Applications on your smartphone – What are you using?

Recently, I was playing with my mobile phone, and suddenly while fiddling with the phone, I came across an application which I could download free.  I think a number of you are already using a couple of applications which you can share with fellow members.  Hew Lee, i am sure, you are very experienced with mobile phone applications.  Guess, Yew Kwong, if you are around, I am sure you too must have loaded some applications. Many are free.

Well, let me tell you about the little application which I loaded.  It’s called Anti Mosquito.  It takes less than one minute to download it to my phone.  When I launch Anti mosquito, it emits a high frequency sound which I could not hear.  But it is effective.  The sound chases away mosquitoes; and as I am sensitive to mosquitoes, this application works well for me.  Now, whenever i go near plantations, I activate the application.

Calling all IT savvy members, do let us know what applications you have downloaded to your phone, share with us how you use it and its usefulness especially to SilverHairs.

I look forward to you sharing.  It may turn out to be fun, or it may turn out to be useless.  But, less hear it from you.

Terence Seah 

9 thoughts on “Applications on your smartphone – What are you using?

  1. Hi Terence

    Quite a lot of us have WhatsApp which allows us to message each other for free (locally & overseas). It is a lot faster especially transmitting photos. It automatically detect and include common contacts that are also whatsapp user much like facebook. (You also have WhatsApp leh.) We can group chat with lots of fun emoticons at no cost at all. Another similar application is KakaoTalk but most of us prefer WhatsApp anytime.

    A few of us play games with each other…. I play scramble, scrabble, diamond dash, mahjong and wordsearch.

    A lot have dictionary, translator, directories, google, radio and movie. One very useful gadget is the Flashlight. A touch light with distress flash, etc. Great for navigating steps inside cinema and reading menu in dim lighting.

    Besides the above, I also have Bible and Save22. Save22 used to be called Lobang, allows you to use your phone to scan the barcode of an item you intend to buy and then tells you where you can get the same item at cheaper price.

    I go download ‘mozzie go away’ now. Thanks for the tip. I am sure others have other useful gadgets too. Care to share so we can also download?

  2. WhatsApp has its limitation to only 15 people in one group. More than this number, one can use KakaoTalk. Both work the same. Sending photo/pictures are definitely a breeze.

  3. Hi Terence, allow me to use this post to state a relevant comment about Apps in our smartphones …Apps in one’s smartphone is directly related to one’s lifestyle choices. What you perceive the Apps can perform does not necessary mean it will perform as claimed. Every App requires assessment and evaluation. If an App is found to be malicious, it is removed from reputable sites. In order not to get into trouble, it is best to spend some time doing some research or read the reviews available before installation.

  4. Aiyo, Terence,
    Like dat, battery drained out very fast leh everytime u activated this appln la… I think spraying mozzie repeller is a better choice lor..

    Whatever kind of appln download will definitely make d hp battery 2 work harder hence charging becomes more frequent.

    I had downloaded couple of apps but more frequently used are whatsapp and LINE (which is free calling frens overseas but at times reception may not be so good lor).

    Also watching HK drama series download but hv 2b patient la as best time 2 watch is always after 11pm onwards.

    There still couple of other appls that I used quite often but mainly for games only la…

    Cheers.. Dolly

  5. Like what Dolly had said, I agree too that Apps do drain your battery power. I install Kakao Talk app on my phone wif 52 users in the group. The exchange of messages add up to more than one hudred a day.

  6. Hi Dolly, Yew Kwong,

    Yes, the anti-mosquito application is turned on if I see mosquitoes around. Most times, I switch it off.

    I think Whatsapp is great. Especially small groups. Chat together for those with common interests is really good. I encourage members to download Whatsapp as one way of communication as a group via the mobile.

    Some times when I am back in Singapore, I like to find out who is free for a cup of coffee or a bowl of noodles or just yak yak. Now that Yew Kwong mentioned Kakao Talk, I am going to install this app on my phone. So, if free, nothing to do, we can yak yak. YK said this app can have many users in the group. Try Kakao Talk then. We create a yal yak group. YK, how to get out of the group if I get bored?

    Has anyone a good application to suggest for senior folks? Someone brought up the suggestion of a torch light, using a phone.

    Terence Seah

  7. Terence

    U just choose to exit group. For a start let us try out using Kakao talk to create group for 12 Dec’s monthly gathering. If keen can email me ur contact to lohyks@hotmail. First u must install app.

  8. Terence,
    From what I know, whatapps is not free for Iphone users but is free for android users lor.. But if some of those that hv loaded this much earlier b4 the charge was being imposed, then is aways free whenever there is an update. I use whatapps very often for work n so far, no complaint.

    Cheers… Dolly

  9. Try this free Andriod Apps – Magnifier, it acts like a magnifying glass comes with flashlights esp seaching small items in hidden dark corners.

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