2 Items TBB

Dear Members,
It is me again.. This time, I m going to give away 2 items:

Item 1 : A pair of colorful hair clips – Never used before and cant used anymore cos now hair too short liao.. so need to bless to those who need…

Item 2: Rechargeable shaver – Given by the previous China company and never used b4.. Everything is intact inside the box as shown.  Interested, please comment here.

Preferably collection at Bukit Panjang but sending via post (charges incurred) and will not be responsible for lost mail if any.  But so far, so good… delay in post but never mia lor

hairclips & rechargeable shaver

As usual, if there is no takers for these items, will be transferred to other sites for free cycles…

Best regards,


1 thought on “2 Items TBB

  1. Hi dolly,
    How life kicking around.. Hope you are pretty good. & also your back pain better bo??? From de old posting here.. If you still have other stuffs, I will take all & of course too your convenience timing too.
    Please send my regards to your family siblings too… Cheers Bro Sam ho ho Hahaha…

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