A review into Eldersitter and carers services for SHC members

Yesterday, we had a very successful SHC monthly gathering.  As usual, i met many groups.  And i pick up a very suggestion from a few ladies.

The SilverHairsClub members are getting old. So, are friends and family members. and, of course, so am I.  At the same time, many of us are stll working or busy with grandchildren.  The view is SHC has many members.  Why cant we get into self-help.  You help me today, i help you tomorrow.

A simple and real requirement is “Going for hospital appointments”.  How many of us face difficulties sending our parents to hospital for an appointment.  And, short of depending on our children and maids, we will need someone to help us too, one day.

There is also another group, discussing eldercare services.  Unfortunately, costs are high in Singapore.  even travelling, food and time.  all thiese are details, and we can discuss in details,  For some, we see opportunities in earning some income, being an eldersitter or service provider.

Preference for SHC members.  If you are interested in being an eldersitter or carer, join the discussion on whatsapp.  Send “Join SHC carers” at +65 9489 4360.  Tell me in 50 words, your the service yo can provide and your experience.

If you do not get a reply within 2 days, it means your application is not accepted.  Only serious applicants will be accepted.

Share your thots here. What do you think/ How can we help ourselves?  How can we group the strengths of SHC? What is your experience?

Terence Seah

2 thoughts on “A review into Eldersitter and carers services for SHC members

  1. Terence,
    Based on my experiences taking care of my dad whom had already left us 3years and as well as currently for my mum now – Only one word tells all : HARD!!!

    I cant speak for others but to be elder sitters and carers, it is not as easy as just to bring them to hospital check up or pushing a wheelchair in some departmental stores to get some fresh air. The basic fundamental that these sitters and carers must have is a caring heart and hv all patiences needed for these elders and not just for pay sake.

    Taking of elders is very much difficult than taking of toddlers and children as the latter will just need feeding done and sleeping most of their time. No complaints from them as they dont know how. But for elders, they had lived long enough to know the word “Complaints” and to them, so long, as these sitters/carers are being paid, they have the rights to demand and/or authorise. In short, they will be more vocal in their demand, this is especially true in the case of my mum..

    My sister (right now, taking care of my mum is her main responsibility) ever told me that while she can go to the far extent to take care of my mum but she is definitely sure that she cant apply same to someone not familiar with even if she is being paid.

    My read is for those seriously thinking of taking up this challenge, then, it would be better to get more details from hospital and other foundations whereby there are some hands-on courses to get each to be more equipped.

    That’s all I can share at this moment of time…. Dolly

  2. Hi Terence,
    I shared and agreed with what Dolly wrote and experiencing. It’s no easy tasks.
    There is a vast difference between taking care of your parents and another senior. I help out in guiding in hospitals. There are happy, sad and stressed moments.
    Be equipped, prepared physically and mentally, know your clients condition before taking up any assignment, then Go…

    Yoon Chin

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