Monthly Cycling -18 April 2015

Hi all cyclists

Monthly Cycling-18 April 2015

Meet : Burger King, ECP
Time : 1600 hrs

We will use the new pcn and cycle to MBS. Rental bikes are available nearby.

Beginners who wish to learn cycling can meet me at 1500hrs, free bike for training will be provided


1. Douglas
2. Lily H
3. Ah Nee
4. Dolly L
5. Caroline G
6. Lina N
7. Judy L
8. Steven Chan
9. Andrew Koh
11.Charles Chua
13.Serene Low
14.John Howe
15.Lilian Teo
16.Grace Kang

12 thoughts on “Monthly Cycling -18 April 2015

  1. Hi.
    If you are a newbies and want to learn cycling then lookout for me at Burger King at 1500hrs.

    Bike will be provided.

  2. Hi Douglas,
    I am really a newbie. Trying to pick up my courage to go for this good offer,
    free lesson and bike provided also.
    Pls register me.

    Thks n regards

  3. Hi Doug,
    I have been searching so long for someone to coach me cycling and you come to my rescue.Looking forward to meet you and all the shc cycling members.

    Thank you very much.
    Grace Kang

  4. Hi Douglas,

    Thanks so much for organizing this cycling event to MBS. I never knew it was such an enjoyable ride. Looking forward to your next cycling event.

  5. Douglas, thank you for the beautiful picture.

    Very inspiring! It is indeed nice of you to organise this cycling activity regularly, for those who can balance themselves on a bicycle, and those who have difficulties getting up on the seat. You are a fit road warrior.

    For members who would like to learn or join cycling, keep in touch here.

    Terence Seah

  6. Hi Douglas,

    Thks for the coaching and showing us the features of the bike.

    Will try to see how to overcome my balancing problem and join u
    all again.

    thks n regards

  7. Hi all
    We will use this new link when we next visit Marina Bay Sands. Glad to know that you all enjoyed the ride.

    For newbies, do come and join the free training lession. Free training will be held one hour before the actual ride.

    Hi Boss
    Thank you for the compliment.
    Cycling is my passion.

  8. Hello Douglas,

    Please feel free to send me the photos and it’ll be my pleasure to post them on your behalf. But I’ll probably need another tutorial from Terence as the last one was done some time ago (Terence, dont mind? heehee).

    I look forward to the next activity to brush up my mediocre cycling and I see Judy there – she must be a seasoned cyclist by now, how I envy!

  9. Hi Douglas,

    Thanks for organized and shared the new loop to MBS. I cycled leisurely to enjoyed the scenery.

    Hi Susan
    I dare not to commit myself as seasonal cyclist

  10. Hi Susan,

    I dare not to commit myself as a seasoned cyclist as I am still the newbies in year 2015. Glad that you will join in next cycling event then you will get to know whether I am a seasoned cyclist.

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