UPDATE: DUO JOY – Get Together cum Birthday Celebration

Hi SHC Members

Getting to know more members for bonding n casual chit-chat, please mark your calendar.

Date:     Friday, 12 May 2023

Time:    11:00am – 4:00pm

VENUE: Bites N Beans

321 Alexandra Road

Alexandra Central #01-03 (entrance facing Main Road)

Singapore 159971


  1. Mia Cheong – EO
  2. Karen Thio
  3. Yvonne Loo
  4. George Lee
  5. Winston Chua
  6. Simon Lam
  7. Peggy Phua
  8. Jane Tan


10 thoughts on “ZONAL QUEENSTOWN – 12 May 2023”

  1. Great effort, Mia,
    But regret to say that I am unable to go as not in good condition for outing for this whole week. Will definitely try to support next round if date/time permitted.


  2. Great effort, Mia. I have an appointment with some friends so can’t join. You all enjoy.

  3. Wished I could join you, Mia. Coincidentally, I have prior engagements arranged for the day. Hope to join you another time soon.

    See you when I see you. Cheers!

  4. Hello Mia, I lived in the West and would love to join but I’m working and not able to take leave this Friday. Will look out for future gatherings,

    Cheers, Doris

  5. nice meeting few new member n thks mia n jane for the bday celebration – hope to see all soon

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