Round Table Biz Dinner on 23-Feb-11 (Wed)

On behalf of Jeffrey Lim and Susan Chan, this month business dinner will be held at the
Grassroots Club @ Yio Chu Kang.

The details:

Date and time : 23-Feb-11 (Wed) from 7.30pm-10pm
Venue : Imperial Court Shark Fin Restaurant
             3rd floor, Grassroots Club
Food   : Chinese sit down ala carte BUFFET of 30+ dishes
             (will pre-select 10-12 dishes, rest order on the spot)
Price   : $34 – $36 / pax (after discount)
Landmark : Yio Chu Kang MRT station (NS line) (3 min walk)
Parking : Grassroots Club, around YCK stadium/sports hall (URA), Nanyang Poly (foc till 9.30pm)

For this dinner, we have a special appearance by Feztus Lim, our permanent visitor to Yunnan,
China, who will introduce to us business opportunities in Yunnan:

– working with non-government organisation (NGO)
– retirement village
– eco farming
– educational (teaching) opportunities

Reference :

This is going to be an exciting dinner to welcome the Year of the Rabbit.
Come and let’s HOP together into more business opportunities.

Register here:

01)  Jeffrey Lim (EO)
02)  Susan Chan (co-EO)
03)  James Tan (Chairman)
04)  Feztus Lim (special guest and speaker)
05)  Paul Phua
06)  Terence Seah
07)  Cheng-pun
08)  Rosalind Lee
09)  Anna Seet
10) Mary Chan
11) Robert Ong
12) Dave Tan
13) Maria Tan
14) Marg Tian
20) close

Note: You can have a light lunch before you come as the buffet dinner is meant for you to

23 thoughts on “Round Table Biz Dinner on 23-Feb-11 (Wed)

  1. Hi James/Jeffrey/Susan!

    Please add my name to the list. This will be my 1st event in SHC for 2011 and I’m glad I can make it! Wheeeeeeee!!!!


  2. Ros,

    Thank you for your support.
    Since this is your first event for the Year of the Rabbit,
    you will not regret it as you will be hopping with many
    great successes.

    Cheers . . . . .


  3. Mary and all,

    As this dinner is a buffet, the price is fixed (at $31.80++
    before discount) pax.

    No payment will be collected beforehand.
    However, I trust that all who signed up will turn up
    and should he/she can’t make it on that day, please have
    the courtesy to inform me or the EO/co-EO.


  4. Hi James,

    About this dinner talk, is there a special room arranged so all can eat and listen in added privacy and comfort?

    Otherwise it might be quite disconcerting for poor Feztus to have to raise his voice above the usual din.

    You think this is a good idea?

    Just a suggestion.

  5. Charles,

    Thanks for your concern.
    I did ask for a room but was declined by the managment as
    they need min 2 tables and purchase certain set meals.
    However, I’ve asked for a quiet corner and since it’s a
    weekday, din at the restaurant is very bearable.

    Anyway, as the name suggests, this is a Round Table Biz
    discussion so all participants will share their talk while
    sitting at the table. And I suggest all speakers
    to talk a bit louder so that those sitting across the table
    can hear clearly. I also suggest one person talk at a time
    and diners should refrain from any side talk unnecessarily,
    esp if an important topic is put in motion.

    Hope you are able to join too.


  6. Thanks charles for the concern.
    It would be ideal to have a quiet corner, if we can’t get the responses for 2 tables, James might have to do cold calls this week, otherwise not only me but everybody will have to raise their voice or raise the cup for yum sing!
    I am mentally prepared to do more of a question and answer session over the subject tabled.

  7. Hi James,
    I woke up with a bad tummy this morning and will not be able to attend the dinner tonight. I think it was something I ate yesterday evening.

    Please accept my apologies.

  8. Seok Cheng,

    It’s very late now. Not sure whether you mean this dinner
    or some other “Network DN” organised by Sam Huat.

    Anyway, I sent you a separate mail to you giving my hp no.
    to confirm your attendance. pls respond.


  9. Dear all,

    Thank you for attending last nite sumptious dinner.
    A very special thank to Feztus who gave us a good rundown
    about the business opportunities in Yunnan.
    We hope to see you again next month.
    Please watch out for the next biz post.

    jeff, sue, james

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