Monthly Walk Saturday 8 May 2010 – Sembawang Park/Bottle Tree Village

Meeting Place: Sembawang MRT nearby control station by 4.15pm sharp
Duration:  about 1½ hours
For those who are driving, park at Car Park 2 near the front entrance of Sembawang Park.    Be there at 4.45pm to join group who will be arriving by bus from Sembawang Bus Interchange. 
EOs for this walk :  Veronica Wong and Mary Tan
This is a straight forward walk, may not be the "cup of tea" for the adventurous.  The main objective is to enjoy the camaraderie. 
Sembawang Park  situated in the north of Singapore is one of the few parks in Singapore with a natural beach, the Wak Hassan Beach.  A good hangout away from busy city life, for picnic or simply relax and enjoy the kampong ambience.  At the park entrance is the distinctive blue dice design.   We will take a leisure stroll at this park and explore the greenery of the park.
The Bottle Tree Village located rather away from the main road at the end of Jalan Mempurong, is another ulu ulu place where you get to see  Bottle Trees which had been imported from Australia by the owners.   Apart from the unique trees, other Australian flora can be spotted in the surroundings.  Andrew Avenue leading to this place, is a secluded road and surrounded by trees.   On the way, we will come across the Preserved Heritage Melayu Penempatan Mosque which was built in the1970s.  At the end of the road,  we will emerge into the Bottle Tree Village, a well established rustic village-like place.  There, we could look across the wide and vast sea of the Straits of Johore and enjoy the sea breeze.
Walk continues through the Simpang Kiri Park Connector which runs along Sungei Simpang Kiri, rich in natural vegetations on both sides of the riverbanks.  Enjoy a tranquil experience and try spotting the vast varieties of birds, ranging from water birds like the Kingfisher, Egrets and Water Hens to seasonal migratory birds such as sandpipers.  We will end the walk at Canberra Link to take Bus No 882 back to Sembawang Bus Interchange / MRT station.  Those who drive will take Bus No 882 from across the road  to Car Park 2 to collect their cars.  For those who wish to, can adjourn for dinner at the many eateries in Sun Plaza.
Bring drinking water, an umbrella (for rain or sun), mosquito repellent, camera, cap and wear comfortable walking shoes.
See you at the walk!
Other Walk Team members:  ChristinaCL Chan, Charles Wee, Jeffrey Lim, Joyce Tan, Serene Low, Andrew Thio and Conrad Tang.
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  1. Mary Tan
  2. Veronica Wong
  3. Irene Poh
  4. Gabriella Chua
  5. Daisy Yeo
  6. Andrew Thio
  7. Rosalind Soh
  8. Lee Seok Cheng
  9. Ann Lim
  10. SK Chua
  11. Lilian Teo
  12. Ivan Lim
  13. Lai Fong
  14. Peng Peng
  15. Charles Chua
  16. Lee King Seng
  17. Feztus Lim
  18. Richard Lee
  19. Stephen Low

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33 thoughts on “Monthly Walk Saturday 8 May 2010 – Sembawang Park/Bottle Tree Village

  1. And me too please, EOs.

    I’ve visited this park years ago and am sure there have been many changes since.

    Adventure need not always be risky. Having the dare and courage to explore the unknown is adventure enough.

    Thanks EOs for the opportunity to do a revisit and with good company too.

  2. dear YK,
    sorry to mention maureen lee is a member, she had attended numerous events. kindly include her in this walk pls.
    thank you.

  3. Hi Eo,
    Pls register me for the walk.
    And also Lai Fong too – Her PC not functioning, so registering on her behalf, please. TQ.

  4. Hi Ivan #11

    Thank U for registering on my belalf, Home PC still sick getting a doc soon.

    Hi Mary,

    Xie Xie Ni for organising this walk, see u…

    Lai Fong

  5. Hi Mary Tan and Veronica Wong
    Thank you for organising the walk. Please register me for the walk, but I will be walking very slowly. Hope it is alright with other walkers.
    See you this Saturday.
    King Seng

  6. dear EOs,
    will have to give this walk a miss, due to unforseen circumstances.. hope to join u all the next time.


  7. Lai Fong, hope you can make it to join this walk.

    Thomas and James, glad both of you are joining.

    To those coming, see all of you later.


  8. Alamak EOs!
    Raining heavily right now in HG leh! How to walk? Will wait a while more. If rain stop, then I go but will be late at site. If rain looks not stopping, will have to give this walk a miss too …. sorry for the last minute notice.

  9. HI Ivan,

    Luckily you did not turn up.

    The walk was a washout. It was raining before we started. it was raining when we were waiting for the latecomers and it was raining when we started. After we started walking, the rain got progressively worse. Even the underside of my umbrella was wet.

    So we backtracked a bit to the Bottle Tree Restaurant and waited. In between we saw the Pasir Gudang side of Malaysia, tested our handphones to check the signal strength of Singtel and Mytel, saw some crabs, lobsters etc and we took some pictures and decided to call it a day.

    But everyone was in high spirits and no one complained. It was a good group.

    After that we went to Keong Saik Rd for some food and IT.

    IT was very good. The food I mean, but that (not IT) was good too.

  10. Wow Charles,
    Thanks for the note on “lucky me not turn up for walk”…. but on the other hand …. should have gone to join you poeple at Keong Saik Road. Guess the chit-chat on “IT” will make up for all getting “WET”!
    …. I meant wet from the rain … hey dun sen-gak with your thots! ;)

  11. Hi Mary,

    Didn’t see any update on the walk, so just wondering whether
    the walk proceeded despite the rain. If not, would this
    walk be carried forward to next month?


  12. Hi James,

    Despite the rain, 14 of us made it to the walk but we had to skip the Simpang Kiri Park Connector which runs along Sungei Simpang Kiri, instead back track on Andrew Avenue to end the walk.


  13. A big thank you to all those who came and walk despite the rain. If not for the rain, we would not have skip the walk along Simpang Kiri Park Connector. Photos taken were already sent to our Photo Manager, Sock Cheng.

  14. Looks like Sockie will be able to get the photos of this walk up by tomorrow. I had a peep at the pictures, so here’s the banner photo.

    Good luck Sockie.

    Terence Seah

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