SHC trip to North Thailand, 3rd week Nov 2018

This year, Loi Krothong is celebrated on the 23th Nov 2018 which is the full moon of the 12th Thai month.

The travel period will be 8D 7N, with Loi Khrothong included. This date is very romantic, and the plan is to celebrate the occasion in Chiangrai. Participants will get to loi a floating Krothong along the river and watching it float away. There will be fire crackers, fireworks, floating upwards lighted lanterns and a Loi Khrothing dinner. I hope members will be able to dress traditional thai costumes during the evening.

Our trip will start from Chiangmai city 1N, up to Chiangrai 2N and the Golden Triangle 2N and Chiangmai city 2N. We are planning to go to Doi Angkhang and Doi Mae Salong. An overnight in a tent is also in plan.

The rainy season is over, and weather is cool. Beautiful sceneries, mists and clear skies. This period is the most romantic time of the year in Thailand.

Guys and gals are encouraged to come join this trip which also aims to help you evaluate living in Chiangmai, Chiangrai and Northern Thailand.

All participants will buy their own return airtickets. Dates will be decided based on airticket prices. Meeting and departure point Chiangmai airport.

I hope this trip will bring members closer together and getting to know new and more friends. Strictly for SHC members only.

If you are interested to join this trip, please indicate your interest here. There will be an early bird pricing, which will be announced in June. Good to find your room mate asap.

Terence Seah


  1. Terence Seah (EO)
  2. Stella Sheng
  3. Susan Sia
  4. Charles Wee &
  5. Mr Teo
  6. Gingko Tay

5 thoughts on “SHC trip to North Thailand, 3rd week Nov 2018

  1. Hi Terence
    please register me in this november trip and update me for the date so that can book now for air ticket.
    Booking early is cheaper

    Cheer !


  2. Hi Terence,
    I and a friend, Mr. Teo tentatively would like to participate in this Nov trip to Chiangmai ,Chiangrai and nearby Golden Triangle. Please keep me updated.

  3. Hi Terence,

    Thank you for initiating this North Thailand trip. I am registering my interest. Would appreciate advising exact travel dates for planning purposes.


  4. Hi Gingko,

    Loy Krothong falls on Thur 22 Nov 2018.

    The exact dates Hage not been fixed; but it will include Loy Krothong day. I am awaiting the first group to be formed and confirmed. And subject to scoot availability, the exact dates will be decided.

    I believe the first group will be formed soon, and then the dates decided.

    Terence Seah

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