Another Equities Sharing gathering in May 2017

Following the last Equities Sharing gathering on 1 Apr 2017, there have been more requests for similar gatherings. The interests range from very basic like “Starting a share trading account”, to “how other members are performing” to the usual “Tips”.

Yes, we can do another gathering. From the last event, I note that members wish to know who are the speakers. We do have issues with getting a venue, as participants have indicated not wanting to pay for the facility, and prefer to just buying their F&B from the counter. And, I see requests to have free F&B to listen to speakers. Sometimes, I am not sure how to have someone organise these activities, provide a free venue, provide audio and projection facilities, provide snacks and drinks and get value for money. We have always difficulties convincing F&B venue owners to let us use their place, for a token purchased drinks. Ok, so much for all the stumbling blocks.

Any suggestions? If you can provide any of the above facilities, please let me know. Let’s look at May.

Terence Seah

3 thoughts on “Another Equities Sharing gathering in May 2017

  1. To all interested members. Alternatively you can join as a member of SIAS for $12/month. You are invited to attend free seminars (no worries of looking for a venue
    and facilities. sometimes refreshments are provided). and subsidiszed investment courses. website is You can get to hear from the experienced “experts” in
    their own speciality. Of course use your wisdom and do your homework before plunging in to invest in a stock

  2. terence
    if u need a place, i can book my condo function room
    jus let me know the date, i will check whether is it available .
    can msg me privately if u wan to know more detail.

    stella sheng

  3. For members who have been tracking the stock markets, you are invited to join the SHC Whatsapp Online Trading (equities) group 2. Contact +65 9489 4360 to join the group, which will start this weekend.

    In recent days, Wall Street is clearly affected by uncertainty over intelligence information from the White House to the Russians, the dismissal of the FBI director and the likelihood of an impeachment.

    Come join the discussion with fellow members.

    Terence Seah

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