SilverHairsClub July monthly gathering, Tue 26 Jul 2016

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The next SHC monthly gathering is now set to be held as follows. This is a good opportunity to meet new and old SilverHairs.  The old Hans Cafe at Upper pickering Street has been closed; and this is a good time to try the new Hans Cafe.

  • Date:  Tue 26 July 2016
  • Venue:  Hans Cafe, Chinatown Point, 33 New Bridge Road, #B2 – 34 & 36, Chinatown Point, Singapore 05941
  • Time:  1700 to 2100 hrs
  • F&B:  On your own account.
  • Menu
  • Menu local:

Registration:  Please register your name here.  Bring along your name tag.

Strictly no discussion on sex, race, religion, direct selling and MLM.

Registration list:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Laura Wee – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
  3. Stella Sheng – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
  4. Sue Chan – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
  5. Ronald Lam – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
  6. Mary Chan – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
  7. Christina Chan – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
  8. Ann Lim
  9. Frisna Tan
  10. Theresa Seow – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
  11. Daisy Wee – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
  12. Bernie Chung – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
  13. Shirley Tan *
  14. Teo Chin Hian *
  15. Steven Ang *
  16. Francis Rajaratnan M *
  17. Rose Chuang *
  18. June Ong *
  19. Jenny Liaw *
  20. Estee Oh *
  21. Jothi Dumont *
  22. Jacqueline Lim *
  23. Chris Leow *
  24. Sally Ang *
  25. SS James – One complimentary cloth SHC patch
  26. Andrew Koh – One complimentary cloth SHC patch
  27. Robert Ong – One complimentary cloth SHC patch
  28. Sam Goh (half Johorean) – One Complimentary cloth SHC patch
  29. Hwa Bee Gek – One Complimentary cloth SHC patch
  30. Lam HT – One Complimentary cloth SHC patch
  31. Bobby Bok – One Complimentary cloth SHC patch
  32. Jimmy Tsin – One complimentary cloth SHC patch
  33. Susan Sia – One complimentary cloth SHC patch
  34. Peri Liew – One complimentary cloth SHC patch
  35. Thomas Loh
  36. Steven Yuen – One complimentary cloth SHC patch (last piece)
  37. Susan CH Tan
  38. Karen Thio and Helper)
  39. ……………………………..)
  40. Wendy Lum
  41. Tony Ang
  42. Nina Choo
  43. Alan Ang
  44. Malyne Suen
  45. Victoria Tan


Registration Desk:

Susan Sia

Sam Goh


  1. SHC first logo patch

    SHC first logo patch







63 thoughts on “SilverHairsClub July monthly gathering, Tue 26 Jul 2016

  1. Time to register your coming to the July SHC monthly gathering. By registering, you let other members know that you are coming. Tell us who you like to meet, tell others about yourself, share your interest, and this meeting will be a good time to know new and old Silverhairs.

    Terence Seah

  2. I have not been to the new Hans Cafe at ChinaTown Point. But judging from feedback, the place is big and its concept is similar to the older Hans at Upper Pickering street.

    Some of you may have ideas or suggestions on what are some of the programs we can have for the remainder of 2016. For those who have something in mind, let’s meet at a long table at 7pm. We shall discuss for one hour. 7 – 8pm.

    Terence Seah

  3. Hi Terence, count me in.
    I thought I signed up the other day, but my comment didn’t get through.
    I also mentioned that there is a Hans at Changi Citypoint.

  4. Hi Terence,
    Monthly meet back to central location.
    I will be able to come after work.
    Look forward to meet all SHC members! :D :D


  5. hohohohooho hahahahhahaha A very good morning to all brothers & sisters ah kong ah ma if any ya,,,hahahahahhaha ,

    bro terence , it beem donkeys years i ve not attend our SHC monthly gatherings ya .

    please gunned me down for this meet wow wow dat real awesome ,

    bro francis many moons we no meet ya..this time we must ve a hell of good chat grandma & grandpa stories to share ya…hahahahaha yeah very good very good yeah…cheers bro Sam Huat hahahahhaha

  6. Sam, you are always welcome back to join SilverHairsClub mthly gatherings anytime. Come and share your stories about life in Johore.

    Plse help to identify a nice hotel, similar in class and location like KSL. This is for another event in JB.

    See u at the monthly gathering.

    Terence Seah

  7. For this July monthly gathering, I need some help with the registration desk. The role is to mark attendance of participants, and also to give out the SHC cloth patch to members who register personally on this forum.

    The registration desk is a great place to get to know new and other members of the club. 2-3 persons, and we start at 5pm.

    Let me know if you can raise your right hand. Thank you.

    Terence Seah

  8. hohohohoho hahahahahah big bro big terence ,

    calling for tolong ya…okay i only have a small request . any of these 2 duties ,i can
    help in..but no printer lei !!! cannot print ..only use ball pen to write hahahaha like olden days AH long siow !!! hahahaha….

    bro , u can decide for me which role i am in ! wow wow like shooting a hollywood movie …chow yuen fatt ,jacky chan or local movie AH NAN huh !!! hahahahah

    okay i will sing this when u raise me up !!! i now raise my hand ya….. okay for newbies who ve not see or handsome ah kor terence ..dun worry seriously worry no more …there will ve not 1 but 2 SHC banner dispalying on it …our undying love ya…….oso bro terence , will ask u for permission if ,

    i can contribute 20 recycled soft toys bo ? yo yo so loh so 1….suppose 2 wake up & pee 1 after got disturb & distract by our handsome bro request…ok i koon liao !!! going 2 sleep …zzzzzzzzzzz GOOD NITE….

    cheers hohohhooho hahahaha a india trained laughter yoga teacher…

    bro sam goh

  9. Hi SusanS and SamG,

    Thank you for raising your hand to do the registration desk. When members arrive, they will see you. This is a great way to know friends.

    Plse give those registered, and marked, a cloth SilverHairsClub patch, which can be sewned on a t-short or bag.

    Introduce members to one another.

    Have fun.

    Terence Seah

  10. I have two books to give away during the monthly gathering. Available to the first person who picks these two books up at the monthly gathering.

    1. Penang’s History by Wong Chun Wai & friends. This is a Malaysia’s STAR publication. I have not read it as I am no Penang boy, although I think someone will benefit from reading it.

    2. Pointers to Enlightenment by Vipula Wanigasekera. The author believes that truth has to be realized beyond the identifiction of the “false self” and no one can offer it to another, other than pointers and clues.

    Members are free to give away anything, although I dont think Hans will allow anyone to sell stuff.

    Terence Seah

  11. I am likely not going to be able to make it for this month’s monthly gathering at Hans Cafe on Tues 26 July, as I have a last minute overseas meeting.during this date.

    The gathering will still continue, and I shall be appointing a replacement EO next week.

    I apologise I shall miss seeing most of you.

    Terence Seah

  12. My travel schedule has again made it not possible for me to attend the monthly gathering.

    Sam Goh, who is a long time member, and who resides mainly in JB, will be the EO for this monthly. Plse welcome him.

    Thank you Sam for agreeing to be the EO. I am sure it will be fun to have you around.

    Terence Seah

  13. hohohoho hahahahha thks big bro terence ,

    for your so nice compliment ya … sure it will be much fun with YOU around ya .
    okay now come serious note ya….let us warmly invite all newbies de latest batch three ladies …hohohohoho chia wee meng hahahahaha doreen chan yeah yeah very good very good yeah daisy wee s f …
    sisters , mind if i ask de 2 WEE re u both twin or real sister ya..hahahahha ..i kaypoh ya….bro terence , dont over worked lei ??? life is so short …cool down & enjoy life when u can ya…..
    cheers bro sam goh

  14. wow wow i oso forgot de not so old ,…few month or 1 , 2 , 3 years members come come relax & we talk on moon n stars but SHC taboo must siam !! avoid ….
    then what about de senior members dont AWOL OR MIA lei,,,,,absent without offical leave or missing in action….cheers .hahahahhaha

    sam goh

  15. hahahahha good morning buddies ,

    at times i am sick of ppls show keen interest den talk about aiyo dat person coming i dont like …come on we are all adults so furthermore life is so short …ENJOY 1st lah….i 100 % travelling with my ang mo buddy to desaru sg renggit ,malacca ,cameron highlands ,if time permit ipoh , he will fly off from KL . there after whick we dr back 2 muar & reach jbsentral on 31 /7 or 01 /08 …it a six fays travelling & siow ya…dont worry i will not leave any 1 of u in de lurch ,if anythings will to happen .i will shed out any of my last strength & breath if need arise …
    ever some 1 comment huh only two man going ..danger !!! hahahahha of course
    we re now in to 20 century not LIM BAN LIM time…who is this guy ??? hahahahha

    it a history liao ..a 1 time famous gangster in sg…. okay back to my ang mo trip ,
    the first 3 buddies to respon it joining our wagon ya…..
    hohohohoho hahahahaha
    bro sam huat

  16. Apologies Terence, but I’m ‘borrowing’ this post .
    I just bought a ukelele and am looking for someone who can teach me how to play it and how much the fees will be.
    I will be at this meeting and it will help if we can meet then.
    Thanks Terence.,

    • Hi Mary,

      Gabriella has picked up Ukelele and I remembered she played at one of our D&D’s. There are few other players, altho I am not sure.

      Wish you all the best. Maybe u can play for us after a few months.

      Terence Seah

  17. hohohooho morning bro ,

    wow long time no c her ya !!! ok will let big bro know ya , as i no ve de
    editor power to slot her name is de updates listing…yeah very good very good
    get 2 meet up some senior buddies liao ya…..
    for those keen 2 come this saturday is malaysia 1st laughter yoga conference ,is open 2 pulbic only this pai 6 ( saturday ) free ..walking distance from jb ciq ya… is in tan hiok nee street .very close 2 jlan ah fook street …after de moon & stars ve appear many many many roadside night pasar malam chio bu & yen tau ah kor ( pretty ladies & handsome bro ) ya…hhahahahaha cheers bro sam goh . A Indian trained & certified Laughter yoga Teacher .

  18. I believe a numbers will turn up for this July monthly gathering. I wont be present as I have a Thurs meeting overseas.

    For the senior membes, please look out for the new members and help them gel into the Club. For those who know one another, fun a good time catchng up.

    Please also evaluate if this place is suitable for future monthly gathering. This place has been highly recommended bysome members, but Ialso like to hear your feedback. Do recommend another place if you feel otherwise.

    For those who come and should be getting a cloth SHC batch, please inform Sam or the registration table. I will find other ways to get you the path at a later date.

    Have fun knowing one another.

    On a note, members are reminded that engaging in MLM or direct selling is not acceptable at monthly gatherings. Please also note that if you give your cntact tel or email to another person, the Club is not responsible for the follow ups.

    Terence Seah

  19. Hi Terence,
    My friend, Victoria Tan ( SHC member) and I wish to attend the gathering tonight. Please register us though is last minute. Apology for the inconvenience.
    Malyne Suen

  20. This mthly gathering is for all members. Come look for Sam Goh or the noisies group at Hans Cafe. Way down the basement.

    Move around and meet other friends.

    Terence Seah

  21. Hi Terrence long time not meet, will meet up next round when the SHC gathering is in the east area, hope you are doing well I see some new names in the list hope to see you , regards, Janet Loo

  22. Hi Jazz, Janet,

    It is always heartening to see SilverHairs gather. We try to have our events in the East, West, Central, where convenient.

    We try to provide a platform for members to meet and find friends.

    I won’t be able to come this evening but I am sure it will be fun.

    Everybody, please move around.

    Terence Seah

  23. Hi Terence,
    Thank you for organising. Please register us for this gathering. Thank you
    Koh Tong Seng
    Lilian Koh
    Lilian Teo
    Linda Chan

  24. Hoho haha buddies a very good morning ya wow wow dat really good awesome for last night July monthly gathering held in the new Han in China Town point I initially thought I would be there early, was lost in the jungle search high low for B two. Didn’t realize that it on de other side.. I was in China Town point in April, when our towkay nan James buy me de bak kut teh.. Hahaha few senior members last minutes pop in ya when I reached there five minutes late. . I find this new Han too small compare to de old one ya bro terence de attendance our newbie Susan sia kept it good job done by her.. Yippee Yippee hooray…. Thks sister .had a busy time going tables after tables plus our prince charming bro Thomas Loh oso promote our SHC gathering to a group of ladies who seem quite interested to join ya… Bro Francis aiyo you come for short while only didn’t catch up with with much.. Bro Jeffrey Gan so touch by u to buy us de Han snacks for few of us ya thks for de warm good fellowship gathering all ya… Hoho haha Cheers bro Sam Goh

  25. TQ Sam for bringing sparks and sunshine to the July gathering at Chinatown Point basement. I guess the gathering was hilarious and also totally disorganised.

    For participants, please give your feedback on venue convenience, food, prices, suitability as a venue for the monthly gathering. No right or wrong, or good or bad. If you have another venue suggestion, please share the place. If good or no other place, we may use this Hans Cafe again next round.

    Please share your pictures by ending 2-3 pictures, at the bottom of your comment.

    Nice to see members who are now 10 years older.

    Terence Seah

  26. Hi Terence,
    It was nice seeing old friends and meeting a few new ones.
    I do have feedback for you.
    The venue is too small and rather cramped. The tables were long and not great for mingling, especially for the newcomers.
    I met a rather shy lady, who was sitting all alone by herself with her name
    tag. As usual, I was a busybody and got her off her butt, (apologies to her) and brought her round to introduce her, but the response from the old timers was luke warm and could have been better.
    There were a few others sitting quietly by themselves. I wish more people were like me.
    It’s great catching up with each other but we should spend some time welcoming the new members and try to make them feel at home, don’t you think?
    D, if you are reading this, do drop me a line at my email address. I forgot to ask for your mobile number. Hope to see you at the next gathering.

  27. Hi Mary,

    When the last Hans Cafe at Upper Pickering closed, we have no new recommendations from members for an alternate venue. This Hans at ChinaTown Point was highly recommended; that’s why we picked this place.

    Your feedback is useful, esp the long table and the size of the venue. Unfortunately, we have not had other suggestions, fitting nearness to MRT, flexible seating, no requirement for min pax. I hope to hear of new venues.

    Getting new members and old members, I leave this to the imagination of the EO. You are right we have quiet members too. Our monthly gathering has always been based around the free and easy concept. Perhaps, other EOs have new action plans.

    I hope to hear other feedback from members.

    Terence Seah

  28. hmm, some members didnt register to come for this event. Give up, must be mobile phones done take nice pictures. Click on the pictures. They will grow big.

  29. Hi..Terence. I am quite puzzled by your statement.

    Would you rather have a person who registers promptly and unhesitantly and then fails to turn up (such as you) or a person who attends the event without registering (such as me)? Are you more interested in an impressive long list of names on the screen or a big crowd at the event?

    There are always unregistered members who happen to be near an event place and decide to pop in to say hello. Do you discourage that?

    Han’s café, like many of our meeting places, is open for business to the public. So long as the EO does not collect pre-payment, no reservation of seats and no booking of tickets, I don’t see why a person cannot walk in to buy him/herself a drink and mingle with friends.

    If it is necessary to keep a record of “attendance of meeting” for whatever purpose, I am sure we always have a person doing that. And we are thankful.


    • TQ for your comments. We are always pleased to see members new and old come and meet one another.

      I hope you will be the next EO of the Aug monthly gathering at Hans Cafe. Please go ahead, we shall wait for your post.

      Terence Seah

  30. Hi Terence, I note your apparent “letter of demand”. I am glad to oblige – and offer more.

    I declare the last Wednesday of every month to be our gathering (or meeting) day. Time is 5 pm onwards and place is the good old Han’s café at Chinatown Point Basement 2.

    No registration required. Anybody keen in collecting such statistics can do so on the event day. While it gives me immense pleasure to see people having fun, I don’t see why I should put in extra efforts to make any person come.

    We know the rules and I quote, “Strictly no discussion on politics, sex, race, religion, direct selling and MLM”. To enforce this, there may be volunteers going around to eavesdrop, and report on whether any group is speaking “taboo words”. Perhaps the question in everybody’s mind is, “WTF are we going to talk about?” I do not have the answer.

    Reminder – It is the last Wednesday of each and every month.
    31 Aug, 28 Sep, 26 Oct, 30 Nov and 28 Dec. 2016.
    Han’s Café @ Chinatown Point Basement 2. Start 5 pm.

    If you are in little India around the stipulated day and time, come don’t be shy. We are only three stations away via the North East line. If you are in Mumbai, India then don’t bother to fly back. There is always another month another Wednesday.

    Let us hear your alternative ideas and feedback, if any. We are desperate for EOs.


  31. Hi DanielC,

    Very nice of you to accept the role of EO for the Aug monthly gathering, and future ones too.

    Plse go ahead and let members know the details in a new Post. As EO, you can choose to accept registrations or otherwise. TQ.

    Terence Seah

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