Monthly Leisure Cycling @ ECP – 16 July (Sat)

emoticon   Hi,

I was getting lazy and forgetful until the CM goes : "Aren’t you going to post the Cycling yet?"…… sigh.

So here it is.  Monthly leisure cycling every 3rd Sat of the month.!

  • Meeting place :  McDonald @ East Coast Parkway
  • Time to meet  :  4 pm (at 4.30 pm, we proceed to bicycle rental kiosk)
  • Cost of rental :  $ 5 per person for 2 hours
  • Route  :  To be jointly decided by those present
  • Attire  :  What ever you are comfortable with

Registration now open :

  1. Ah Nee
  2. Lily
  3. Dolly
  4. Andrew Yeung
  5. John Howe
  6. Mike Tay
  7. Janie Leong
  8. Bira
  9. Veronique
  10. Sam Huat
  11. Steven Ng (may be?)
  12. All the Pengarang troopers ?  I know this is ikan bilis to you lah, but you were also once leisure cyclists no?  You need to come here to grow your list of long-distance cyclists right?  Ai mai ?


32 thoughts on “Monthly Leisure Cycling @ ECP – 16 July (Sat)

  1. “Cost of rental : $ 5 per person for 2 hours”

    Wished I know what I can do to that person.

    If good, might even pay $10 to rent 2 persons, or just that 1 person for 4 hours.

  2. Hi Lily

    Thanks for putting up the monthly cycling event, unfortunately,most of these once leisure cyclists have now turned into hard core cyclists.

    These hard core cyclists will be participating in the Ipoh Century Ride 2011 on 17 July and they will depart Sg on 16 July.

    To those going to Pengerang in September,do come and join Lily, you need the warm up.


  3. I will be warming myself up that weekend with otak otak, pulut panggang, tepong korma, kueh lapis, ikan bakar, perchil, avocado milkshake, jagarnan, gong gong, juyee bakar, iced Indonesian red tea, pomegranate cold dessert etc. etc.

    Oh mi god! Will have to hide my weighing scales now and train real hard when I return not only for Penggarang but to shed those extra grams and more. he he……

    Sorry, Lily. Will be keeping Abel company that weekend. he he he……

  4. Aiyo Tim
    Must you always have such crooked connotation hah?

    Hi Daisy
    Noted you will be away eating and eating. Enjoy yourself ya.

    Douglas, Yew Kwong
    Ho lah ho lah, forgive you this time. Next time must join ok? I suppose, Boon Liang, Rene & Eileen also going to Ipoh and so cannot make it lor.

    Mike Tay
    Welcome. I like the “Gua Ai”. Ai si mi? Ai cycle nia hah? Your 1st time right?

    Hi Janet
    Noted. The drama rehearsal is definitely more important lor. See u when I see u.

  5. Sorry Lily and all the EOs,

    I cannot make it on that day. I am indisposed.

    Hope the weather is kind to all. This month would be a good practice for all who are planning to go to Sg Rengit. I think if you cycle from MacDonald’s, the usual start point, to the canal, past NSRGCC, the Reservist Golf Club, and back, you would have covered 20+ kms. This would be more than the Pengerang to Sg Rengit track.

    The other thing I noticed about some cyclists is that they tend to sit too low on their bike. At least have the seat up to just below the hips so that your legs will not be constricted when you are peddling. But who am I to say, better ask the sifus in SHC.

    Think of the hunks in the Tour de France whenever you get tired.


  6. Charles
    Noted you can’t make it. Predispose yourself for future monthly cycling ok?

    Another one down. Guess everyone else is at the Drama Club, travelling, or busy with something…..

  7. Crooked?

    Of cos “Cost of rental : $ 5 per person for 2 hours” is.

    “Cost of bicycle rental : $ 5 for 2 hours”. You now become straight.

  8. Dear Lily

    I am in a dilema. I am committed to another event. Hopefully, I can make up my mind by friday nite. See if the legs or the throat is itchy.

    Will bo mia if I am going.

    Sorry, not tarik harga hor. Just being wishy washy.

    Thanks for your understanding.


  9. Lily Jie @7

    Heard you! Yes, I will be cycling in Ipoh over that weekend.

    Will find time to join you and fellowship with the rest as best as I could make it….the following months. :))


  10. Hi Eileen / Rene
    All the best for your Ipoh cycling. Beat the guys ok? I mean ……. literally, hahaha.

    Ya Carly
    I already knew you’ve got something else to attend that’s why bo jeo le. We already know each other so well, of course I don’t think you are trying to tarik harga lah. To choose between itchy throat or itchy leg – I know for sure which one you will choose lor …..heeee

    Yay Janie
    U need more practice to catch up with the Pengarang troopers hor. Glad that u can make it. Cya :)

  11. Hi Lily @07

    It is not Mike’s 1st time.
    His photo is in the banner photo which is just above Ivan.

    Yes Lily, we will come and support you in August


  12. Hi Ah Nee

    I miss cycling, but then again still unable to join cause my arm is still in the recovering stage.

    Will join once I’m ready!!!

    Lai Fong

  13. Dear Lily,

    I’m so glad that I will be able to resume cycling after a very long break. Really looking forward to meet up with you and the others.
    Please register for me.


  14. Hello Veronique
    Long time no see. Where have you MIA to hah? Glad you are coming for the cycling. Please take care not to faint on me ok? Heehee.

    There are 2 guys in the banner picture. Which one is Mike hah? Nevermind, I’ll find out this Sat. Thanks.

    Lai Fong
    Wish you a speedy recovery so that you can join in more attivities besides cycling.

  15. Hello Lily,
    R u sure 2 guys? 3 lah.

    I am the one in white shirt next to Douglas.

    This is the 2nd time i m cycling with SHC. However i m a regular cyclist @ this East coast park back in my teen days. I was there with my group almost every Sunday back in the late sixties and seventies – whether rain or shine.

    C u this Sat!



  16. Hi Bira
    Welcome back to the leisure cycling. Need some practice for the Pengarang trip ya? Heehee. Cya this Sat.

    Hello Mike
    Don’t know why your comment is under moderation. I don’t see any taboo subject or objectionable words in your comment leh? Anyway, nice to meet you. When I said 2 guys, I meant the 2 that I don’t know one lah. Good of you to join us. See U this Sat.

  17. Weiwei Lily,
    Definitely dat Mike is a SHC registered member. Likely chance dat his rmk is under moderation is that he might had change his email address instead of using the original email address dat he used to sign up lor.. my guess lor..

    Mike, if my guess is correct hor, suggest dat u write to admin dat u wuld like 2 request this change of email address for all future correspondences lor..

    If d abv guess is incorrect, den, I dun noe liao… :)

    Cheers.. Dolly

  18. halo halo halo EO lily jie ,

    for de very 1st time …i sam huat is joining u all…but but hor hor …i bo tak kar la chia 1 ya….will come from dolly plc & rescue u 2 too…

    i will whack de macdonald in a cosy aircon & enjoy de breeze..while u all slog slog slog n slog ya….

    so i aa sai bo mia bo har ? ( can i register ?)

    sam huat huat huat

  19. Morning Dolly/Lily,

    Tks for the suggestion to write to Admin – 1st time i got a “yellow card” from a forum admim.

    See you all later.


  20. I MAY join you all if my mother is less active this afternoon. She is “dementia-ridden” and my maid can only handle her if she is more passive. I will ride my “old metal horse” and there is no need to wait for me as I will try to look-out for you all.

    Hi Dolly at message #22:
    When you log-in you do not need any email address. Most LIKELY is our fairy godmother is not very happy with some of the words Mike used. The system automatically flag any such message for moderation if there is any existence of such offending wordings which are already inputted into the system.

  21. Hi Sam
    Wow, honoured that you are joining the cycling for the 1st time. Nevermind you don’t ride with us. Your company will make Dolly very very happy. :)

    Hi Steven Ng
    Haha….. Your comment is also under moderation. Anyway, hope your mom is kwai kwai, so that you can come and join us hor.

    See you folks later.

  22. Hello Mike Tay

    Just checking to see if you are ok. We lost you half way and then waited for you at the kiosk till 6.40pm. None of us have your phone contact. I even called Yew Kwong and Douglas – they too, did not have your contact no. As most of us have to rush for our dance class, we couldn’t wait any longer. Hope you got back to the rental kiosk alright. Thanks for your support and thanks for being our camera man. Hope to see you again next month.


  23. Morning Lily,Dolly, Sam & others,

    Tks for your concern & the fun cycling @ East Coast Parkway.

    I am ok.

    After shooting pics of you, Dolly & Jeanie I went after John & Andrew – hoping to catch up & take some pics of them in cycling action.

    I cycled & cycled & cycled………..till the Changi ferry terminal but still no sign of them – “boh lang leh”. Then it dawned on me that they had taken a different cycling path.
    By the time I returned to the kiosk it was around 6.50pm, waited for our cycling group till 7.15pm before i left. Btw, I have sent all the pics we have taken to Sock Cheng (aka “sockie” for uploading & sharing.


    Tks for

  24. Hi Mike

    Lily was concerned thus she made that oversea call to ask for your contact number. Next time you push her bike :)

    Thanks that you are safe and had a great time cycling up to Changi Ferry Terminal.


  25. Many thanks to Mike who took the pictures and to Sockie who post them.

    I am normally not the type who like to take pictures or be in pictures. If not for you, we will not have any record of the cycling activities. Thank you once again. Cheers.

    PS : Now I know where you’ve disappeared to. We normally do not go further than NSRCC. Hope to take a different route next time.

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