SHC 13th-Anniversary – October Monthly Gathering, Fri 19 Oct 2018

Congratulation!  A new member has won the 1st prize

SHC started in October 2005.  This month is our 13th-anniversary.  We will be celebrating this occasion with members during the October monthly gathering.

This CLAYPOT sign was my first sight when we went to 313@Somerset to have a check.  The previous stall is under renovation.  The seating is still the same.  If you are lost in finding the place, please look for this stall.

The Claypot corner is quiet with a good ambience. We had a monthly gathering here before and it serves our need well. The food court has a variety of food

The SHC Oct monthly gathering is scheduled as follows:

Date:     Fri 19 Oct 2018

Time:    5pm – 8pm

Venue:  313@Somerset

             Food Republic Level 5

Place:   Claypot corner/Pepper Lunch Express

MRT station: Somerset

SHC monthly gathering is a good opportunity for old as well as new members to meet, greet, socialize and encourage everyone to participate in new ideas and share their interests.  This month, we would like to thank our two members, Caroline Gee and Doreen Cady,  who are helpful to volunteer to bake the delicious cakes for us and to play surprise games.

Do not miss this occasion!

EO: Kristy Quek;  Co-EO: Doreen Chan

Please register your attendance here:

  1. Kristy Quek
  2. Doreen Chan
  3. John Howe
  4. Howard
  5. Caroline Gee
  6. Dolly Lim
  7. Michael Tan
  8. Jenny Lim
  9. Margaret Khoo
  10. Rachel Chan
  11. Doreen Cady
  12. Joan Ang
  13. Lydia Chin
  14. Andrew  Lim
  15. & Agnes Lim
  16. Stella Sheng
  17. Daniel Chan
  18. Trudy Lee
  19. Alice Liang
  20. Winnie Tan
  21. Peggy Ho
  22. Charles Wee
  23. Sarah
  24. Cindy Low
  25. Peg Ho
  26. Frisna Tan
  27. Christine Teo
  28. Peter Thia
  29. Steven Chan
  30. Kent Godwin Chan
  31. Richard Lian
  32. Lilian Chua
  33. Kenneth Tan
  34. Thomas Loh
  35. Lee Ah Nee
  36. Lilian Quek
  37. Shirley Lai
  38. Tommy Choo
  39. Nelly Soh
  40. Simon Lee
  41. Pearl Kwan
  42. Jane Tan
  43. Agnes Low
  44. Steven Yuen
  45. Shirley Joanne Wee

This is to inform all members that we have closed for registration.  The Food  Republic, a public food court place,  we have chosen is unable to accommodate more than 45 people.   Furthermore, we are not allowed to make much noise.  Thank you for your understanding

Members on the waiting list:

  1. Bobby Bok
  2. Doris Smith
  3. Graham Smith

PS::  Those who turn up without registering will not be allowed to join us.

Those confirmed members who withdraw from the gathering; the members on the waiting list will be invited

Thank you


Kristy Quek & Doreen Chan

Dinner followed by chit-chat and drinks on Wed 3rd Sept 2014 in Bishan

This event gives an opportunity for working members and non-members to take part and spend time together.

It is an EC activity co-ordinated by me, Kristy. Due to space constrain of my flat, attendees are limited to 8 (fa, fa, fa)

Date : Wed 3rd Sept 2014

Time : 6.30pm to 10.00pm

Venue for dinner : Coffee-shop Blk 112, Bishan St 12, S’pore 570112

Venue for drinks and chit-chat : Blk 103, Bishan St 12, S’pore 570103

Cost : You pay for what you order. There are chicken rice, zhi char, Italian food and chai fan.

Attendees :

1 Kristy – EC

2 Terence Seah

Yew Kwong

4 Dolly

5 Tony Ang

6 Richard Lean

7 Keng Ngee

8 Ronn

9 Randy

10 Lee Fook Kee

11 Daniel Chan

12 Chiang Cheng Pun


Registration closed

Lunch on Friday, 23/5/2014 at Blk 112 Bishan St 12

It is an Italian stall in a neighbourhood coffee shop. Their food tastes great and yet their prices are very reasonable. Their food starts from a very affordable price of $3.90. An average main item, such as their spaghetti, costs about $6.90.

Some recommendations:
Garlic butter pork (I think it is $7.90), it is great with a generous portion being served.
Gelato – one of their specialties.

I am EOing this activity. I will be booking with them one table of 10. If response is good, I will try to book two tables if we can reach 20 people.

Event: Lunch and social gathering
Time: 12noon to 2pm
Venue: Blk 112 Bishan St 12, Singapore 570112 – Coffee Shop
Price: You pay for what you order.

Those coming, please RSVP in the comments section.

1. Kristy Quek
2. Ann Lim
3. BiraL
4. Esther Mok
5. Charles Wee