SHC monthly gathering cum fleamart, Sat 6 Sep 2014 at CSC

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Hi everybody,

We have tentatively booked the Civil Service Club at Tessensohn Road on Sat 6 Sep 2014 for our Sept monthly gathering cum fleamart. Ths date is also the beginning of the school holidays.  Details being worked out.  The monthly gathering is strictly for members only.  SHC gatherings are intended for SilverHairs to meet new and more SilverHairs.  Fleamart table owners have to be SHC members; however family members and friends may help to come run the stalls to make it more fun.  Time:  1100 – 1600 hrs. You may come earlier and end later.

The CSC management has also approved us the use of the place for a fleamart, right at the entrance.  The fleamart will also be open to the public and CSC members.  Limited to the size of the lobby area, in a C-shape.  Members may share tables.  Again, details will be worked out.

Payment for fleamart table participants:

  • @ $15 per table (valid up to 20 tables or on/before 20 Aug 2014).
  • @ $20 per table (valid from 21 tables or on/after 21 Aug 2014).

For convenience, you may pay via POSB current account 951-00428-6.  Please   keep receipt and let us know the transaction reference.

Terence Seah

Registration list for Fleamart tables:

  1. Rosalind Lee – Two tables (Pd)
  2. Terence Seah – One table
  3. Frisna Tan – One table (Pd)
  4. Susan C H Tan – Two tables (Pd)
  5. Gabriella Chua – One table (Pd)
  6. Hou Chong – One table (Pd)
  7. Caroline Gee – Two tables (Pd)

Total of 10 tables booked in record time!

  1. Peri Liew – Two tables (Pd)
  2. Dolly Lim – One table (Pd)
  3. Jassmine Teo – One table (Pd)
  4. Joan Ang – Two tables (Pd)
  5. Yu Yu Chiu – One table (Pd)
  6. Helen Cheong – One table

Total of 18 tables booked altogether



66 thoughts on “SHC monthly gathering cum fleamart, Sat 6 Sep 2014 at CSC

  1. Our Sept monthly gathering at the Civil Service Club at Tessensohn Road on Sat 6 Sep 2014 is confirmed. This is also the school holidays, and we are hoping to get crowds to come to our flea mart.

    CSC is charging us $300 for the use of the front entrance and lobby area. Members who are keen to take up a fleamart table, please register now. Each table will cost $15. If our collection falls short, SilverHairs Enterprise will absorb the balance. Space is limited, and please book early. You may use the SHE payment counter, which can be seen on the right side of the website. Please put “fleamart tables” as payment description. Upon payment, a receipt will be emailed to you.

    We are also working out other programs for the day. Keep you informed.

    Terence Seah

  2. For the Sept monthly gathering, we are planning to have singing, something which is very much sought after by SilverHairs. If you love singing, keep a watch for this date, as we work out the plans to bring this day to you.

    Sat 6 Sept at CSC.

    If your diary is free and you are coming, do register here. Food is available at the food counter. We may arrange a special meal with the shop. So, your name is important.

    Terence Seah

    Terence Seah


  3. Hi Terence! I would like to take 2 tables for the fleamart please.
    I’ll try to make payment via the SHE payment counter….hopefully I know what to do.

  4. Hi Rosalind, Frisna,
    Thank you for the support with this fleamart. This would be fun.
    I would be writing to CSC to ask them to inform their members of our fleamart too.
    We want as much exposure as we can get.

    Can be exciting if you put up some pictures of what you will be selling. I like to encourage some pre-selling. Please go ahead with your dream ideas and crazy thoughts.

    Hi Hou Chong,
    I was hoping to be able to make a date which you can come and showcase your marmalade jam. Sorry, I could not wait. Hope you can think of something from your garden. If you have the Sabah Snake grass, that would bhe great too.

    Members, please sign up and join our monthly gathering cum fleamart.

    Terence Seah

  5. Terence, I’ve been pulling my scarce hair trying to key in quantity 2 but it only accepts quantity as 1. How ah? I’ll be away from tomorrow till Friday night. Can I tt payment instead?

    Blur Ros

  6. Re the Fleamart cum monthly gathering, please note that the fleamart tables can only be run and operated by SHC members. However, members may bring their friends and families to help out in the stalls. The more the merrier.

    We can start officially from 1100 am to 4pm. However, fleamart stall owners can start earlier and end later in the day.

    We will make arrangements for payment via internet banking. Meantime, please do your reservations now.

    Terence Seah

  7. Hi Terence

    Sori, I not so high-tech leh. No internet banking or rather, refuse to have one. Haha….
    Will transfer funds to you through ATM machine. Perhaps, you can post a bank acct number here for such transfers?


  8. Hi Terence,
    Hou Chong told me to book a table for him as he is in Japan and cannot log in.

    I quote:”Hi Terence, I am presently in Japan and have difficulty writing. Kindly reserve a table for me at SHC flea market on 6th Sept. I plan to put on sale my home made Kumquat Marmalade once again as well as another home-made product. Will confirm this later in the week when I am in Perth. Rgds, LHC.”


  9. Welcome Peri and fleamart participants,

    I look forward to knowing what you have to sell. Please use the online fleamart and show what you have to sell. From handbags, to shoes, to marmalades, to used condoms. You can put up picture in comments, under fleamart.

    The table vendor is going to increase our price. So, please book your tables before I meet them. Once they inform me the new price, I will announce the new price. All reservations made prior, will stay at $15.

    Terence Seah

  10. can change the name to BAZAAR instead? so not to give the public or CSC members the impression that we are selling used stuff only. Thanks

  11. Hi Terence,

    Frisna, Hou Chong and myself are joining our 4 tables to form one long table. It’s going to be so exciting! Is it possible that when drawing lots, we will be drawn as one number? Thank you.

  12. Hi Susan, Frisna, HouChong,

    I see no reason not to accept your request. So, the answer is YES. You will be together as one long table.

    It is a pleasure to see u bring fun to the activity.

    Terence Seah

  13. Our monthly gathering is on Sat 6 Sept.

    The mid-Autumn festival or moon-cake cum lantern festival is on Mon 8 Sep. Feel free to share some of your moon-cakes during this monthly gathering.

    Some members have requested to organise another gathering where we can share smartphone tips. We had one gathering at Hans, and it was very successful. However, some felt that there was not enough time to find out how to use their smartphone well. Well, we can use this gathering to ask fellow members how to use our smartphones.

    Feel free to come around, ask how to use our phones for Whatsapps application, viber, line or

    There are plenty of tables at the cafe, you can sit at the cafe, buy your own drinks and lunch. If you are a Whatsapp expert, come along and share with other members. Better still, let us know so we can catch you at the next monthly gathering.

    What is it that some smartphones have Viber while others cannot?

    Terence Seah

  14. Hi Terence! I am back in Sg and upon checking this post I am anxious to make payment, preferably by tt please.
    Kindly let me have the SHE bank’s name and acct no so I can do the funds transfer.

    Thank you

  15. Hi Rosalind and SHCians,

    Glad that you are back from your travels. I look forward to seeing you at the Sep 6 Flea mart cum Fleamart.

    Payment for fleamart table participants:

    @ $15 per table (valid up to 20 tables or on/before 20 Aug 2014).
    @ $20 per table (valid from 21 tables or on/after 21 Aug 2014).

    For convenience, you may pay via POSB current account 951-00428-6. Please keep receipt and let us know the transaction reference.

    Terence Seah

  16. Oh surprise surprise?????… HouChong bo tell me is combined tables mah.. I thought that I told him that I want to chope half of his table to display my lelong barang2… and in principle he had agreed to let me hv it mah.. wahpiangz… Like that hor, I must get part timer to man this half stall liao… Maybe discussion done after that so i dun noe lor…… sigh… headache…. Cheers.. Dolly

  17. Hi Terence,
    My payment of $15 is under Ref no. 2626.
    I plan to sell Home made Kumquat Marmalade (organic) and Home made body soap. Product details will follow at a later date. Only a limited nos will be available owing to constraint in bringing over. BTW, is selling Food allowed?
    Hi Dolly,
    My offer to you regarding the share of my table, still stands, notwithstanding whether my table stands alone or is joined to form a long table. FYI, I have also offered another member the use space on my table to sell pastries (muffins etc).

  18. For fleamart participants,
    No open fires, no unpacked food and drinks.
    Since you ask me, I would say it is a difficult answer. This event is intended for club members only; although the fleamart is accessible to the public. I have alerted CSC some of the items we are selling would be packed food.

    Terence Seah

  19. My apologies Terence. I forgot to check this post and only now I saw the bank acct no you have provided for us to do funds transfer. I will do it by this evening.

    Thank you


  20. Terence, is it okay to sell home-made sambal blachan? It’ll be in containers and properly sealed. I’ll make two variations – one mild and one spicy. If it is allowed then I’ll notify my friends (non-members) of this event and tell them to be there if they want the sambal blachan they’ve been persuading me to sell them. hahaha… doesn’t matter if no one buys. The sambal blachan can be kept in the freezer for a long period of time. The thing is – how much should I charge?
    Seriously need Dolly’s bubble wrap so I can pop pop pop and de-stress. :p


  21. Terence, amount of S$30 tt’ed to POSB Current Acct No 951-00428-6 on Friday 15th August 2014 at 18:43 NTUC Tanjong Pagar. Ref No 0881


  22. Bookings for the Fleamart on Sat 6 Sept are going well. Please make your payment if you have not done so.

    Wef 21 Sep 2014, each fleamart table booking costs $20.

    Tables will be laid out by 9am in the morning and will be collected and returned to the tables supplier at 6pm. Therefore, fleamart participants may be in operation from 9am to 5.30 pm.

    Have fun with your products. This is the first time, CSC is accepting a fleamart at its premises. They too would be interested in seeing how we go along.

    Terence Seah

  23. Hi Terence,
    Please reserve two (2) tables for me.
    Are we allowed to sell food stuff (packed in containers)
    I will remit payment soonest possible

  24. At the CSC, there is a cafe, so your lunch should be purchased from the cafe. But, this is not a must.

    If you have rice and noodles, packed, it is likely to be frowned upon by CSC. If it is a jam, packed in a jar, it is likely a non-issue. I have already informed CSC. If it is something that members buy and bring home, it will passed the day. But if it is for consumption at the CSC, as a lunch time, then please do not.

    Terence Seah

  25. Good morning Terence,
    I have transferred S$45 to your account last evening Ref 9487 at the Raffles MRT station. This is for the one table for Dolly Lim and two tables for me.
    Many thanks.

  26. Putting up a sign that says ‘Please do not consume the foodstuff you buy in this premise’. I suppose even for those of us manning the stalls we’re not allowed to eat outside food/munch on snacks at our respective tables. Am I right, Terence?


  27. Hi Rosalind and members,

    The place to eat is the cafe at CSC. Food can be purchased at the cafe counter. Remember this is a fleamart, not a supermarket or food court. No consumption of food is allowed at the gathering. Members may only eat at the cafe.

    Terence Seah

  28. I like to share with you the workings of organising a fleamart cum monthly gathering at CSC. When we first approached CSC, we thought we could use the lobby area for a fee. Fair enough, we were charged $300 for its use. Upon confirmation of the place, we found out that no tables and chairs are provided. hmm, beginning to be interesting. Well, it costs $18 per table. That’s exciting because we used $300 / 20 and we charge fleamart participants $15 per table.

    Then, we have an interesting update. We had to contract a Tables for rent company. To deliver the tables before 9am on Sat morning, there is a $150 charge because the company does not start so early. And to collect back the tables after 6pm, there is also an overtime charge of $150.

    I wish we have more participants, but I guess we are going to land at about 15 tables. The event is ON, so I hope members will come and support the fleamart participants.

    It is an expensive event.

    Terence Seah

  29. My kumquat Marmalade have arrived. This year’s KKm turned out very well, in texture and in flavour. As in the past, the marmalade is made from organic kumquat fruits with no preservatives or artificial colouring added to it. I have 25 tubs for sale at this Flea market. The other product I am offering, is Natural Soap. These soaps are made from natural ingredients (free of synthetic chemicals) and have glycerin naturally formed in them during the process of saponification. These soap have moisturising properties and will not dry or irritate sensitive skin.
    The selling price for any item (kkm or soap) is $5. If you like, you may pre order on this post and I will put it aside the items for you to collect at the flea market.

  30. The fleamart at CSC ended today at 6pm, with the last few stalls closing at 7.30pm. Some members started setting up the stalls as early as 9am.

    Now that the event is over, perhaps we should have a review of the fleamart. Good or bad, let’s hear your comments. Your feedback would be useful for future fleamarts.

    Terence Seah

  31. I like to share my thoughts on the fleamart today. There were two different groups of fleamart participants.

    Feedback from one group was generally negative. This group felt that there were not enough support from CSC members. When they enter the club, they walk straight to the sports area, and do not seem to be interested in fleamart items. This group also felt there was not enought SHC members participation. Their opinion is that any contribution did not cover the cost of the $15 fleamart table. Obviously disappointed.

    Feedback from the second group was generally positive. They seem to have active trades from members in the earlier part of the morning, followed by another active trade at around dinner time. I guess this group would consider another fleamart if ever we have one again.

    There is also another group, who took the fleamart as fun, and a good opportunity to interact members.

    In short, I see some happy faces and some not so happy faces.

    Terence Seah

  32. Hi Terence,

    Thanks for organizing this flea market and giving us, the stall holders such a good subsidy for the rental that we paid. As I understand it, there were hidden costs which apparently were not told to you beforehand, so you had to absorb all the extra charges after committing to the use of space.

    Yes, most of us noticed that there was very little customer traffic – I thought CSC was going to make some publicity? I understand that their recent newsletter made no mention of this.

    As for my own experience, I came with little expectation of making a fantastic sale – just glad that I could dispose of some of my impulsive buys and glad to go home with a ill’ lighter load lol!

    Have a good Sunday tomorrow!

    Sent from my iPad

  33. more chatting than selling;
    takings below expectations,
    but no matter –
    selling is not our bread and butter.

    price slashed down to a dollar!
    and ‘buy one get one free’ offer;
    the buyers were so happy –
    ’twas a desperate but effective strategy!

    a good event – the flea mart;
    old and new friends came and caught up,
    and it happened this day at the CS club. :)

  34. Hi Jassmine, our poet expert,
    Like your beautiful poem. I was inspired to pen one too, albeit like a nursery rhyme…. haha

    Time flies…..
    Much awaited
    6 September has arrived
    First-ever fleamart of the SHC
    At the CSC

    Enthusiastic flea marketeers
    Came as early as nine
    Mama Mia!

    Fleas everywhere
    Big fleas and little fleas
    Fat fleas and scrawny ones
    The voluptuous ones
    Came a-crawling
    In the late afternoon

    Laughter roared ……
    Till our sides ached
    We reeeeliii
    Had so much fun!


  35. Thank you Terence, for organizing the fleamart and heavily subsidizing the stalls for stall owners.

    I had a great time selling all my fleas, catching up with old friends and the opportunity to meet a few new members.

    Yes, I was one of the last to leave at 730pm. In fact, I had so much fun that I was reluctant to leave earlier.
    Thank you friends and members who patronized my stall and giving support.

    I had a good sale but most importantly, I was happy to see many satisfied customers. It was not so much the profit or loss I made, but more the satisfaction knowing that my fleas were going to new owners who had better use of them.

    Looking forward to another fleamart, maybe at a different venue?


  36. Hmmm…how come only the ladies are talking?
    Indeed, a big thank you to our Chief who, despite shuttling between airports, came up with an event that brought many members together on a Saturday afternoon. Good to hear that some did make a good sale while many were there to rekindle that lost love.

    Oh dear. I missed the “voluptuous” fleas as I left after lunch. Hope there are pictures.

    Feedback — Personally, from a business point of view, I feel that we are not getting good value for money from CSC. The following left much to be desired
    1. ambient lighting
    2. table size
    3. publicity / signs
    The officer in charge, as a favour or obligation, ought to help us in some ways to bring in the crowd.


  37. Thank you for your response and feedback to the feedback. I have taken note of what you have mentioned. Where possible and if we can, the organisers will try to accommodate them.

    If members know of a suitable place for a fleamart, and has the connections with the venue owners, we would definitely consider them.

    Please feel free to organise a fleamart for members of the Club.

    Terence Seah

  38. During the fleamart, I noticed that Daniel Chan had brought along his WIFI wireless router, thus enabling members to use the internet at the lobby of CSC. This is a nice initiative, and we like to say thank you.

    Terence Seah

  39. Thank you Terence for organising and providing the resources to put together yet another successful Flea Market. Thank you also to those who gave me the support and to those who helped me ran my store. I had an enjoyable time chatting with members and visitors, pushing my products and browsing merchandise on display there . The day was a short one for me because all my Kumquat Marmalade and Natural Soap were sold out shortly after lunch time.
    Finally my feedback. Visitors often looked for the special appeal of your product. This is best expressed by displaying your products on advertisement posters/banners.

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