Certificate in Tours & Travel Services For Tour Leader

Terence, this is not advertisement but a SkillsFuture Credits for those retired or semi-retired or like me, thinking of retiring and don’t want to be idling around and hope to try our hands on new venture.  After all, most members are into travelling so this could be an interesting subject to learn too…

Dear Members,
Rosalind Lee had actually shared this in SHC FB Page and felt that it would be also good to share this info here.

The above is 2 days and best still, Eligible for SkillsFuture Credits.  From the poster given, this seems to be an interesting course for some of us to attend.  Understood that there will be session on 27-28 Sept and subsequently 7-8 Oct and 14-15 Oct respectively.

I wish to attend this too but not on weekends as I have other family commitments to attend.  Any others to join too?  All current dates given above, I am unable to attend.

All details are listed in the posted attached.

Thank you and cheers… Dolly

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  1. Hi Dolly,

    We shall give this a go.
    Please lead or guide members through. Non-members names or contacts are not allowed to be listed on this forum. Only advertisements can have the contacts listed.

    Terence Seah

  2. Thank you Dolly for posting. I am sotong dunno how to do it.

    Terence, I saw this poster on Facebook and I am not making money out of this by sharing with friends hor.

    I’ve already registered for the 7th to 8th Oct session.


  3. I just googled STB website.


    Only 3 service providers are licensed to conduct the tour guide course.

    There are currently 3 WDA Approved Training Providers (ATOs) to conduct this programme. Please contact the ATOs for the course fees and course schedules.

    ??Tourism Management Institute of Singapore (TMIS)
    Website: http://www.tmis.edu.sg

    ?Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business
    Website: http://www.scciob.edu.sg

    ?William Angliss Institute Pte Ltd
    T: 6637 9855
    Website: http://www.angliss.edu.sg

    • Thank you for the further input. I will wait for Rosalind’s feedback after she attended this course on 7-8 October 2017 before I can check further as currently too busy with home and work errands.

      Cheers… Dolly

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