Picnic by the sea, with potluck, no program in plan – 26 April Sat in April Monthly gathering

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Most of us love to have friends whom we can get together.  We all love activities.  We want to join activities. And we want to meet new people and catch up with old friends. Since the Club started, I have always love to see SilverHairs meet up with other old SilverHairs, and meet new ones too. Let’s see how fast this program catch up with our membership.

First of all, I have found a place to hold a beachside potluck.  I accidentally found the place while doing an evening walk.  There are new BBQ pits around.  It is located somewhere in Changi, near some river mouth.  There is a jetty nearby, with some boats there, to ferry people to the islands.  The place looks new.  I have seen many Malay families gather there with tents, home cook food, doing cycing there.

I like to organise a big picnic there,  Once I have identified the place, I shall indicate the date and the time, likely an afternoon 2-6 pm.  And, of course, if my diary is free from any travel. Likely date:  within April 2014. Somehow, I had cut down my travel after the MH370 issue.  No program, food or drinks has been planned.  Let’s build the program from here.

All members are invited.  Non-members are also invited.

  1. Members – $10
  2. Non-members – $15
  3. If you cook a dish for 4-5 people (not buy) eg curry, stew, I shall discount $8
  4. If you bake a cake, or make a dessert for at least 4-5 people (not buy), I shall discount $8.
  5. If you lead an activity eg a singalong, I shall discount $5.
  6. If you register yourself personally for this event, there is a discount of $1.
  7. If you bring along another member or non-member of the opposite sex, there is a discount of 10%.

Let’s start.  Run wild with your ideas.  If ok, I shall say yes, If no, I shall say no within 24 hours.


  • Date:  Sat 26 April 2014
  • Venue:  Changi Beach Park
  • Exact location:  Carpark A, near BBQ pit 6
  • Time:  1400 hours to 1800 hours.

Terence Seah

The Picnickers are:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Frisna Tan (our famous and entertaining SHC Seow Char Boh who stars in the Seow Seow Channel will be conjuring up some quiz and games)
  3. Rosalind Lee (cooking kong bak bee hoon)
  4. Lily Lim
  5. ??


50 thoughts on “Picnic by the sea, with potluck, no program in plan – 26 April Sat in April Monthly gathering

  1. Hi Terence
    Thanks for mooting this idea of a picnic by the sea. Gives me a nostalgic feeling… I’m sure it’ll be FUN. Will join in if my schedule permits.

    Looking forward to an exciting event organised by fairy godmother!


  2. Karen Thio has raised a question why she has to pay if it is a potluck. First, this is not fully a potluck. Let’s plan as we go along. Secondly, this is a new concept that I have decided to try for some of the activities that we organise for the Club. As a principle, the club allows the EO to make the decision on charges, as success or failure depends on the EO.

    I have decided to try this to see if it works. Honestly, I am not sure if it will work. We definitely need to manage our logistics issues. Who does what? Go recce the place, chop the place early before the crowds come for the night.

    Members who disagree with this concept, you are free to express yourself. If this concept works, future EOs may wish to adopt similar concepts of charging. And, as always, the Club allows the EO to decide, depending on creativity, effort and resources.

    Terence Seah

  3. Hi Yew Kwong, cyclists and walkists who have been to Changi Park. I am trying to look for a BBQ pit. https://e-station.axs.com.sg/NParks/Internet_Payment/park_map.php?pc=CB.

    I forgot where the place is. I remember it is near the road, there are buses and bus-stops, a few BBQ pits around. There is also a car-park. There is also a big toilet.

    If you have been to that area, please have a look at the URL link above, and recommend me a BBQ pit number. I shall then book the BBQ pit, Whether we have a BBQ or not, it does not matter. We book first.

    The dates are Sat/Sun 19, 20, 26 or 27 April.

    Thank you.

    Terence Seah

  4. Terence

    I find this posting v interesting . I never like potluck cos I find it v messy n is always too much or not enough food at the end of the party.

    Take for example – member pay $10 , if I spent my time preparing the curry n I will hv a discount of $8 ..that mean I.pay $2.

    I believe the person must have passion for cooking or baking then he/she will volunteer to prepare the food even though there is no discount for the fee.

    If I m the lazy one , I will just pay $10 n enjoy the food !!

    My suggestion is- everyone bring a share of food – buy or prepare from home with min $10 for this event. If one prepare food from home and cost abt $30 , then she will get 2 other member to share the cost.

    I know there r people who r very generous to share n wont bother about cost but it is fair everyone do their part for such event.

    My 2 cents tot !!!

  5. Hi Terence & fellow SHCians!

    Terence, your offer of discounts here and there brought a smile to my face this morning. So unusual leh….:p

    There are some members who don’t mind cooking/baking something for a group picnic but to set a fixed discount of $8 if they do so is taking the spirit of voluntarily sharing out of this event leh….

    My personal opinion is to let the participating members bring what they want to bring provided there’s control of what type of foods they are to bring. It is difficult to lug a huge pot of chicken curry to the venue so if there are two members bringing chicken curry in two small pots it’s more feasible. Easier to carry and everyone gets to taste two varieties of chicken curry. This is just an example.

    For those who cannot cook, don’t cook or have no time to cook, it is fine for them to buy takeout food to the picnic PROVIDED the food they bring is from a famous or well-known stall.

    If everyone brings food enough for 4 pax, we’ll have more than enough food to eat and ta pao at the end of the event. 🙂

    In previous pot-lucks, some members brought fruits and drinks. There are some who contributed the paper plates, cutleries, etc.

    My conclusion? Can forego the discounts and just let the members decide what they want to spend on the food they bring. I believe most members will contribute something that everyone will enjoy.


    • Karen, Rosalind,

      Obviously, I have no doubt you will attend the event if you are available. The categories I have set were not the outcome of what other members have raised.

      In fact, there are reasons why I set the pricing as such. I have been thinking carefully about our activities in the last 8 years, and how we can make our programs more interesting for everyone. It is not just variety I was looking for. But, let’s see. It may work. It may also fail. Personally, I am more positive than otherwise.

      You definitely have given thought to it.

      I like to give this a try. And the pleasure of seeing SilverHairs enjoy the company of other SilverHairs.

      I Look forward to hearing from Clara Chay, our singers and guitarists too.

      Terence Seah

  6. Hi Terence,

    I think it’s worth a try. The whole cost of a chicken curry should be much more than $8.00 or for that matter the cost of a tang kwee roast duck that Dorine brought to a picnic organised by Lily.

  7. Yum yum Thanks Dorine that duck still in my mind until now.

    Therefore the dishes are not entirely fully reimbursed, but the balance of the cost topped up by the contributors. So it’s our pleasure.

  8. Hi Terence
    I po mia now.
    I will cook enough for 10 person that means I am entitled to $18 discount plus $1 self-registration, minus the $10 member rate, so you owe me $9 ya.
    Now I go look for non-member of the opposite sex to get an additional 10%. Erh…. 10% of what hah?

  9. Lily

    U score A* for Math !!! Anyone need a treasurer for next event ???

    U really joker .. I want to pay $10 n enjoy the food. I can’t do multi- tasking like lily , so I pay straight $10.


  10. Maybe can also celebrate april birthdays? 20th works for me. I think the place terence talking about is end point of changi beach. Overlooks the jetty.

  11. Terence,
    Looking at those feebies that you had listed, I am sure that there will be some members that will take up the offer but I am too lazy to do all those, so if I go, I will just pay $9 – less $1 for self registration.

    But let hope that we will not ended all fried chicken wings, fried mee hoon and/or fried rice hor…..

    Planning on 19/4 is not a good choice as it happened to be a long weekend for Good Friday holi which I am sure that some might have already plan their holi. So if this event happened to fall on 19/4 – Even with discount given, I wont be able to attend also. So enjoy… Cheers… Dolly

  12. Hi Terence
    I wd like to join too but unable cos I’ll be away during that period.
    If possible, to postpone to May? I know I’m asking for the moon. Nvr mind, go ahead and enjoy yourselves……

  13. Lily,

    Organising a picnic for SHC needs a few mathematics gurus. We do need someone to help track the collections. Meantime, I have asked Gabriella to track the registration list, even though she is not coming.

    Let’s firm the following details;

    Date: Sat 26 April 2014 (Sorry, I have picked this date because I am flying off the next day.)
    Venue: Changi Beach Park
    Exact location: Carpark A, near BBQ pit 6
    Time: 1400 hours to 1800 hours.

    Terence Seah

  14. By the way Terence, let me help you remove one headache – I can do the co-ordinating of the food items. This is usually what I must do when I organise a potluck. Next step is to wait for the golden date as one of them coincides with a prior appointment.

    • Susan, thank you very much for your help to coordinate the food items. For this event, let’s focus on home cooked food, not bought items. Bought items no count.

      So, Susan, let the food fun starts. For non-food items, we can have someone to buy and bring them to the venue. We will pay for it.

      I forgot who it was, but I like to thank the member who has volunteered to online book BBQ pit 6. So, we will have a daytime BBQ.

      Terence Seah

  15. Well, if you are game for a picnic at Changi Beach park, come along. I would say, let’s target to have 100 people people come for this event. And, if you would like to bring a home cooked food as your potluck item, please do indicate what is the item.

    Let’s do all our discussions and planning here.
    This is a good way to know one another.

    Terence Seah

  16. Hi Lily, SusanT,

    No worries. We all have our own schedules, and I respect that.

    We will have this event, even if there are 10 of us. I appreciate members who encourage others to attend, even though they themselves do not attend.

    Please register here, if you are planning to come.

    Terence Seah

  17. Since its near my house I will try to attend (hope no last minute hindrance like lily’s potluck at the same spot) I will do some quiz and games with or without discount. but can only be there after 3 p.m.
    can’t cook so will pay to eat and munch…

    • I look forward to as many people as possible to attend the April gathering which is a picnic by the sea.
      Gabriella will do the registration, until just before she goes for her somewhere trip.

      And, if you are making and bringing along a potluck item, please let us know here.

      We are on the lookout for all kinds of entertainment. 20 mins for you, ok?
      For the many members who may not be aware, Frisna Tan is our famous and entertaining SilverHairsClub Seow Char Boh. She stars in the Seow Seow Channel.
      Keep in touch with this development.

      Terence Seah

  18. Aiyoh Lily, I laughed and laughed when I read your comment. I was actually tempted to tease Terence about his discounts.

    Terence, I will see if I can join your picnic.

    • Mary,
      There will always be smarter people. Lily is one of them. Actually, when I read her counter suggestion, I was thinking how to outsmart her. Well, we never know. I definitely look foward to seeing you there.

      Terence Seah

  19. This coming Saturday, i was hoping we will have a BBQ and picnic at the Changi Beach Park. Seems like our numbers are smaller, some like two for Lily Lim and myself.

    Come along Lily, we shall both enjoy the BBQ ourselves. There is a small convenience store, near our Pit 5. I shall get some charcoal, starters, and enough to get a BBQ started. Maybe some chicken wings for both of us. We shall have the wings Thai style, some oil and fish sauce with chilli. Enough to keep us busy.

    See you.

    Terence Seah

  20. I guess I am getting pressured into answering if we shall still have our BBQ cum picnic this Saturday afternoon. I have not been to Changi Beach park for ages.. For those who can make it, let me know if you can come. It does not matter if it is a small group.

    Terence Seah

    • Hi Dorine, Helen,

      Wow, at least I now have 4 people in total for a BBQ. The BBQ pit won’t be wasted.

      I hope more will come, so the chicky wings will be tasty. We will have slow fired wings, with no sauce on them. Healthy eating. Sauce will be separate.

      Let’s see how many will register last minute. It is ok, we all are busy. And the skies are tempting, the seas are strong too.

      Terence Seah

      • Seems difficult to attract members to a picnic BBQ at Changi Beach Park. I thought this would be a great way to have members meet new and other members, but I guess everybody else has their Sat afternoon tied up.

        We will still go ahead, don’t want to cancel it just because we are going to have 3-4 members coming. I just went to do some shopping, so you can be sure we are prepared for a chicky wings BBQ, unmarinated. We have cups, plates, chacoal, tongs, tissue, oil, a brush, starters, chilli sauce, a wire mesh, oil, skewers. Aiyah, we shall use hands, as the toilet is next door. You can take a bath before going home.

        If you change your mind, let me know.
        I was thinking nowadays many members register last minute, and we are now 24 hours from the event.

        Hope to see you.

        Terence Seah

    • Hi Helen, Dorine,

      Vincent and myself will pick up the chicky wings around 1pm. See both of you there.

      It will be a simply chat picnic.

      Terence Seah

    • Although we had many last minute turn-ups, I am glad to see many faces, and catch up with some new aned some old members. The BBQ was a great social event. I like it because the Changi Breach Park is big, has no chairs and helps us to move around. We will have another BBQ picnic.

      PaulK raised me an interesting question, as to why the initial turnout was poor. It appears that some members are unhappy and not turning up, have asked Paul to ask me why members are charged $10 if they do not bring anything. Seems the question at hand is, those who are bringing food, are already catering to 4 people. So, where is the $10 less $2?

      Hmm, some like we have a job for a maths teacher. I hope that those who feel likewise, please speak up. Don’t be shy. I like to hear from you, so we can adjust along the way.

      And luckily, the clouds flew over us for just a few minutes. We finished close to 8pm. It was an enjoyable gathering.

      Terence Seah

  21. Hmmm…
    Waiting for d next bbq n many more surprise turnout!
    Indeed a nice place..not too crowded n nice weather.. eat whatever whoever bring along n chat under d stars…

  22. Yea yea yea… Me too had a great time! Enjoyed the colorful life narration by a certain member.. No names mentioned here sorry… Those who were present know who!! Look fwd to next session.. And we will hv singalongs n beach games!!

  23. Gabriella,

    From the last BBQ picnic, I am beginning to find this outdoor activity excellent for a number of SilverHairsClub members. The fresh air, the sea breeza, the open space and plenty of standing space. The easy way of getting to know one another without chairs to glue our buttocks down.

    Although open space, plenty of privacy. And with a BBQ, the fire pit becomes the centre and venue for meeting new friends and chatting with old ones.

    NTUC is a excellent place to shop for our needs. Everything is there, from ground nuts to wire mesh to chilli sauce and fire starters.

    We will have another open air BBQ picnic soon. Maybe same place, and definitely a Sat late afternoon BBQ picnic. I am happy to see everybody finding their ground and finding close friends too.

    Terence Seah

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