Monthly Cycling -Coney Island

IMG-20151015-WA0006Hi all Cyclists

Date : 14 Nov 2015
Meet : Pasir Ris car park C.
Time : 1600hrs
bike rental : available.

I will be there around 1500hrs to assist and train newbies, free bike will be provided.
Please PM me if you want some trainings.

Event will be cancelled if the 1hr PM2.5 hits 100

Joining :
1. Douglas
2. Ronald Lam
3. Andrew K
4. Theresa S
5. Lily H
6. Eileen Ang
7. Susan T
8. Irene P
9. Lydia Chin
10.Daisy Phua
11.Christina Pan
12.Tony Tan
13.Peggy Yap
14.Arthur Yap
15.Ann Lim
16.Thomas Goh
17.Bobby Bok

1. Bobby Yee

I have added those who had WhatsApp me.

30 thoughts on “Monthly Cycling -Coney Island

  1. Aiyaaa – i m soooo looking forward to cycle but cannot leh as i b away. Anyone here kind enough to share travelling tips to Cape town n Namibia?

    Doug, for future cycling event can give 2 dates to choose or not??
    Don’t want to miss another interesting cycling trip! Thanks

  2. Hi Doug ,
    Yipee no more haze. Looking forward to explore Coney Island.
    I will be there! Btw where is this Carpark C?
    Thanks for leading us there.

    Ronald Lam

  3. Hi Fredalim.
    I lôve your suggestion on having 2 dates for selection.
    It would mean creating 2 cycling dates to please all participants.

    I cycle mostly on Saturdays and Sundays and occasionally weekday nights. You are welcome to join me.
    I can share my travelling experiences to Cape Town in person with you.

  4. HI Doug

    You mentioned “Free bike will be provided” ? Free??
    And, do we cycle to Coney Island from Pasir Ris Car Park C? What is the distance in km?

    Pls clarify.

    Thanks, LC.

  5. Hi LC

    For training purposes and for beginners aka newbies,free bike will be provided.

    Our ride starts from Pasir Ris Carpark C. to Coney Island, which is less than 5km away.

    Carpark C was chosen as it has a bike rental kiosk.

    Hope that answer your question.

  6. Hi Theresa.

    I will do my best to share my cycling technics with you and hopefully, you will be a better cyclist.

    See you at 1500hrs.

  7. Hi Douglas,
    Have not cycled and not been to Coney island for a long long time,
    yes, please include me for this event. Hope it’s not too crowded on
    the PCNs n footpaths during this school holidays. Thanks n cya.

  8. Hi all.

    Thank you for signing up.

    Trainings for beginners or newbies start at 3pm.

    Cycling to Coney Island starts at 4pm from Paris Rise Carpark C.


  9. Hi Bobby

    There is no electricity or piped water on Coney Island. It’s back to natural type of environment with greenery all around.

    Nearest bike rental kiosk is at Punggol Settlement which is near the jetty.

    We are renting bikes from the bike kiosk at Pasir Ris car park C.

  10. Hi Douglas,
    Thank you for organising. Today I am free & hav not cycle for quite a while. Would like to join the cycling event to Coney Island and be renting the bike. Look forward to see you all. Cheers
    Bobby Bok

  11. Hi all

    Thank you for the wonderful fellowship during today’s ride.
    Without your presence, the ride would not be a success.

    Thank you to the senior cyclists who came to inspire those newbies and beginners. Thanks for the motivation and encouragement.

    Thank you Lily, Susan, Bobby and those who had contributed those yummy food.

    You may view today’s photo in shc Facebook.


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