Retirement evaluation trip to Thailand coastal regions from Sathahip to Chonburi via Rayong, Jomthien, Pattaya, Bangsaen, Angsila 9 – 14 Nov 2019

Now that we have visited Khao Yai, our next retirement evaluation trip will be to Thailand’s coastal regions, following closely around the gulf of Thailand.

From Suvarnabhumi airport, straight to Chonburi Bangsaen beach, and hugging the coastline to Pattaya, Jomthien, Rayong and Sattahip. We will not enter Bangkok city. Our last stop will be Sattahip, and we will return to Suvarnabhumi airport. Note: I may reverse the direction, so we can end the last day buying seafood and kiam Her.

We can expect seafood for most part of the trip, water, fresh air, no rain as dry season has arrived, fishing villages, seafood markets, beaches, a vibrant night life at Pattaya, relaxing Rayong, turtles, counting ships, swimming and local communities. Expect a rustic slow moving trip to high energy activity at Pattaya. Most important, great company among members.

1. Date: between 15 Oct and 15 Nov 2019. 5D4N. Date now confirmed for 9-14Nov 2019 6D5N.

2. Start point: Suvarnabhumi airport, ETA before 10am 9 Nov 2019.

3. End point: Suvarnabhumi point. ETD after 6pm 14 Nov.

4. Cost: All participants buy their own Sin/BKK/Sin airtickets. As trip is confirmed, groups can now book airtickets.

Food likely will be shared, and in some places on your own.

5. Where we stay: likely 3 or 4 stars. Will advise.

6. Itinery: Suvarnabhumi Airport to Sattahip 1N to Rayong 2N to Pattaya 2N to Suvarnabhumi airport.

Members wishing to participate can register now. You can withdraw at a later date. You can register your name or you can register as a group under your name. We don’t need any more details until we are about to book the hotels. The trip WhatsApp group will start 1 SEP 2019.

7. Transport: based on the numbers to date, we are likely to use a coach to ferry us around, during the trip. We will make this decision on 15 SEP 2019.

Strictly: members only.

Terence Seah

Registration list:

1. Terence Seah

2. Howard Yong

3. Stella Sheng

4. Gingko Tay

5. Ong Chew Teck

6. Yap Siew King

7. Cheng Whye Kee

8. Frisna Tan

9. Ann Lim

10. Shirley Wee

11. Bira L.

12. Theresa Seow

13. Pauline Au Yong

14. Pauline Khoo

15. Bobby Bok

16. Mega A.

17. Sherry Wong

18. Jane Tan

19. Nok Seah

20. Dolly Lim

21. Lee HC

21. Michele Sim

23. Lina Ng

25. Louis Siah

26. C H Teo


28. ChristinA Chan

29. Vicky Siong


* This is a list of interested participants. You may withdraw anytime before hotel bookings. Trip limited to 35 pax. After 35 pax, plse join the waiting list.

48 thoughts on “Retirement evaluation trip to Thailand coastal regions from Sathahip to Chonburi via Rayong, Jomthien, Pattaya, Bangsaen, Angsila 9 – 14 Nov 2019

  1. Our trip to coastal Thailand, around the gulf of Thailand is now confirmed for ETA Suvarnabhumi airport 9 Nov around 8.30am to 10am.

    ETD suvarnabhumi airport is 14 Nov, after 6pm.

    Plse book as per van with one group leader. Max 7 pax per van.

    Trip is confirmed.

  2. Hi
    Can I know what time we depart from pattaya to suvarnabhumi airport .
    We got our group of 7 pax already and is choosing which Airline suitable for our timing.



    South Pattaya is synonymous with nightlife. Jam-packed Walking Street glows beneath neon lights, its sidewalks a flashy kaleidoscope of restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and discos. If you crave something beyond street fare, head north on Beach Road to the Royal Garden Plaza for global cuisine at the Food Wave.

    Old-fashioned shopping stalls and popular restaurants give South Pattaya a touristy feel, but there’s a historic side here, too.


    We can  walk around the beach rd from the the start till the end and then walking street. it was great time looking the ocean and the shopping malls on the other side. Should try jog or something in the morning if you’re having time to do so. Enjoy

    As expected, the evening is a completely different scene than daytime. There were many prostitutes on Beach Road, particularly on the beach side of the street. Opposite the beach are some shopping malls, including Central Festival, which is quite large. Hooters is located on Beach Road (nice place to take a beer or drink). Also, on Beach Road is the Hilton hotel and the Wave hotel, which has a nice outdoor restaurant. In general, it is nearly a must to go to Beach Road.

  5. Distance from beach road to walking st is abt 15 min.

    Loy Krathong Celebrations in Pattaya – From 12 November to 13 nov.


    Pattaya Beach

    Beach Rd, Muang Pattaya

    Or walking street.

    Where to enjoy Loy Krathong celebrations in Pattaya – The festival is celebrated all around the seaside resort, so wherever you are, there is almost certainly a Krathong celebration somewhere close at hand. In the evening, tourists and locals usually gather on the beach fronts to release their krathong onto sea, where hundreds of othere candles twinkle on the water. Loy Krathong celebrations will also take place at Pattaya Floating Market, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, Wat Chai Mongkon on Thanon Pattaya Tai, and Sanctuary of Truth located in Tambon Naklua, North Pattaya. During the festival, in addition to the floating krathong, khom loy and khom fai fire lanterns are released into the sky by locals and tourists, because the popular Yee Peng Festival is celebrated at the same time as Loy Krathong.
    Loy Krathong is probably Thailand’s most interesting and fascinating festival. Also known as the “Festival of Lights” and celebrated nationwide, this popular festival symbolizes the close ties between the Thai culture and water. Loy Krathong Festival is held on the evening of the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar, which usually falls in the month of November when the water level is high and the climate is pleasantly cool. However, the religious ceremonies and events are held over a period of several days, normally a day before and a day after the date of the full moon. In 2019, Loy Krathong falls on Wednesday, the 13th of November, but the celebrations begin on 12 November and end on 14 November. The name of festival comes from the Thai word “loy” meaning to float, while “krathong” is a small decorative basket or raft made from natural materials which is then floated on a river. Each year, the festival features several ceremonies and activities such boat races on the rivers, beauty contests, Krathong processions and parades. However, the festival’s highlight is made by the lights from hundreds of candles that twinkle on the water. Each one carries prayers and wishes sent off to float down rivers and streams. The traditional krathong used for floating at the festival is made from a cross-section of a banana tree trunk, which is then elaborately decorated with banana leaves and flowers in intricate towering designs. Nowadays, krathongs are also made of bread or Styrofoam. While Styrofoam is not biodegradable and for this reason is sometimes banned, a bread krathong will disintegrate after a few days and can be eaten by fish. The krathongs usually contain a candle, incense and some coins. The person who will be floating the krathong often adds a small cutout of his hair or fingernail. On the night of the full moon, Thais launch their krathongs on a river, canal or a pond, lighting the candle and making a wish before they are put into the water. It is believed that the krathong carries away bad luck, anger and grudges and signals a new start that will bring good luck and happiness. Since the Loy Krathong coincides with the Lanna festival known as Yi Peng, during the festival period thousands of “Khom Loi”, which literally means floating lantern, are launched into the sky in the full moon night. The act of releasing the floating lanterns is a way to pay respect Buddha and also to release bad memories and misfortunes of the previous year. Buddhists also believe that if you make a wish when you release a khom loi, it will come true. A traditional khom loy consists of a thin fabric, such as rice paper or mulberry paper, stretched over a bamboo or wire frame to which a candle or a fuel cell is attached. When the candle is lit, the resulting hot air is trapped inside khom loy and creates enough lift for the lantern to float up into the sky.

  6. Hi Terence,
    Just wonder if this trip, we are staying put at 1 hotel or we might need to change hotel every now and then. I will chat with you more during monthly gathering should I have more questions to ask… I need this update so that I can inform my team members accordingly. Cheers… Dolly

    • Dolly, we will head for the Sattahip area on the first day after arrival at airport.

      Tentatively, we will stay 1N at Sattahip,2N at Rayong, 2N at Pattaya. From Pattaya, we go to the airport.

      Where we stay will depend on the number of pax after we close on 31 Aug

  7. Good morning, Terence,
    Lina, Dolly (1room) and HC (1room) will be like to be included in this trip. Once our group of 7 is confirmed, I will list out our names accordingly later on. Thank you for organising this trip.

    Cheers… Dolly

  8. Hi everyone
    Our group had book TG 8.15am to bkk and back to sg is 19.25pm from trip. Com.
    Due to school holiday on Nov and also thailand festival day. Price might keep increasing later. pls take noted.
    Just to.share

    Cheers !


    • As Jane is joining and no more vacancy in Van1, Mega will move to another van. There is one seat available in van1 as of now. Thank you.

    • Re the retirement evaluation trip to “Gulf of Thailand coastal regions”, we have now moved to the next decision. Regarding, transport: based on the numbers to date, we are likely to use a coach to ferry us around, during the trip. We will confirm this decision on 15 SEP 2019 when we have booked the coach.

      I am happy to hear suggestions and recommendations. However, plse wait for me to say Yes, as I need time to consider.

      Terence Seah

      • Hi Terence,
        Noted your suggestion with many thanks, but I am sure that not all those had signed up now had purchase their tickets. As for my side, we (Dolly, HC, Lina, Pauline, Jane and Mega) had already purchased and paid for the air tickets.


          • Hi Terence,
            I had replied you separately via watapps as I knew that there were members that managed to get a cheaper source thru 3rd party sites hence, our tickets might be abit pricey over theirs. I only can said that despite of the price’s difference, we still go ahead with our purchase of air tickets thru the travel agent.

            Cheers… Dolly

          • Tq Dolly.

            At this moment, airticket price is still very attractive, if it is less than SGD 300 return, with luggage and breakfast.

    • Helen, we are just starting the trip planning. At this moment, we have 3 vans. Very likely, we will close at 4 vans.

      No worry, join us some other time.

      Terence Seah

  9. Hmm, As of today, there is a total 7 members’ withdrawal from this trip. As the days go by, the airtickets to Bangkok will be getting more expensive (be it to be booked directly thru Agent or third party sites) so perhaps there might will be more withdrawals along the way.

    So far, only total of 12-14 (Stella’s and Dolly’s group members) had already booked the airtickets hence, it would be good for the other members whom also had already procured the tickets to update here accordingly so as to start with some basic logistics planning, primarily. hotel search as it would not be easy to get all into same hotel accommodation as some hotels might not able to cater for our needs – We have experienced this kind of situation during our recent KhaoYi trip.

    Terence, above are only my 2cents worth but as always EO has the final say…

    Cheers.. Dolly

  10. Ginko
    U already mention in pattaya group chat n had been removed by dolly.
    Don’t have to repeat twice.
    Terence know about it.
    The group is confirm and will be on.

    Cheers !

  11. Hi All,
    A watapps group chat had been created. However, we still waiting for those registered to go but no further updates on booking of air tickets’ status – Would appreciate any updates so that we can start compiling these datas to be started with. Help much appreciated.

    Currently, 12 members had already booked tickets via TG and flight details as follows:

    09 Nov’19 ETD SG via TG402 0815hrs ETA BK 0935hrs (Suvarnabhumi airport)
    14 Nov’19 ETD BK via TG 401 1925hrs ETA SG 2245hrs (Changi Airport)

    Please feel free to drop here any other details that you will need so that we can advise you accordingly.

    Regards… Dolly

  12. Hi,

    Just bought my flight ticket on TG too.
    Saw 5 tickets left.
    At the moment, there is no other flight to meet the required arrival.


  13. Hi Terence,
    Our group of 7paxs consists of the following:
    1) Lee HC
    2) Mega
    3) Lina Ng
    4) Dolly Lim
    5) Jane Tan
    6) Pauline Khoo
    7) Teo CH

    Cheers… Dolly

    • Great.. Christine,
      All of us are currently booked to leave via TG402 SIN to BKK on Nov 9 and TG401 BKK to SIN on Nov 14 for your reference. Once you had booked/confirmed your flight, I will add you on our Pattaya watapps group chat… Cheers.. Dolly

  14. Christine
    You can try or expediate.
    Most of us booking from this 2.
    Hope to.see u soon in our pattaya grp chat.
    We are now planning for hotel.
    Cheers !

  15. Dear All,
    Terence suggested it and all of us shared our thoughts, to plan and discuss. Finally we went and so fast, this trip was completed last Thursday (Nov 14 2019).

    Thank you, Terence, as without you, nothing will be possible to make this trip a success giving us lots of support and guidances though you are not with us. I am very sure that all of us enjoyed tremendously during this trip.

    Of cos, there were abit of hiccups here and there but our Chief (TS) always said that is normal as these hiccups in return helped us to understand each other better, right?

    Lastly but not least, thank you each and everyone of you for the nice and friendly bonding for this trip. I had the chance of catching up with some pioneer members and of cos, not forgetting meeting new members too…

    But to retire at Pattaya not in my list right now… too much hot stuffs there but I definitely dont mind going back there again for another holiday next time…

    Till then… Cheers… Dolly

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