SHC April Mthly gathering, Thur 23 April 2015

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The April monthly gathering will be held on Thu 23 April 2015. Please pen into your diary.

1. Date: 23 April 2015
2. Time: 1600 – 2000 hrs.
3. Place: Likely The Gallarie at Marina Square, subject to confirmation.  Venue confirmed.

Caroline Sit has provided some help directions info if coming by MRT:

  • If exiting at Promenade Station (Circle/Downtown Line), head for Exit A, go towards Millenia Tower escalator, turn left and head towards Coffee Club, go up the escalator and head towards Marina Square.
  • If exiting at City Hall Station (all other lines), go towards Esplanade and you will see Marina Exchange. That link you to Marina Square.

4. Open to all SilverHairsClub members, retired, semi-retired and still working.
5. Fee – No charge.
6. F&B – on your own.
7. Agenda: getting to meet new and old members. Other agenda will be announced; feel free to initiate your own agenda for members to discuss.

Please register your name here.  Groups can gather to discuss travel trips this year, mobile phone apps, and EO activities.  Speak out, it’s all up to you.

Discussion groups:

  1. Eurail 2016 – Terence Seah, 7pm
  2. Everything about Idiotphone Phuket 2016 and Peranakan culture –  Kenneth Tan
  3. Participating in iShop@SHC – Terence Seah, 6pm

Terence Seah

Registration list:

  1. Terence Seah, EO
  2. Caroline Sit
  3. Karen Phoo
  4. Frisna Tan
  5. Bira L
  6. Theresa Seow
  7. Lilian Teo
  8. Peri Liew
  9. Leon Lau
  10. Ann Lim
  11. Thomas Loh
  12. Ronald Lam
  13. Sam Goh Huat Huat
  14. Andrew Yeung
  15. Kenneth Tan
  16. Freda Lim
  17. Gingko Tay
  18. Zara Lim
  19. Daisy Yeo
  20. Bobby Bok
  21. Laura Wee
  22. Christina Chan
  23. Hew Lee
  24. Mary Chan
  25. Kent Chan
  26. Richard Wong
  27. Catherine Yeo
  28. Debbie Oh
  29. Oi Cheng
  30. Keep your registration coming.  Strictly for registered members.  No politics, sex, race, religion, direct selling and MLM.


47 thoughts on “SHC April Mthly gathering, Thur 23 April 2015

  1. If The Gallerie @ Marina Square is the confirmed venue, offer some directions just in case some are not familiar with the exits at the MRT stations:

    1 If exiting at Promenade Station (Circle/Downtown Line), head for Exit A, go
    towards Millenia Tower escalator, turn left and head towards Coffee Club (I
    think), go up the escalator and head towards Marina Square.

    2 If exiting at City Hall Station (all other lines), try and go towards Esplanade
    Exchange and you will see Marina Exchange. That should link you to
    Marina Square.

    Hope the above helps.


  2. Mostly quiet when I am there. I don’t keep a diary and so no records of my past visits but since the rats appeared, I have not been there. A pity, it’s a nice place.


  3. Thank you DaisyY, we shall now confirmed the Gallarie at Marina South as the venue for our April 2015 monthly gathering.

    As for May 2015, we shall use RonaldL’s suggestion of the venue. This will be the SMU Foodcourt, at the basement of Lee Kong Chian Library at the SMI. About 3 minus. Thank you.

    Terence Seah

  4. Whatsapp is very popular in Singapore, as an instant messenger. Some members have already started to use voicecalls via Whatsapp. This is indeed a cost saver, for those who have friends overseas. You can also call home for free, when you are travelling.

    For the coming April monthly gathering, those of you who would like to share your knowledge of Whatsapps, as well as other messenger programs, please share your knowledge of the new Whatsapp voice call.

    Terence Seah

  5. A news update on the April monthly gathering has been sent out this morning via Whatsapp. If you have not received this msg, and would like to receive news update via Whatsapp, please update your membership profile.

    Terence Seah

  6. About WhatsApp voice call. It is not exactly free. Like text messages, you are subject to data charges on a data plan. And this varies for connections between different countries. Perhaps we can do a comparison between the costs of mobile phone call (SIM card) and WhatsApp call (data charges) to see if it is worth the while. Quality wise, there is a compromise as cyberspace bandwidth is shared with many.

    If there is a free Wi-Fi available however, then why not? We can chat with our loved ones instead of ding dong messages. The Telco top brass are cracking their heads now. They must get a share of the pie. Wait for their announcement. Meanwhile enjoy WhatsApp while it lasts.


  7. I have not used Whatsapp in Europe. if you have experience using whatsapp in Europe, please share how you get a local sim card and any idea of charges.

    Terence Seah

  8. Hi Terence,
    Please register us for this monthly gathering on 23 April. Thanks
    Frisna Tan, Bira L, Theresa Seow, Lilian Teo, Peri Liew, Leon Lau
    and Ann Lim.

  9. During the April 2015 monthly gathering, I would like to allocate sometime for those who wish to join the Eurail trip to Europe in Oct 2016, at 7,00pm.

    For members who wish to join other travel groups, feel free to form a table during the monthly gathering.

    Terence Seah

  10. I am trying to upgrade an IPHONE Whatsapp, as the new version can do voice calls. But, I cannot seem to find the upgrade software button.

    If you have an IPHONE 5, uses Whatsapp, please advise. Or I may have to wait until the monthly gathering to find out. Nobody I know seems to know how to upgrade Whatsapp.

    Terence Seah

  11. Hi chief & all ,
    Pagi n hope everyone is a okay ya….
    Should i be free …pls chop a seat ya…
    Also ,if i am coming will plan a event on homestay in johore
    Much much much zillion times betta den last time…
    Will ve shopping massage & lettings off big fire crackers to welcome those joining de trip..opps almost left out. Makan near de jetty with orang asli living around ya…
    Bro sam huat

  12. Hi Andrew,

    TQ info on whatsapp and Iphone. I am using the Blackberry for whatsapp, and I must say the TALK functiions works well. Getting ready for Whatsapp in Europe.

    Terence Seah

  13. Sam,

    There are numerous times you say that you will be meeting up with us. But, in almost 100% of the time, you had failed to turn up. You did not tell us. When I saw your comment this morning, I thot we shall give you one more opportunity. Look forward to seeing you.

    Terence Seah

  14. I will join this monthly gathering for the Eurail trip to Europe in Oct 2016, at 7:00 pm.

    I will come a bit earlier than 7:00 pm, please register me, thanks

  15. Wah… I must join this monthly group…everyone is turning up…out of the woodwork!
    Please bring your smartphones as there will be a demonstration on how to use WhatsApp Calls…unfortunately I’m using my idiotPhone which does not have this function yet… Can I use my FaceTime…? What the heck…we’re meeting face-to-face aren’t we?
    I must join a travel group discussion…nothing like talking about a trip some time in 2016… Maybe we should buy travel insurance just in case the trip doesn’t materialise… Naughty me… But we should buy a currency futures contract as the Euro is set to soar!
    Must end here or there will be nothing else to talk about at the meet!

  16. The monthly gathering can be beneficial, if you have a topic for discussion. Let us know, and we put you as the leader of the discussion topic.

    As starter, I am doing the session on Eurail 2016 at 7pm. After joining the group, you can join the Whatsapp discussion group on the same topic.

    I shall also doing a session on iShop@SHC at 6pm. This is for those who are starting a business in online shopping.

    Kenneth is coming, and members who are interested to discuss Whatsapp and other instant messenging can join him at his table. Ken, please give a time, so members can see you as appointed.

    I hope this spurs more members to meet and share their interests topics. Finding travel partners, dancing, cooking, home pot luck, etc. All up to you.

    Terence Seah

  17. Alamak! How can I share on WhatsApp Calls when my IPhone doesn’t have it yet?

    OK, I shall instead share on my Phuket travel plans for 2016… Yes, 2016…around February.
    Anyone interested, especially those who want to experience Phuket Peranakan culture on a grand scale, please talk to me. Time? Anytime I’m there!

  18. I am not able to attend the meeting as my new term starts 20 April. I would like to share some info concerning DATA in general and WHATSAPP in particular.

    WHAT can you do with 2 GB of data per month?
    You can do ANY ONE of the following,
    1. Exchange 800 songs (MP3),
    2. Exchange 6000 images (JPG),
    3. Exchange 1 million text characters,
    4. Exchange 1000 mins of video (MP4),
    5. Browse 11,000 web pages
    6. Browse 17 hours of YouTube video (Standard Definition),
    7. Browse 7 hours of YouTube video (High Definition),
    8. Voice chat from 30 hrs to 100 hrs, depending on the Mobile App used.

    WhatsApp typically gobbles up 800KB of “voice-data” per minute and this enables you to enjoy 45 hours of yak yak yak per month. Besides WhatsApp, there are 14 other Apps that let you do voice chat, each with a different appetite for data crunch.

    (Note the above figures stated are estimated guides. Allow variations of + / -10% due to other technical factors)

    Now, do not forget that, in real time, your 2 GB is for the various uses (1 to 8) above. It is unwise to use a smart phone just for text messages. Unused data for a month cannot be carried forward to the following month. Extra data consumed is subject to a charge.

    When forwarding an article, an image or a video to 10 people in a chat group, your data usage is multiplied by 10. The Telcos should be thankful to the many social medias, including but not limited to WhatsApp.

    Many of my senior friends hardly use up 1 GB of their “2 GB” plan. Strangely, some Telcos start with a 3 GB plan for Internet surfers.

    On the other extreme, youngsters can easily use up 10GB per month burying themselves on games, songs, video and YouTube. At $10 per GB for the extras, their parents will have to fork out additional $80 for a “2GB” plan. Notably, Telcos are “very kind” to put a cap on the amount they charge for extras.

    I believe there is at least one Telco that permits data sharing, e.g. a grandfather and grandson each with a 3GB plan share 6GB between them.

    Finally….do not confuse 4GB with the 4G network. The former refers to the amount of data allotted to you based on your subscription rate. It is similar to the hard disk capacity except this is “on air”. The latter is the “Generation” of the network, which among other things; define the speed of data handling and transmission.

    Happy surfing….and chatting,

  19. Hi Terence,
    Thank you for organising. Please register my name & I would like to know more about your Europe tour next year. Thank you.
    Bobby Bok

  20. Hi Terence,

    Wow! interesting talks lined up…
    I will join your session on Eurail 2016 at 7pm.

    am interested in the Peranakan culture sans Phuket .. hehe
    Should I be able to get away from work earlier hope to join your talk, too.


  21. This month’s April monthly gathering is held on Tburs 23 April 2015 at the Gallarie, Marina Square. This venue has been suggested, and we are trying it for the first time. For some members, this venue may not be convenient especially when the work place is way North, East or West. There is convenience as train stations are nearby.

    Come join the monthly gathering. If you have a topic, you may let us know so a group can be formed. An announcement on Whatsapp has been sent to all members; if you do not receive this announcement, please let us know.

    Terence Seah

  22. Kenneth,
    Phuket Peranakan culture sounds interesting. Will this include Peranakan food?
    Regarding the Whatsapp voice call, does having whatsapp mean that one can do voice calls? I already have whatsapp on my android phone.

  23. Dear Terence,

    I happen to browse through http://www.SilverHairs periodically and came across your monthly meet-up on Thursday 23 April. It looks like the venue, time and location seems OK. Therefore, please mark my attendance. Hope to foster and renew good ties, goodwill and bonds with all of you beautiful and happy people and members there.

  24. Halo terence ,

    Okay cfrm ,me coming for this mth gathering…
    Looking foreward to meet all mine old old buddies ya….

    Hi Richard wong ,
    How life kicking ? Hope u re fit n strong ya….
    See u besok ya….
    Bro sam

  25. Hi Terence,
    I had login for Cathrine Yeo and myself for this April 23 gathering.
    Catherine name was missed out from the register.
    Please kindly check, thank you.

  26. Hi Sam Huat,

    I am glad you are making a last minute effort to come to the SHC monthly gathering. I make a timely return back to Singapore, some 7 hours before the meeting. I look forward to your morning call.

    Hi RichardW and many others,
    I look forward to seeing all of you this evening. And for others who have not registered to come, it is never too late to catch up with good old friends.

    Terence Seah

  27. Last night, at the SHC monthly gathering, RonaldL shared that Whatsapp now allows voice chat between Samsung Android and Iphones. I was also happy because my Whatsapp on my Blackberry works very well now.

    Give it a go, it will save you tons of money if you contact overseas regularly.

    Terence Seah

  28. To the Ladies who I was supposed to show the way to Promenade Station (Circle Line). After going to the toilet, no one appeared after that. I was waiting for you all outside as I was not going to the toilet. Was talking to Kent and after a long while I went to the ladies’ toilet – no one was there. Small matter – maybe some miscommunication along the way – hopefully all of you found the way to Promenade Station.

  29. Deat Caroline….

    Indeed – we waited 1st on d same floor than go down another floor to look for u n i rang Laura as i do not hv yr contact , as its about 5 of us so we decided to proceed to city hall station. Ok kopi on me… Where is ur office can hv quickie lunch…email me at…..

    Sorry to hv i waited.

  30. I was seated with Kent Chan just outside the passageway leading to the Ladies on the same floor as the Food Court. Anyway, we shall arrange lunch and kopi – looking forward to it.

    In the banner picture, which one are you and which one is Laura – getting old……….cannot remember.

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