CANTO Karaoke on SHC Zoom, Wed 2 – 4pm. EO Daniel Chan, Co-host: Catherine Soon


Daniel Chan is hosting the Canton Karaoke on SHC Zoom on Wednesday, 6 May 2020, 2pm – 4pm.

Come, whether you can sing Cantonese or not . Who knows you can learn some Cantonese words?

Perhaps you will love to listen to us singing your favorite songs too. Just join in the fun during this Circuit Breaker period. Stay at home , stay safe.

Let us know you are coming, or Simply click here to enter Karaoke room.
Karaoke room
Password shc.

Catherine Soon

6 thoughts on “CANTO Karaoke on SHC Zoom, Wed 2 – 4pm. EO Daniel Chan, Co-host: Catherine Soon

  1. If there are more than 6 persons for Canton Karaoke, we will allocate more Karaoke rooms. Each room will have 4 – 6 persons max.

    Members who wish to just listen to Canton songs, just come in, sit down and relax. Bring your drink and snacks.

    Members wishing to OBSERVE how “Sreen Share” works in Zoom, please also come, sit down and observe. Mute yourself but ON your video. We want to see you.

    Terence Seah

  2. Testing testing

    I am writing several lines, in Traditional Chinese :
    ????? ????? ???????
    ????? ???? ?????? ?
    ????? ????? ????????
    ????? ???? ????????


  3. Error, time slot is not Sat. Should be, Every Wed afternoon 2pm to 4pm, Zoom Singing Cantonese come alive with Daniel Chan EO, Catherine Soon (co-host) with Cheryl and Vincent Hee. I see the singers are really enjoying themselves taking turns to play Youtube Cantonese songs and singing together LIVE face to face and as if in real person.

    Altho the internet determines how stable Zoom works, it is the fun of being together and singing without worrying if the sky has dropped down.

    Come every Wed 2pm on SHC Zoom. If you just love songs, come sit down and listen. Please contact DanielC, CatherineS, Cheryl T, VincentH, BarbaraO and LillianQ on how to join the fun. No regrets during Covid-19.

    Terence Seah

  4. It is Wednesday, not Saturday, 2 to 4 pm (extension subject to availability of zoom time).

    We really had fun this afternoon. Besides singing, we were dancing with the music; synchronised yet separated far away. Thanks to technology and thanks to zoom. And of course thank you, Terence for providing this platform for us at a time like this.

    When you are having fun, time flies – 3 hours seems to whizz by in a blink. Once a week is a long long time to wait.


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