Getai event, Fri Sep 11 from 5.30 to 7pm.

Thank you very much to the members who have taken time to practise for the Getai event on SHC Zoom. We are unable to have a real life event, and as such, we have to entertain ourselves on Zoom.

We have now set the date for Getai event. Fri Sep 11 from 5.30 to 7pm. This session replaces our regular Fri Happy Hour.

Confirmed singing participants are Sally Foo, Cheryl Tiong, Vincent Hee, Sally Tan, Lilian/David Ong, Barbara Ong and June Peh.

Our Getai entertainers will be singing 3 songs consecutively. Music source is up to the singers, and played by the singer only. The focus will be on entertainment, and all members are encouraged to sing along, although you will be muted.

The entire program is recorded LIVE and featured in Youtube and the Club website.

Other details are still being worked on. We will have audience participation too. To participate in the audience, and win a prize, please RSVP whatsapp 9489-4360 GETAI .

The LIVE recording.

Terence Seah

4 thoughts on “Getai event, Fri Sep 11 from 5.30 to 7pm.

  1. Dear Barbara & Team

    Thank you for inviting me to be the guest singer for the event. I feel honoured and humbled. You all did a good job and its only natural to not sound like our original singing on zoom.
    However, I would like to bring up some issues and would like to seek some clarifications. Whether whatever happened was unintentional or otherwise.

    When I was first introduced as a guest singer, I was told by someone that I am not good at sharing in zoom and need more practice. I don’t know what that was supposed to mean. So I asked if I am in or not and was supported by the getai team that they will help me share my music.

    On the evening itself, I was all dressed up and ready. Then the singers started singing and I cheered and clapped so hard at the end of each song. Then it was my turn to sing, then I realised all my cheering and clapping were wasted as my mic had all along been muted. I do not know why all the performers’ mics were unmuted except mine. I waved and gestured but got no response except the team asking me to start singing. i waited until one verse was almost over before they realised my mic was muted. I finally got my mic back and sang my song. But the mood was already spoilt.
    Then when Cheryl was singing, I could hear someone else was singing her song and I could not hear Cheryl so I informed the audience to let Cheryl sing. I also realise her music was too loud and her voice could not be heard so i was trying to help and told Cheryl her music was too loud. I was immediately muted.

    Then my second song came. I had to wave and gesture again to get my mic unmuted. It was just too trying. I had to keep my cool as I want to do as promised and not walk off the stage. While was singing, I could hear some members of the team talking loudly and I could not hear myself. But nothing happened to their mic. Is this not double standard or what.

    I am very transparent and I speak my mind and from my heart. No BS.
    I have always been grateful to SHC where I found my best buddy and many good friends. But I guess I have paid my dues.

    It does not matter to me anymore if admin wishes to ban me from the club. Or I call it quits. I will leave with regret, not because I did any wrong but whoever holds the whip has not done right.

    Sincerely yours
    Caroline aka Carly Gee

  2. Daniel Chan

    I refer to your comments in Club Handover regarding zoom sessions. I guess you do not wish to comment in the relevant post, for whatever reasons, that is your prerogative.
    I cannot assume who the target is. However, for me, I mostly abide by the rules.
    However, for those who think I have pushed my boundaries, please listen very carefully to the whole video, especially the part where I was performing my two songs. People were talking so loudly that I could not even hear myself singing.

    Also, the other performers and members of the audience had their mics unmuted from the onset. My mic was only unmuted when it was my turn to sing (and it was only because I had to “plead”). Most zoom sessions, we can mute and unmute on our own. I guess I was the only lucky one that evening whose mic was selected to be controlled by others. Wow! I really did not appreciate that.

    Talk about rules and regulations? There should be none if they are made and meant to be bent or broken for selected few!

    I rest my case.

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