Pearl Hill / Tiong Bahru Trail


ECs for this walk: Serene Low and ChristinA Chan
Date: Saturday, 1 October 2016
Start Time: 4.30pm sharp
Duration of walk: approx 3 hrs
Meeting Place: Outram Road MRT, Ground level above Green line outside Ananas Cafe.

At Pearl Hilltop, we would experience light breeze, lots of shade under tall trees and a forestry park of many species of foliage.

Thereafter we shall proceed to Tiong Bahru, one of the oldest public housing estate in Singapore developed in the 1930s by the then Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT now known as HDB). The surrounding area of low rise walk up apartments were a stark contrast to the high rise HDB flats we see today.

Added to the charm of this area lies the rich heritage, unique and one of a kind murals, chic cafes and restaurants that have sprouted up in the last couple of years.

Don’t miss this experience to come together for a walk with friends old and new. We will end the walk at Tiong Bahru MRT where there are many eateries for dinner.

So do dress comfortably with hats, umbrella, drinking water, camera, sun block and comfortable walking shoes.

Walk Team ECs: ChristinA Chan, Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Mary Tan, Alice Seah, Azhari Cuttlian, Serene Low.

1). Serene Low
2). ChristinA Chan
3). James Tan
4). Susan Tan
5). Judy Lim
6). Winnie and friend
8). Winnie Lim
9). Tony Ang
10).Pauline Chew
11).Monica Tan
12).Janis Han
13).Henry See
14).Shirley Yeo and friend
16).Gingko Tay
17).Janet NG
18).Cheryl Ho
19).Ronald Lee
20).Irene Yap
22).Gabriella Chua
23).John How
24).Alice Cheong
25).Evelyn Ong
26).Doris Lim

23 thoughts on “Pearl Hill / Tiong Bahru Trail

  1. Dear all,
    Tiong Bahru is an interesting enclave. Recommend to come for a nostalgic walk down memory lane.
    Time allocated includes additional time for one to have time to browse/look at some interesting shops, structures and murals.


  2. Hi EO Christina/Serene,

    Pls include me in the walk as good catch up memories in the Kampong during those days in my childhood.

    Thank you for organising the monthly walk.


  3. Dear all,

    There are more hidden stuff/treasures (probably not found elsewhere in SG) which I do not intend to mention.
    It is for you to come to see for yourself & for me to show you. Hopefully it will not disappoint!
    In fact, m on the way to recce the place to ensure the unique treasures are still there.

    Btw, we shall go to Tiong Bahru Mrt for dinner. After it was revamped, besides Kopi Tiam there are more eateries.
    My favourite is Peranakan food – ayam buah keluak at Baba Wins! I m not its shareholder .. haha

    Do come to join us!
    ChristinA Chan

  4. Dear all,

    Tiong Bahru – after my recce found that 5 of the murals are gone. Now only left w 3!
    I spent almost 4 hrs there soaking in all the different unique architecture, yet there are still some quaint shops that I have not entered. :D

    Of course, today the walk around will not be 4 hours … Hahaha

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