Tennis and Cycling Redux

Having been stuck in Singapore for over a year and unable to pursue my favourtie three S’s (SCUBA diving, sailing, skiing) all of which requires travel, a consolatory fall back for me have been tennis and cycling. SHC used to have a very active tennis group which played regularly at Tanamera and a cycling group that cycled quite often too.

Anybody keen to revive these two groups? We can get together and crank it up.

For tennis I can get courts at Bukit Batok while for cycling, more and more cycling paths are being opened, the latest being the rail corridor to Rail Mall.

14 thoughts on “Tennis and Cycling Redux

  1. Hi there Jeffrey, is there any opportunity to look into renting bicycles at Marina Bay area to cycle around in a small group for SHC friends, to rediscover our city state for those who don’t own a bicycle.
    I work in one of the STB Visitor centers at Esplanade Theatres where there are bicycles for rental. I used to conduct bicycles tour before the covid days for tourists, Hope to work with you to brighten up our city with healthy events for our seniors:)

    • Hi Jasmine,

      Sure, we can look into this when we get the cycling group going (again). For me, one of my favourite cycling route is from Bukit Batok to Marina Bay via the Ulu Pandan and Singapore River PCN. It’s 18 km one way, not too long.

    • Jasmine….

      **Saturday, 17 April *.Cycling*

      *Meet* : Go Cycling rental Kiosk. (Near Marine Grove/CP C3. See map attached)

      *Time* 1630hrs to rent your bike.

      We start cycling off at 5 pm sharp.

      *Destination* : MBS/GBB and cruise centre if enough time.

      1. Douglas
      2. Ronald L.
      3. Steven Chan

    • Hi Jasmine,

      Thanks for the info. The bicycle rentals at Marina are 20″ foldies but will be good enough for PCN cycling. From Marina Bay we can cycle along the Singapore River up to Commonwealth MRT.

      Let’s see. Maybe for May or June. I can organise.

  2. Jeff,
    You might want to join the current SHC cycling watapp group that lead by Douglas Chan. Of cos, if cycling around West, not under hot sun and best still that kind of PCN road, I will definitely join if timing suits my schedule.

    Maybe, for a start, you can create an event for cycling in West.. was told that Ulu Pandan mostly PCN which is good for new cyclists.

    Jasmine, I dont think is difficult to look for rental bikes around in Spore so long as there is PCN. SG Bike is getting popular these days in all parts of Spore.

    Cheers… Looking forward for more updates from you soon.. DollyL

    • I thought the SHC cycling group has fizzled out. If it is still around, sure I’ll join. No point duplicating it. Have the group admin put me in the Whatsapp group.

      I usually cycle in the west starting from Bukit Batok to Qest Coast Park, sometimes continue on to Sentosa. At other times I do the Ulu Pandan park connector to Marina Bay or East Coast Park. Most of my cycling trips are around 40 to 60 km.

      Once we get this sorted out, I’ll organise some trips.

      • Jeff, I can see thru’ SHC Cycling chatgroup, you are given a warm welcome liao… Cheers…

        Aiyo, 40 to 60km too siong for me liao.. but, will support you once you are ready to organise lor.. hmm, maybe half the journey then I disappeared lor..

        Cycling at Sentosa is currently a nightmare to me as I had 1 bad fall only last year so dont have much courage to cycle at Sentosa now. But I am sure there are many avid cyclists for Sentosa cycle too… Cheers…Dolly

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