Updates – SilverHairsClub December 2005

1.  Nov gathering was just over.  About 40 SilverHairs attended.  Richard
Kwok was organiser and Gibson Tan was the venue host.  For pictures, plse

2.  Next gathering – We will have the next SilverHairsClub get together on
Dec 30.  Subject to confirmation, the gathering will be at the
Shenton/Robinson area, from 1830 – 2000 hrs.  Plse see events –

To participate, let us know and we shall send you an invitation card.

3. SHC Olympics – Patrick Yeo is Event organiser and team leader of the SHC
Olympics.  Dec and Jan will be used for ideas brain-storming.  Please email
me or Patrick, if you like to be in the brain-storming committee.

To participate, simple email back your interest and game type for the SHC

4.  SHC Talentime – Elsie Ho is Event organiser and team teader.  We shall
brain storm this activity these Dec and Jan.  Elsie is looking for all kinds
of talents.  Can be dancing, guitar, solo or group, not just singing.
Please email back on this email to myself or Elsie, if you like to help with
the organisation.

And, if you like to participate, simply inform us at SilverHairsClub.com.

5.  SHC Garage sale – Stictly for SHC members only.  Plse see

6.  Website registration – it’s simple.  Less than 5 mins.  Join other SHC
members.  Get to know new friends.  https://silverhairsclub.com/wp-login.php
The  monthly activity is always announced on the website, so regististration is

7.  SilverHairs activities – Read the forum.  SilverHairs members have
started activities on scrabble, cycling, nature walk, pot luck, dancing,
Karoake, singing, business talks, Jobs, chess, travel, etc.

Feel free to contact one another, or start your own group.  But, don’t
forget to join the monthly SHC gathering.

Terence Seah

Author: Terence Seah


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