You can leave anytime before the clock strikes 12 or sneak out if you find the tempo too soft or hot for you.

No attendance will be taken.  You dont have to register if you prefer not to.  Yu can come with anybody, any dress, anytime or sneak in ans out quietly.  Simply come in, find a seat, if you can get one, pay for your own drink and figure out who’s there that night.

See you on 30 Oct night.  Registration NOT needed.

Terence Seah 

7 thoughts on “Halloween night, Tue 30 Oct 2012

  1. Terence

    It’s Chevy, not Chewy. This small club has an awesome band with Charlie as the lead singer and the other 2 musicians rock, too!

    They played all my requests – Hey Jude, Hotel California, John Lennon’s Woman, Imagine and I was swooned. During the interval, the Dj played pretty good numbers which got me dancing.

    The place is tiny and cramped and the dance floor is miniscule; great for dancing body to body in your pumpkin get-up, dracula fangs sinking into the neck……ooh…

    Wish I could join but will have fun over here at Lan Kwai Fong on Oct 31, not forgetting shisha and clubbing.

    Feel free to join me.

  2. Hi Geraldine #1,
    Thank you for highlighting the incorrect spelling of the pub. Guess, I was thinking too much of chewing.

    Hi everybody,
    To those who are considering coming, you do NOT need to register. This can be fun, so that everybody is a surprise. Dress up if you like, cover up or put up a mask too. Fun to figure out whose behind those clothes.

    Come anytime, and go anytime.

    Terence Seah

  3. Terence,

    In Katong Village are quite a few pubs. Many moons ago I was at this pub just across where Chevy is. A common name but I just cannot remember it. This pub is small and with a lot of smokers, the music is just as good. I downed three glasses of beers. I was invited by two old girlfriends for old times sake.

    As it is too smoky we decided to step over to Chevy where I had two vodka gin. There seems no smokers at all but I am not sure about now.

    As the night wears on, the music was good so was the ambience but we left before midnight. I am to send both girls home.

    I was going out of the carpark when I saw blinking red light. Die lah I think I have a little too much to drink. The policeman asked, ‘are you having a good time and did you drink?’. Now how to get out of this, I am in the deep end.

    I was asked to breathe into a gadget which I did. A lot of things went through my mind, will I be penalise and get my licence suspended?

    The result was out, the policemen said I may go. Now how can this be, I know I did drink more than the limit. Could it be the satays I took in the first pub that saved me?

    It was an unforgettable experience, I will have to have less nights out and behave.

    Coming back to Chevy, I am not sure whether it will be too pack what with other members of the public and us having to adorn all sort of paraphernalia!


  4. Dan

    As indoor smoking is now banned, smokers have to puff outdoor.

    Those were the days when our eyes hurt from all the smoke around us and high on breathing in second hand smoke.

    At Chevy, when the band is playing, everyone is soooo engrossed with the performance that they forget to smoke and during the break, smokers will dash out for their nicotine fix.

    About your incident, perhaps the breathalyzer was faulty, kekekekee or maybe the satay helped or both.

    For this gathering, I am certain it will be FUNN; very tempted to go back and see Terence chews………..this is the kind of meetup I like – awesome music, cool crowd and drinking, of course.

  5. 6 more days to Halloween night. Again, no need to register here. Just turn up with a mask and get yourself a drink. If this works, and we get good response, maybe we should have some events like this, where we dont have to register.

    If you invite me to sit next to you for half an hour, and I still cannot recognise you, I shall buy you a drink. But, if I can recognise you, then you buy me a whisky. How about that?

    If I am not wrong, there is a pool table in the centre of the pub. We can take turn to have a game. I think you can bring along some cards or table games.

    So, put on a mask and black dress. Cover yourself up, and see you there on the 30 Oct night.

    Terence Seah

  6. A good reminder that we can have our own Halloween night on Oct 30, Tuesday. I will be there at 8am, so I look forward to meet you behind your mask. No need to register.

    Terence Seah

  7. The Halloween night, at next to 112 Katong was a surprise event. Although no registration is required, the turnout was a surprise. For me, it was a fun event. But more important, it shows that we can invite SHC friends to any of our events, without knowing exactly who. Sounds a bit disorganised, but then everybody is busy and we may have not be too sure of our schedule.

    So, if you are going to Suntec this weekend for an exhibition, you can invite others to join you too. Just have a fixed meeting place and time.

    Consider a T-party at Colocolo cafe, a bowling session at Sunshine Bowl or a lunch at United Place, etc. It’s all up to your imagination. I hope to see more of adhoc events within the club.

    Let’s meet again next Halloween.

    Terence Seah

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