Thank you to all members for attending this June Monthly Gathering, 9 Jun 2017 evening


Appreciate your comments

Old members to bond their friendship with members of their good old times

New members to mix and know more old members

Time flies!  left 7 days!  Please register early!

This location was picked after our recent coffee chat gathering.  It is a quiet good place.   An appropriate place to welcome all our SHC members meet and greet chit chat time

Date 9 June 2017

Time   5pm – 8.30pm

Venue   Fragrant Hot Pot, 313@Somerset, Food Republic Level 5 Singapore

Fr Somerset MRT-c right-walk straight-bread talk-Samsung-Turn Right-see Candy Empire-take lift on your right to level 5 or take escalator up to level 5 Food Republic

Above pictures will lead you to food court and meeting place

5.00pm  Enjoy your early dinner at 313 Somerset

6.00pm  Leon will share 45mins on healthy immune system in the science of ageing

Topic covers:

  1.  What is Ageing?
  2.  Am I Ageing Too Fast?
  3. What Can I do to Slow Down Signs of Ageing?

***Take care of your body and it will take care of you**

Please take note that promotion of all health/supplementary products is strictly not permitted in this club.  Members doing so may have their membership terminated immediately

6.45 – 8.30pm  Members’ discussion

Our happy times for the evening.  Looking forward to your presence

Please register early.  Strictly organise for SHC members.


  1.   Doreen Chan
  2.   Yoon Chin
  3.   Lydia Chin
  4.   Sally Tan
  5.   Jeffrey Gan
  6.   Caroline Gee
  7.   Martin Han
  8.   Michelle Sim
  9.   Leon Lau
  10.   Helen Cheong
  11.   Joan Ang
  12.   Jenny Liauw
  13.   Tony Ang
  14.   Richard Lean
  15.   June Chin
  16.   Peggy Ho
  17.   Doris Tan & Graham Smith
  18.   Dolly Lim
  19.  Janie Leong
  20.  Maria Tan
  21.  Sue Chan
  22.  Kristy Quek & maid
  23.  Stella Sheng
  24.  Moly Quek
  25.  Lynn Tai
  26.  Agnes Low
  27.  Grace Kang
  28.  Joan Wong
  29.  Daisy Wee
  30.  Steven Chan
  31.  Amy Ko





49 thoughts on “Thank you to all members for attending this June Monthly Gathering, 9 Jun 2017 evening

  1. The Last Monthly Meet was on 5th May, June meeting is approximately one month from last Meeting. This is the spirit of Doreen to regulate the tempo of Gathering once a month with such a timing otherwise it cannot be termed monthly meeting.
    Let support her initiative to keep members meet regularly.
    Register me for the meeting.TQ



    • Hi Helen
      That is very good news that you have finally able to log in to SHC website

      Warm welcome to you

      Will register you


  2. Dear all,
    Sorry for the link not being able to open up.
    Just got to type the long URL into your PC if you bother that is. The limited length space here cause a break resulting in unable to open up.


    • No worry Leon
      Prevention is the best word to use in health supplementary products
      Just come and share your knowledge


  3. Hi Doreen
    I am a new member. If l would like to join “LAI LAI LAI TO 313 SOMERSET FOR HAPPY CHAT ” on 9 June. Who can l approached on that day. Thanks.


    • Hi Doris

      Will never forget what we had chat during the May monthly gathering

      We will meet again this June monthly gathering

      Welcome and most welcome to you and your husband Graham Smith

      Doreen Chan

  4. Hi Doreen,
    Pls register Kristy Quek for this gathering. BTW, she needs the assistance of her domestic help to tag along as she is still recuperating from TKL operation.

    Thank you and best regards… Dolly

  5. Thank you, Dolly

    Thank you and welcome Kristy Quek
    You have put your strength and effort to come to this monthly gathering
    I am so touched by your presence
    Will register you and your maid


  6. Hi Doreen,
    We (Moly Quek and Lynn Tai) would like to join you for the Monthly Gathering on the 9th June 2017. See you!
    Thank you for organizing!

  7. Hi Doreen,

    Am registering on behalf of Agnes Low (new SHC member), joining us at this Monthly Gathering. Appreciate your update.


  8. Hi Doreen Chan ,

    Please register for Steven Chan. I fully support your event. Many thanks for taking the initiative to be the E.O. for this June Gathering.
    GOOD. Keep it up !

    • Welcome to all members, Stella Sheng, Moly Quek, Lynn Tai, Agnes Low, Grace Kang, Joan Wong, Daisy Wee and Steven Chan

      Thank you for making your efforts to come to our June monthly gathering

      Do come early to try the food of 313

      Enjoy our speaker Leon’s talk at 6pm sharp

      See you there

      Doreen Chan

  9. Hi Doreen Chan

    Pl register Amy Ko for the shc gathering this evening. She has asked me to help her as she has lost her password.


    • I cant come to this evening mthly gathering. But i am indeed pleased to see so many old members, as well as so many new members whom I have not met before.

      Tq to Doreen Chan who is tonight’s EO and Leon who will share his light on ageing.

      Enjoy, get to know each other, make new friends.

      Terence Seah

  10. A gathering time well spent – got to meet up those pioneer members like me, June, Peggy, Kristy, Christina and Amy, glad to see all of you here for the meeting. Of cos, not forgetting getting to know those newly joined members.

    SS, as requested, I had passed $90 to Doreen Chan on your friends’ behalf being payment for KSL DND.

    Cheers.. Dolly

  11. Re to last night June mthly gathering, I am pleased to see many pioneer members and new members, getting to know one another or renewing old friendship. This is the way we like to maintain our SHC style of providing a platform for SilverHairs to meet new and more friends. The rest is really up to you.

    You decide who you like in your interest group. You decide who you want to be your friend. Find your dance partners, your mahjong kakis, who can be your travel friends and who you can call out for tea or peanut soup.

    I received a few feedback that some members come to the monthly gathering with an objective in mind. I guess there is nothing wrong with that. We are all adults. But rest assured, this club does not accept direct selling and MLM. Some members have been actively giving out business cards with the objective of promoting and selling products and services. If you find that you are unable to enter the club, it likely means you have crossed the club’s boundaries.

    Hmm, I see more ladies than men at this gathering. We have to find a way to balance our sexes. Please share your ideas, we would definitely wan tto give it a go. Doesn’t matter if you think it will work or not. An idea is still an idea.’

    I have a tendency to overlook some disorganisation in SHC. A little haphazardness is good for our Club. I dont aim for perfectness in every event we organise. If you are forgiving, we will have more organisers EOs and ECs. In reality, this is a dream, everybody expects a well organised event, but few raised their right hand to do an event for fellow members. I hope to see less members in this category.

    This year, we had tried Asia square, now 313 @ Somerset and Hans at Chinatown point, what is your rating for each of these places. 1 – 10.

    We rarely have a talk during our monthly gathering because I tend to like the event to move around and meet fellow members. Share your thoughts.

    Thank you DoreenC for being a conscientious EO. A number of members have written to me with the same observation.

    And on this note, members, please write to me if you wish to be the next monthly gathering EO. Every member should aim to be an EO at least once in the lifetime of your membership.

    Terence Seah

    Click to see a bigger picture.

    • Thank you Mega for climbing the chair to take this lovely and fun photo for us.
      And thank you Doreen for organizing this get together for us. It was fun filled with loads of laughter. And thank you also for the Teh C kosong.
      It was really good to meet long time no see friends and meeting new members. Had a great time.
      The venue is in a very convenient location with ample seats. However, it was a bit too noisy to listen to Leon sharing his knowledge. But I was fortunate enough to sit facing him so I picked up some tips.
      But we did make quite a bit of noise ourselves after that. It was time well spent. And thank you all for being there too.
      I guess everyone has a motive for attending this gathering. Some to meet old friends and some to get to know new ones. Some to share their knowledge on health issues and some on other matters. I did not encounter any hard selling or promotions.

  12. Congratulations on another event well done. The objective was to get people together to meet and have fun, and that’s what it did. What more could we ask for?

    Terence, can you elaborate on your statement, “If you find that you are unable to enter the club, it likely means you have crossed the club’s boundaries”. Where is the club? Certainly, you cannot stop anybody from entering Asia Square or Somerset 313, or walking along the Kallang River. Can you?

    Perhaps, the only “punishment” is to stop “offenders” from writing on this forum, but this is no deterrence to the majority who do not write anything here.

    My point is – do not set rules that cannot be effectively enforced.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you when you said, “some members come to the monthly gathering with an objective in mind. I guess there is nothing wrong with that. We are all adults”. Indeed we are all thinking adults, knowing what we want and what we don’t want. It is our money to spend. Nobody points a gun at anybody’s head to make him buy something.


  13. Thank you for your comment. I would be most happy to hear from members their point of view.

    Meantime, our weather is pretty hot and wet. Let’s think of doing something to cool ourselves. Maybe a nice ice cold beer. I have just watched a video clip on dimentia.

    Terence Seah

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