Dear all ,


helping first time EO Doreen Cady to post. Hope to see lots of you old timers n new members in this Special Monthly Gathering. Its special because
1. the place is new
2. Doreen Cady is a fantastic event organiser
3. There will be new way of introducing members and…

I will be there to make u laugh!

Yes, we will have fun n games. Register quickly before all 60 seats are snapped up!

DATE:28 Sep 2017 (Thu)
TIME: 1800~2100

VENUE: Big Street restaurant n bar.
Corner of jalan Kelantan/jalan Besar
(Exit B Rochor Mrt DT13. Bus 23 64 65 66 67 130 139 147 857)

FEE: $28, paid by 24 Sep for buffet dinner n entertainment by EOs.
Early bird: $25, payable before 18
22 Sep 2017 12noon.


Plse make payment to Chris Chan POSB Savings Acct 542-10756-1.  Kindly indicate your payment details — date, time and amount.


6-630 registration n introduction

630-730 dinner

730-800 games

800-830 humor n seow2  time

830-900 fun n chatting continues. Maybe sing-a-long

Register here….

  1. Doreen Cady (EO)  — Pd
  2. Robert Cady — Pd
  3. Frisna Tan (co-EO)  — Pd
  4. Winnie Tan (Registration)  —  Pd
  5. Christina Chan (Treasurer)  —  Pd
  6. Charles Wee  — Pd
  7. Maria Tan  —  Pd
  8. Christine Neo  —  Pd
  9. Gabriella Chua — Pd
  10. Amy Yu  —  Pd
  11. Terence Seah  — Pd
  12. Joan Ang  —  Pd
  13. Laura Wee  — Pd
  14. Ng How  —  Pd
  15. David Low  —  Pd
  16. Richard Lean  — Pd
  17. Steven Chan  —  Pd
  18. Helen Cheong  —  Pd
  19. Janie Leong  —  Pd
  20. Robbin Lim  —  Pd
  21. Barbara Ong  —  Pd
  22. Susan CH Tan — Pd
  23. Marge Tian  —  Pd
  24. Krystal Lam  —  Pd
  25. Lydia Poh  —  Pd
  26. Doreen Chan  —  Pd
  27. Nina Choo  —  Pd
  28. Tony Ang  —  Pd
  29. Jimmy Ibrahim  — Pd
  30. Stella Sheng – pd
  31. Ray Quan – pd
  32. Yatsing  — Pd
  33. Ronald Lam  — Pd
  34. Jean Kiang  — Pd
  35. Rosalind Howe  — Pd
  36. Bobby Bok  —  Pd
  37. Pat Oei  — Pd
  38. Linda Chua  — Pd
  39. Marie Chong — Pd



92 thoughts on “SEPT MONTHLY GATHERING Thu 28 Sep 2017

      • Hi Doreen, Frisna and Winnie,

        I am very pleased to see you coming up with the Sep monthly gathering. To make sure the date is in my diary, I shall arrive in Singapore in the morning of the event and leave the next day. We can all have a fun and long evening.

        I dont see the bank account to be paid into, but shall do so tonight to enjoy the early bird price.

        And I look forward to catch up with participating members.

        Terence Seah

        • Hi Terence,
          So pleased that you have re-scheduled your busy time to be with us in this September Monthly Gathering.
          Our POSB Account number disappeared in the above notice but we are arranging for it to be typed in. Here’s the account number: Payment to Christina Chan POSB Savings Account No: 542-10756-1.

          • Hi Terence Tq for making it back. Now Doreen n I have to put on our thinking cap to make the event REALLY fun n memorable

  1. Hello Doreen, Frisna & Winnie,
    This looks an interesting and fun event. Please include me in the Gathering.
    Payment will be made soon.
    Thank you and looking forward.

  2. Hi EOs
    I’ve transferred $25 for the event to the acct number given… done at Atm machine in Chai Chee (ref 0376). Kindly ack receipt.

    Thank you …

  3. Hi Frisna and Winnie

    My name has disappeared from the registration list. I m concerned cos I’ve paid up yesterday (see above).

    Kindly check and ack receipt of the fund transfer.

    Thank you!

  4. Hi All . Don’t know what happened but have restored the Register List. If any name still missing please alert us here. Tq n my apology

  5. Hi LauraW & DavidL,

    Welcome to Sept monthly meeting/gathering.
    Noted that you have made payment. I am on the road, so will confirm later.


  6. Dear Participants,

    Catch this offer quickly before the day draws near!
    — Early bird: $25, payable before 18 Sep 2017 12noon.

    A note on payment:
    I am “mobile” most of the time; so will not access bank to confirm payment regularly.

    It is norm — **once payment is made; kindly indicate ONLY here in this event posting: the date, time & amount. This is for transparency purpose and to match/trace payment, these information is crucial esp for payment made through ATM machines.

    via ATM – keep the receipt for verification, if needed/requested.
    via iBanking – indicate your name upon effecting payment.

    Thanks much,
    The Treasurer

  7. Dear Members,

    Gentle reminder:
    Early bird: $25, payable before Monday 18 Sep 2017 12noon. 😀

    Once payment made, do indicate in this post.
    My next confirmation will likely be Tuesday night, if not earlier.

    Callin’ All members…….
    If you are a new member, make this your 1st event !!
    If you have been inactive for some time… do come!!
    It is easy peasy….. 5-6mins walk from said MRT!

    Look forward to seeing more members join in the fun and laughter! 😀


    • Dear Richard,

      havent seen you for a long time!

      Thanks for your notification, believe it is via ATM. Do keep the receipt just in case 😀 though normally should be alright.

      I will update latest by Tuesday.

      See u!

  8. Hi EOs,

    Kindly register Helen Cheong.
    As she has requested, I will make payment on her behalf tomorrow b4 noon as am outside.


  9. Hello EOs,
    Please register Barbara Ong for the event. She will arrange payment before early-bird deadline tomorrow (noon) and she will advise payment details.

    Thank you Barbara. Looking forward to your presence.
    Cheers, winnie

  10. Hello Christina,
    I have made payment of $25 on behalf of Barbara Ong this early Monday 18th Sept morning (1.30am). Ref:. 4051 via POSB online banking.

    Thank you.
    Cheers, Winnie

  11. Welcome to Christine Neo.Richard Steven Helen Janie Robbin Barbara. Looking forward to meeting all of you n have fun!
    Robbin my email frispjt @yahoo. com

  12. Payment received on 17 & 18September as follows:
    Richard Lean
    Janie Leong
    Robbin Lim
    Charles Wee
    Barbara Ong
    Christine Neo
    Amy Yu
    Susan CH Tan
    Marge Tian


  13. Hi Doreen and Frisna
    Thank you for organising this monthly gathering
    This is my opportunity to know old members; happy members
    From the names, I knew only a few members
    Is there any chance to pay at the discount rate of S$25.00
    after realised at 12.44pm today
    Was too busy over the weekend
    I may have to give a pass if it is not allowed
    Apologise for the inconvenience caused

    Doreen Chan
    M 90070660

  14. Hi Chris , I done a ATM trf $28 @ 6.08pm 18sep2017 without printslip somehow ( fm POSB 084xxxxxx1821) . Kindly cfm receipt pls . Thanks & Rgds ~ Lydia Poh

  15. Dear All
    We manage to get the restaurant to extend timeline, hence our early bird of $25 is also extended to 22nd Sept. For those members who intend to participate kindly pay by then or else its $28 afterwards.

    P’S. Lydia, will refund u $3 at the gathering. OK?

  16. Hi Frisna, Christina
    Thank you so much
    I have already paid S$25.00
    Your transaction has been completed.
    Please note this transaction number for your records: 19298671596
    Recipient Name Chris Chan
    Transfer Currency and Amount S$25.00
    Doreen Chan

  17. Hi
    Doreen & Frisna

    Such a great event and early bird date extended. Sure to support .
    Money $25 already transfer to our Honourable Treasurer ChristinA Chan p.o.s.b saving acct. this morning.

    Looking forward to meet old and new members this event.

    Cheers !

    Stella sheng

  18. Hi EOs and Christina,

    The following members will be attending the 28th Sept (Thursday) Monthly Gathering. Please register their names. $75 remitted to Chris Chan’s POSB Account this evening (20th Sept at 11.45pm).

    (1) Jimmy Long – Paid
    (2) Nina Choo – Paid
    (3) Tony Ang – Paid

    Cheers, Winnie

  19. “Time flashed by fast when we were having so much fun”

    Dear All

    My decision to accept to organize this September gathering at the “spur” of the moment was done with the knowledge I would have reliable and efficient assistance from Frisna, Winnie and Christina. They kept up with the day to day
    registration and payment while answering questions which was not an easy task sometimes.
    I truly appreciate their great efforts.

    The success of the evening was the fact that all of you came to support SHC and had fun, spontaneously participating in the games, but also all were catching up while at the same time meeting new people.

    We were so fortunate to have the surprises for the “Lucky Draw”

    Let me take this opportunity to thank the following sponsors

    Winnie Tan – Christmas Fruit Cake and Blueberry Muffins for lucky draw
    Susan Tan- lucky draw items
    Robert Cady (Stage Club) – 2 complimentary tickets to “Absurd Person Singular” (12th October)

    In general so far there has been a great deal of positive feedback, such as the place was cosy and food was good.
    As always with such an event ” you cannot please all of the people all of the time” .

    Thank you Frisna for the jokes, I now know why they call you “Seow Seow”.

    If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve future event lets hear it from you here.

    Doreen Cady
    p.s. Seriously I am not a shareholder of the restaurant – hahaha (not joking).

  20. FYI – if for a monthly gathering whether 10 or 40 you want a casual hassle free and no fuss or stress get together, you can order food from the menu and pay individually however need to inform Erin to make reservation for you.

    Doreen Cady

  21. Thank you Doreen and your very capable team members. I had a fantastic time and genuinely laughing at Frisna’s seow seow channel. Will remember this wonderful event for quite some time.
    Laura Wee

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