Online Flea Mart – October 2013

The scope of permitted advertisements on this free online flea mart site is expanding! You can place advertisements regarding  job-seeking, garage/jumble sales, self-led trips …

Free lancers can advertise their services. If you have things to give away or if you are looking for something or some service, do advertise here.

With the expansion of permitted advertisements, the online flea mart hopes to serve more members.

The October online flea mart is now open for your advertisements.

Guidelines on placing advertisements

1. NO corporate/company/shop advertisements. Only personal advertisements are permitted.

2. Two advertisements per month per member.

3. Each advertisement must not exceed 10 lines.

4. No telephone numbers allowed. Only e-mail addresses

3 thoughts on “Online Flea Mart – October 2013

  1. 2nd hand items:

    1. Printer- hpdeskjet3325 $15
    2. DvD- Millionaire Slumdog $4
    3. Knitting book – Beginner to intermediate. 75 easy to follow projects. $7
    4.PC games – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. 2 cds. $5
    5. Sudoku – Magnetic Travel Game -includes over 60 Sudoku puzzles and solutions. $7
    If interested, please contact

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