Britain has exited the European Union. It’s now a fact. Why leave and How will this separation affect you?


Many of us SilverHairs, now in our 50s and 60s, have been associated with Britain ever since we started our early education. We learn English, our laws are based on the English system, we go to London, Scotland for our holidays.Some of us send our kids to study in Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow.  In recent years, many SilverHairs have bought properties in Central London,  We saw the ups and downs of Britain; and many of us tracked the growth of the English empire, and its association with the European Union.

Yesterday, at noon, the shock came as Britains voted to exit the EU.  The financial markets tumbled, governments come out to stabilise their currencies and economies.  What’s next?  How will this BREXIT affect you?  What happens to your properties?  Your kid’s education? And how does this affect your business, your equities and your savings?

Let’s discuss and share your thoughts?  A turmoil few of us expect.

Terence Seah

7 thoughts on “Britain has exited the European Union. It’s now a fact. Why leave and How will this separation affect you?

  1. There are many reasons why many of us are concerned with the outcome of Britain’s vote to leave or remain in the European Union. For those who have been following up on this topic in the social media, you have already read and known that Britain is now confirmed to leave this European Union. For others, the shock may have come today.

    What comes to your mind? And how will this exit affect Singapore, Asean and more importantly how does this shock affects you?

    Terence Seah

  2. Shocks from external factors will happen from time to time and are not within our control.
    The BREXIT sends a tremor around the world, financially and politically. Some countries are more badly affected than others. For examples, many of the top Japanese companies which invested heavily in UK dropped nearly 10% in their stock values. ASEAN countries remain quite unscathed.
    In Singapore as an individual, he is unlikely to be much affected. UK being a dynamic and resourceful country will survive the same as the Nordic countries.
    South Korea will continue to do well as the country depends very much on stalwarts like Samsung, Daewoo which can compete in the world markets,

    Robert Ong

  3. I supported the “leave” camp so I was elated when ‘we’ won the EU referendum. The last straw was the refugee crisis.

    Leaving the EU is a big blow only to the elite. Britain (especially England – thousands of refugees enter England through Calaise in France) will be safer, having got back control of their borders, And is not border control of utmost importance to the security of a country?

  4. It is the beginning of the end. The European Onion is fading and faltering. As with all other onions, it brings tears to see piece by piece falling out.


  5. WHAT NEXT after BRexit ?

    Possibly :


    Maybe we should discuss something nearer home. ASEAN?
    Whether wither or otherwise whither?


  6. Good news for those whose children are studying in UK and also planning to visit them during the holidays. I am sure the first thing they do will be to buy pound now to take advantage of the exchange drop of 10%.
    For the other factors I think whatever comes down will go up so investors in UK have to sit tight and ride through the storm

  7. This Brexit post has definitely little interest among our members. I assume Britain leaving the Euro union has not affected us. Many of us dont have children studying in the UK, so the depreciated pound makes no impact on our pockets.

    There are some among us who are considering travelling to the UK as it is now cheaper, almost 10% cheaper.

    For those who have invested in properties in UK, well, there are reasons for concerns. Harder to sell in the near to medium term. But, maybe cheaper to buy now, for the long term. Luckily, I dont have the money and it is too far away from Singapore.

    I am positive in the longer term for UK. Perhaps, I am against the negative impact from globalisation. I support controls on immigration especially when it affects citizens. Me, I dread being in London when there are long UK holidays. I wish May will relook at the UK economy, retake a few steps at a time, and make Britain the great place to live and stay.

    Terence Seah

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