SHC BBQ at Changi Beach Park on Sat 19 July 2014 (CANCELLED)

bbq4bbq3bbq2 bbq1  The last BBQ we had at Changi Beach Park gave us the impetus to hold another BBQ at the same place.

This time, we shall hold this event together with the Cycling group, led by Douglas Chan.
Douglas will provide the details in the cycling post.

The venue will be at the same Pit as the last. Not sure if it was pit 4 or 5. The car park is a few minutes to the pit. The bus stop is also a few mins to the pit.  Now confirmed at PIT # 5.

The BBQ at Changi Beach Park will enable members to mingle around, and enjoy the breeze and fresh air.

Meantime, please keep this date, Sat 19 July in your diary. I need someone to help me book the same pit as the last, as I am now travelling and payment has to be made at Sam Post.  Pit booking done.

Due to transportation difficulties, all participants to bring their own drinks, beer or coloured water.  You can bring your own mat or foldable chair, if you wish to sit down.

  • Cost per registered member:  $10.
  • Cost per non-registered person:  $15.

Please make payment transfer to Karen Thio at POSB account 207-31089-1. Let us know your transfer reference number.

If you can offer to help, please let me know.  Thank you.

Strictly for SHC members only.  More details to come.

Terence Seah

Registration list:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Douglas Chan (cycling leader)
  3. Christina Pan
  4. Ah Nee
  5. Charles Chua
  6. Dolly Lim (will buy meat for bbq)
  7. Grace Kok
  8. Hou Chong
  9. Judy Lim
  10. Lina Ng
  11. Lily Ho

17 thoughts on “SHC BBQ at Changi Beach Park on Sat 19 July 2014 (CANCELLED)

  1. Hi all cyclists

    Our July’s cycling event will start and end at Pit 5, Changi beach car park 3. Nicoll drive.

    There is a bike rental kiosk for those who want to rent bike.

    We may cycle down to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

    Please sign up here if you are joining for the ride as well as attending the bbq.

    The amount to pay for bbq will be announced by Terence, hopefully it will be a simple net amount.


  2. Hi Terence
    Please register the following members for this event :

    1) Douglas – cycling leader
    2) Ah Nee
    3) Charles Chua
    4) Dolly Lim
    5) Grace Kok
    6) Hou Chong
    7) Judy Lim
    8) Lina Ng
    9) Lily Ho

    We hope the other cyclists – novice cyclists, ad hoc cyclists, expert cyclists – will also come and join in the fun.

  3. Sorry I can’t make it or I’d have loved to marinate the chicken wings for you. Horrors when I heard your last BBQ the meat was going to be grilled unseasoned!

  4. We have just confirmed the booking for Pit #5 at Changi Beach Park. Just besides the bus stop.

    To keep the BBQ simple, every participant brings their own water or drinks.

    For the BBQ, we will get the BBQ items, accessories and parts.

    Cost per person $10 each.
    Cost for unregistered.: $15.
    We shall limit the number of participants to 40 paying pax to keep the BBQ manageable.

    We shall soon have the name of a treasurer and the account for you to pay to.


    Terence Seah

    Closing date: 14 July 2014

  5. The BBQ at Changi Beach Park, in conjunction with the cycling group monthly activity is on Sat 19July 2014. Apology, earlier I wrote 18.

    I hope this activity will bring a refreshing activity for members to chat with one another.

    Please make payment transfer to Karen Thio at POSB account 207-31089-1. And do let us know your transfer reference number. I have asked Karen Thio to be the Treasurer; Thank you Karen.

    I shall get the BBQ accessories. I would like to ask for a volunteer to buy one of the meats from the supermarket. No marinatating required. In preparation for eating in the while;. Sauces and oil will be provided.

    Do share your ideas.

    Please register here. Gabriella Chua will take your registration here.

    Terence Seah

    • Something which I always am concerned with; and that’s the pre-collection of money for events.

      1. Precollection before the event has its advantages, as we have learnt all the while in SHC events.

      2. Finding someone to help with collection is just as tough. Not just the time to track all payments. There are also many other reasons.

      I guess this is the fun when organising SilverHairsClub activities.

      Karen Thio has expressed she is unable to be the treasurer for this event. Well, we have to move on, and find another. If you like to volunteer, please let me know.

      It’s terribly sunny today.

      Terence Seah

  6. OK, Terence, I shall be the volunteer to buy meat from supermart… Let me know near todate how much is needed ok… Cheers…Dolly

    • Thank you Christina for informing you can come. This way, I hope to get a better feel of events and be able to tailor them for future activities.

      We try to organise activities where members get the opportunity to meet other members. A BBQ at the park is a great way because we can intermingle without sitting down. Having a gathering in a restaurant means sitting down.

      If you like the BBQ event and can come, do let us know. If you cannot, it is also nice to tell us your feedback. It doesn’t matter why you cannot come, but do tell us.

      Sometimes, members feel that they know the organisers or some friends, and decide to give a surprise by turning up last minute without registration. Please register here if you are coming.

      Terence Seah

      • Hi everybody,

        Our BBQ this Sat 17 July is now cancelled. Perhaps, BBQs no longer popular, or the date and timing are not right. Well, our BBQ pit booking has gone to waste, but it is good we decide early to cancel the event, or there might be some last minute turn-ups.

        The cycling group will be meeting elsewhere for their makan. Sorry about the change guys.

        Terence Seah

  7. Hi Douglas/Terence,
    I wont be able to coming for both cycling and BBQ as I will be tied up with other issue.

    Terence, please find another volunteer for the buying of meat…

    Cheers.. Dolly

  8. Hi all cyclists

    Since bbq has been cancelled, we shall meet at Changi Village Hawker Centre at 4pm for our usual cycling activities.

    Proposed routes : Loyang Ave, Old Tampines Rd, Upper Changi Rd North, Changi Rd North and Tanah Merah Besar.
    We will loop around the Prison areas and visit the Changi Chapel and museum.
    Dinner will be at the restaurant near the Chapel.

    Hi Terence
    It seems members are not in favour of bbq, what would be the response if it had been a pot luck.


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