Monthly Walk Sat 12 Dec Dairy Farm Nature Park

Date: 12 December 2009 (Saturday)
Meeting Place: Bukit Batok MRT nearby control station by 4.00pm sharp
Duration:  about 2 hours
For those who are driving, take the PIE and turn into the BKE.  Exit at Dairy Farm Road and travel for about 200m before turning left into Car Park A next to Salvation Army.    Be there at 4.30pm to join group who will be arriving by bus from Bukit Batok Central. 
EOs for this walk:  Veronica Wong and Mary Tan
From Dairy Farm to Nature Park
The Dairy Farm Nature Park officially opened on 5 September 2009 has two sections.  One trail leads to the Wallace Education Centre and the other goes to the Singapore Quarry.  For this walk, we are taking the nature trail leading to the Wallace Education Centre.   It is the old Dairy Farm Road and fairly easy.
Formerly a cowshed, the building that is now the Wallace Education Centre also serves as a exhibition and learning facility for nature enthusiasts to meet and share their knowledge with others. The building is a nice example of architectural conservation where visitors can learn about the changing landscapes of Dairy Farm and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve through various exhibits.

Bring drinking water, an umbrella (for rain or sun), mosquito repellent, camera, cap and wear comfortable walking shoes.
Walk ends back at Car Park A and for those who wish to, can adjourn for dinner at the Koufu Food Court in West Mall. There are stalls serving fried hokkien mee, pasta, Japanese cuisine, Indian food, vegetarian, yong tow foo mee, herbal soup, duck rice kway chap, fish soup, Korean food, roasted delight, tim sum, fresh fruits, juices, dessert and beverages.
See you at the walk!
Other Walk Team members:  ChristinaCL Chan, Charles Wee, Jeffrey Lim, Joyce Tan, Serene Low, Charles Chua and Andrew Thio.
Register HERE!    emoticon

  1. Mary Tan
  2. Veronica Wong
  3. Charles Wee
  4. ChristinaCL Chan
  5. Daisy Yeo
  6. Caroline Loh
  7. James Tan (subject to weather condition)
  8. Conrad Tan and partner
  9. Peng Peng
  10. Ivan Lim (subjects to weather condition)
  11. Joyce Tan
  12. Grace Kok
  13. Han Fong Chin
  14. Han Fong Choo
  15. Ricky Wong &
  16. Patricia Wong
  17. Kristin Leong
  18. Gabriella Chua
  19. Daisy Phua
  20. Daniel Ong
  21. Angie Ng
  22. Veronique Lee
  23. Wee Chin
  24. Amy Soon
  25. Lynn (SHC 812)
  26. Lilian Teo
  27. Alicia Soh & Mike Tan
  28. Tan Seok Wah

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52 thoughts on “Monthly Walk Sat 12 Dec Dairy Farm Nature Park

  1. I have been waiting for this!

    Hope there’s at least a small drain to jump across making the walk more exciting.

    Please include me on the name list, Mary.

    Thank you!


  2. Hi Feztus, there’s always another walk. Have a great time and safe trip to Yunnan.

    Charles and Christina, see both of you soon.

    Daisy, we will jump across if we can find one along the trail. See ya!

  3. Hi Mary,

    Will the walk still continue if there’s rain and thundertorm?

    I’ll be there subject to weather condition.

    Thanks for organizing another exciting walk.


  4. Hello MaryTan

    Having a very busy weekend. Friday 11th chitchat at B. cafe.
    Sunday is a big day for me. Sunday 6th, gathering at Robert Quek’s home for the Rich Awakening Group. So have to give this walk a miss again. Aiyoh! second miss lah, can get a miss-tress by the third miss hahaha! Walkers all, enjoy yourself.


  5. Sorry MaryT, Sunday 13th is a big day for my family. Celebrating my mother’s 94th birthday bash.(my families’ Empress Dowager) not Sunday 6th.

    If Robert Quek reached 90 years and I am still around, I will celebrate a grand one for him too. He is 72 years old now. I am 64 now. We shall count our blessings to live a healthy, happy, simple balanced life.

  6. Caroline, noted you are coming.

    Patrick, very best wishes to your mum on her 94th birthday. If you are not having any activity on 12th, do come and join us.

  7. Hi Conrad, have registered both you and partner. Btw partner is SHC member, otherwise please register her/him. Thanks.

    Peng Peng, see you at the walk.

  8. Hi Bro. Patrick,

    Thank you for having a very good time with us tonight. However, I am now 67 years of age and not 72. I am still your Kor Kor, not your Ah Peh yet…hahaha. That’s a good one…just joking!

    “Many Happy Returns of the Day” to your Mom, Patrick.

    See you on the 3rd of Jan. brother.

    Bro. Robert

  9. @17 My Kor Kor Robert

    Sori lah. I upsized you like the McDonald Burger. You are 67 not 72, all sweet ladies please note hahaha! Still young leh! Prime of life. The joy that resonated yesterday at our Rich Awakening gathering was so infectious.

    Thank you for the wishes MaryTan and Bro Robert I always marvel at my mom’s longevity.

    cheers LeePatrick

  10. Ivan, hope you can make it.

    Joyce, will include in the list Grace Kok, Han Fong Chin and Han Fong Choo. Having problem in updating the registered list. The names simply disappeared after saving. Tried several times, very sian!

    Ricky and Patricia, see both of you at the walk.

  11. Hi Joyce & the rest of the EOs,

    I have been missing on the past few walks. This Sat,I have got a luncheon at Clementi bet 1 – 4pm. Hope I can make it this time. This time, I will just register first. I hope to be there before 4.30p. Just in case, I am late, if you guys, really can’t wait any further, pls get ahead. Oh dear, I do not have any of the walkies contact, I will just leave behind my pte email, hope someone will drop his/her contact so that I can get in touch nearer to the time.

    Hope to join u.

    susan tan

  12. Gabriella, see you at the walk.

    Susan, I have emailed you my contact no. We start off at 4pm from Bukit Batok MRT to take bus to the Dairy Farm Nature Park. Hope you will be able to make it in time to join us.

  13. Hi EOs,
    Sorry for not able to update this Event on the SHC calendar rite now as I hv run into some difficulty to update d post. Will do dat when I m back to SG this weekend. Appreciate your kind understanding… Cheers.. Dolly

  14. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for reply my post #25.

    If the event starts at 4p, I don think I can make it.

    So sorry, have to give it a miss.

    Hi Walkies,
    enjoy each other fellowship.

    susan tan

  15. Hello Veronica & Mary

    Lynn (SHC 812) and myself would like to join you for this walk. Weather permitting, we will see you at the Bukit Batok MRT control station at 4pm.

  16. Hello EOs and all,
    Thanks for organising the walk and also to all, for the great company and chit-chat. Keep in touch.
    p/s: Have emailed Oi Cheng, 08 pictures for uploading to the SHC website.
    Oi Cheng,
    I think the others will be sending their pictures to you in a few days’ time. Do look out for it…..and THANKS in advance for helping to upload these pics.
    Ivan Lim

  17. Whoa!

    Just when I thought there ain’t anymore coming..

    Anymore photographers at this walk?

    Conrad, I will wait for a couple of days before I re upload the album to include yours and more?

  18. Thank you, Mary, thank you Veronica, thank you Monthly Walk team members, thank you photographers, thank you Oi Cheng and thank you to all nature walkers for a wonderful time!

    Till the next walk……

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