Medicines, health products and medical accessories – a discussion

Hi everybody,

I would like to start a discussion, and would like to hear from you.  What you do and your experience can help some of us decide where we can get our medications, health products and medical accessories.  Do not discourage the discussion with what you think is improper or even illegal.  But, if you have experienced any good or bad, then, that’s it, we should hear from you.

Here goes.  Cheaper or better?

Many seniors and elderlies suffer from some long term sickness.  We see a doctor, get a prescription, and we get most of our medication from polyclinics, private clinics, general hospitals and specialist medical centres. For some of us, the medisave allocation gets used up, during the first appointment with the doctor during the area.  Some medication is expensive, and requires life long consumption.

Where do we get medication, especially the specialised and expensive ones on a continued basis?  We can also buy generic medication, instead of original branded medication.

Where do you buy your medication?  Do you go get them from JB, KL or Thailand? Numerous pharmacies in JB.  Or do you get them from India, where there are lots of generic medication. Or you try sourcing them from the US and Europe.  Give some examples and price comparisons.  Have you good experiences or bad ones?  Share with us your experience and observations of differences.

Again, please do not discourage anybody from sharing their experiences or recommendations.  Be open, and expensive does not mean they are always good or the best.

Terence Seah 


41 thoughts on “Medicines, health products and medical accessories – a discussion

  1. Please feel free to join this discussion on cheaper medication and where to buy them from. Do you go to JB Pharmacies?

    Be open in the discussion and do not discourage forum participants.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi Terence

    We can always tell when we’ve reached that “ripe old age” when every conversation turns to health, medication and, as in the next post, medical talks!

    Yes, I do venture into JB to buy some health supplements, a little med like painkiller/muscle relaxant for my nagging neck ache, eye drops, some antibiotic creams. But nothing serious needing a prescription… so I cannot comment much on those. I do know of many who buy their high-blood and high-cholesterol, pills, etc. at quite a difference in price. Oh yes, I get my prescription glasses done in JB; got a good optician at great prices.

    So, anyone wants to go to JB on a medication buying spree? I don’t mind going but I usually cconcentrate more on the food and my favourite kaya toast, coffee and kampong eggs!

  3. halo ah terence hiah ,

    i , ve buying de ubat for my old age dementia mom from 1 of de johor phamrcy ..yes , it a great $$$ different from getting it from sg…

    back home , our home soil , 1st ve to get de bladdy doctor
    prescription letter , den a visit to never come home (new changi hosp ) here again u ve 2 q up for registration den a q nos given n u kwai kwai wait long long for yr turn..

    after secure de ubat , u again q up 2 make $$$ payment…
    if , u re lucky engf within 45min all clear…
    back den in johore..i need no moment i step in de front door , i am approach by 2 swee swee & tua liap nee
    staffs..being a regular there ..they now me jolly well..
    need no prescription ,queue no question ask..
    my mom ubat cost me couple of hundreds in spore..over there
    i ,spent minus 2 to 3 hundred hor…
    need no branded 1 lah….my mum low koon ( doctor ) ve checked de ubat…no problem arise lei….

    so hiah ti jie mui ( bro & sisters ) ,
    if respone if good ..den we may go inwhack de food like kenneth massage lor….

    ssm huat huat huat

  4. I have gone to JB to buy Biogesic and Panandol and they cost the same as in Singapore except that in Malaysia, I pay about RM1.80 per slab while here, I pay S$1.80 per slab. I bought a lot the last time so it lasted me a long time. The price may have gone up a little by now but still, its much cheaper to buy in JB.

    My sister and her friends go to a dentist there who is good and charges much less than what they have to pay in Singapore.


  5. Hi Terence
    I go to JB to buy my hypertension medication. So far I have taken for 4 years and no problem encountered.
    I also like to highlight a matter about medical insurance.Recently 2 of my contacts tried to claim insurance but was turned down. Thie first was my close friend whose daughter had a fall but was not hospitalised but given medical attention at A&E. The insurer told her as long as not hospitalised, cannot claim insurance. The second was a close relative who was diagnosed with Stage 0 breast cancer. Again, the insurer told her that the cancer not “invasive” so she cannot claim for the radio therapy , biopsy, etc…I was so shocked as most of us have some form of medical insurance. But because we did not read the fine print or just ignorant of the wordy insurance terminology, we just bought the policy and hope it will cover us when we need it. But low and behold got so many clauses against us. So I am wondering how many of us have been “hoodwinked” into buying such policies?
    That’s my sharing and concern.


  6. Hi Kenneth, Caroline, Sam,

    The medication you bought in JB are common stuff; yet, they are so much cheaper than in Singapore. I guess the ones bought by Sam are more specialised medicines.

    Has anybody gone there to get hypertension tablets, diabetic medication, heart and liver medications, etc; something more long term; and maybe where do you usually buy them from?

    It’s sad to see such price differences between two close cities.

    Terence Seah

  7. Hi Laura #5,

    While I agree there is fine print to read, we should point out who these insurance companies are, and what are the policies. If we keep quiet, the insurance companies will just take seniors for a ride. Publishing small prints are no excuses for them to get away. Good that you have pointed this out.

    Besides what you have mentioned, there is also the issue of not being able to claim from more than one insurance companies; so why buy from more than one.

    Thinking alound, has anybody got a Malaysian health insurance policy.

    Terence Seah

  8. Hi ALL,

    Gd pm … There are certain things we need to know about Health Insurance be it Private or enhanced shield plans… If there’s any interest at all, I can set aside some time (weekend preferably) to cover some of these aspects via Q&A’s.

    As for buying of “MEDICATIONS” from JB please be mindful that OTC products (similar to those in Singapore) will not get U into trouble at the Singapore customs check-point. If the medications are listed as Schedure 3 or 5 (PS: U can buy most of these products OTC in JB)then U need a prescription to show if not then the customs will retain “ALL” that U bought and ask U to collect from (HSA) Health Sciences Authority at Buona Vista … if U can show them a prescription fropm a medical doctor in JB.

    Many of U cud possibly be buying from JB for many, many years without any problems … but if suay, suay, this happen it’s a lot of hassle and U will be very upset to lose what U paid for. Just the other day one (hau lian) Singaporean boosted that he has “never” encountered any such problems for years… and that same day he experienced exactly this problem. If U need to know also how to avoid the GST then U know (what I mean?) don’t leave the sticker with the prices but get the retail outlet U bought the medications to write a receipt (I think U know what to say…)

    It’s better safe than sorry … Cheers!

    Yours truly,


  9. I suggest don’t anyhow buy or pop pills
    How much can you save
    ..if toxity is high it may damage your liver and you end up paying more at a later date
    Our body are make such that we can recover when we rest and drink lots of water to flush out toxins
    I supposed I am blessed with a good gene…pop less than 100 pills in my lifetime, never have fever for the last 20 years, flu..always recover within a day

  10. Haha!

    I think the next group of SHC members going into JB to buy medication will be marked by the customs. Make sure you have a prescription for your medicines as Benson highlighted. And also GST implications…

    Laura @ 5

    Yes, many medical insurance plans need you to be hospitalised before any claim can be made. Many Shield plans also have limited cover: co-insurance, deductibles and schedules of operation type all limit the amount paid out by insurance companies. On top of these, there are further complications if you opt for a different ward class than what is provided for in the policy.

    As seniors, we are further disadvantaged by rising premiums, racking up to thousands per year especially if we opt for enhanced plans and other riders. I really think that the government should implement a compulsory health insurance plan to cover every Singaporean. Until then, we will have to just keep paying and, worse, losing our cover as we age…

  11. I have been taking medication for hypertension since I was in my 20’s and cholesterol + calcium for the last 15 years. It cost me about $66 a month from my regular GP clinic. Even I try to get two month supply of medication the cost is X2 ($132). There was no savings even I do not see the doctor or take extra month medication.

    For the last three years I began to visit the Polyclinic, the cost come down to $102 (same brand of medication) for three months. Sometime they give me 4 months of medication and the average cost per month is about $28. I understand the medication will be cheaper if you are above age 65.

    I never want to risk my health for a few dollars especially for long term medication. In fact it would not save you much (if there is) even if you bought your medication from JB as compared with Polyclinic. However I do agreed that you will save quite a sum if you compared with the local pharmacy or GP clinic.

    Please do take note of the risk you are taking in regard to the quality of the medication if you bought it from some unknown pharmacy store in a foreign country. Packaging can be easy done to look exactly the same as the original product.

  12. Hi Steven Ng,

    You still have hypertension now? After all these years? With your new unlaxed lifestyle, exercises, cycling, walking etc? Are you sure? Did you go for another checkup? Get another opinion? Take care.


    Can give a shout when you next plan to go to JB. Will follow you. Maybe can make new glasses.

  13. I was born to have poor gene. Since young I have to allocate certain portion of my time to healthy activities to manage myself physically. Every three months I have a checkup by a specialist in the FPC of a polyclinic. How lucky you are, Charles.

    I still remember during my ICT I was appointed acting section commander (actual commander never turn up) and in the midst of the battalion exercise I was demoted to the ration party as the medical officer discover that I was not combat fit for the appointment. He dared not take the risk even I volunteer for it. Subsequent ICT I end up as a documents checker in the Bde HQ just to complete my ICT requirements.

  14. Don’t speak too soon. Some of us think we have less ailments only because we do not go for checkups.

    All of us know our bodies are deteriorating, much like an old car.

    So not sure if it has anything to do with jeans. What type do you wear? I got Emco and Leens.

  15. Hi, I’m working as a medical ultrasonographer, i Bought some high cholestrol medicine “crestor” from JB Watson for my friend, the price in singapore is $3 per pill and JB is selling about 1/2 the price, for long term treatment , one can seriously save a lot of $$$, in spore need prescription to buy and JB no need.

    so far, a lot of my patients are also getting from there.

    just to share.

  16. Hi Grace #15,

    Thank you very much for sharing your buying experience from JB Watson. It is true there are ways to buy cheaper medication in JB. While I may not have noticed you contributing to the club forum, your comment is encouraging, and I hope more members will share their buying experience of buying medication in JB.

    Many well-to-do Singaporeans tend to take the view that expensive is good and genuine. Anything cheaper is less effective, illegal and even dangerous. Like with most products, we sometimes see brand names as better than generic names.

    I do hope to hear more members contribute to this Post by sharing their experience on generic medication as well as brand names, bought in Johore.

    Sam, thank you too, for your contribution.

    Terence Seah

  17. Hi Grace,

    Are you comparing the price of local pharmacy or GP clinic with JB Watson? From my experience if you get the medication from polyclinic the price difference will be very slight, if there is.

    If your friend is taking long-term medication for his/her cholestrol, personally I think it will be prudent to take it from his doctor especially they will need regular monitoring. Of course if want to save money, go to a polyclinic especially if they are more senior, the medication will be much cheaper and it may be cheaper than going to JB.

  18. Hi SHCians,

    Singapore is a food paradise. Most kinds of cooked food are not only affordable but delicious as well. Many unintentionally succumb to food aromas and eat as if there is no to-morrow as in Singapore there is not much other avenues for entertainment. Our country is very small and overcrowded and with so many ERP gantries installed, we really can’t enjoy driving through our city roads without having to pay and pay. Maybe, it takes less than an hour for one to make a round loop drive along the very short circumference of our island Singapore. That’s it. So we cannot “jiak hong” in our leisurely drive through Singapore as the ERP gantry system is geared to hit drivers’ pockets where it hurts!

    While we are readily seduced by cheap, quality Singapore food from various cultures, Chinese, Indian, Malay, and lesser known ones like Thai and Vietnamese, we must be mindful that we have to eat rather sparingly as many of us are already very elderly. Our digestive systems have aged and we should not take excessive snacking for granted. A lot of our elderly have already somehow been stricken by chronic illnesses. While continuing to take our regular medications, we have no choice but to eat less and exercise more to avert probable future health disasters like an heart attack or stroke.

    Eating less and exercising more seem to be the option left going forward. Such can gradually reduce our need for medications for chronic diseases which can lessen as time goes by as designated by a doctor after consultation.

    Qigong for the elderly is highly recommended to reduce blood sugar and bad cholesterol. Let us not kid ourselves
    that even with ongoing qigong exercise, we need not change our bad eating habits.

    With a marked improvement in health through medical tests and screenings in our Polyclinics after our determination to change our lifestyles for the better, doctors in attendance will definitely recommend us with much reduced medications resulting in huge savings for us. Isn’t this far better than shopping for cheaper pills, some with dubious healing effects, from JB?

    I am not looking for a quarrel with anybody, especially so with my brotherly and sisterly members attached to SHC. But still in the final analysis, change begins with us.



  19. Hi fellow SHC members
    I am not here to scare anybody but beware of fakes.
    The world is getting more dangeerous partly due to the advent of globilisation. Now there is a free flow of products across countries thruogh the access of internet
    At one time fakes are mainly centred on branded goods like handbags, shoes, apparels which does not much harm except somebody’s pocket. Today fakes market has transformed into something much more sinister.
    Recently there was a documentary on TV about FAKES.
    To prove a point, the feature writer checked in the internet for Web sites which advertised for drugs. After placing for orders and making payments, he received the drugs within about two weeks. He compared the genuine drugs and the fakes, it was most astounding that he could not find the difference.
    By all means, if one is sick he has to seek medication. But one has to be sure that one does not get fakes.

  20. Hi Robert

    I totally agree with you that we must be careful and not buy fakes when it comes to medication.

    How can we tell? We can’t, until something goes wrong and it may be too late. Death is bad enough in this case, but to slip into a coma or whatnots is nightmarish.

    Terence, I think you are missing the point about brand names and generic names, conveniently overlooking fakes.

    Glad Robert brought it up and Steven has mentioned about the prices when bought from Polyclinic which sounds good to me.

  21. It is interesting that some of us see that anything less than “bought in Singapore” are fakes. I would think that for Singaporeans, many would think that anything that is not the original brand, is a fake. Yet, as I read through, no one can tell the difference.

    Is a generic medication a fake? Millions of people around the world have benefitted from low cost cancer or HIV medication. These are generic medicine, produced by well-known manufacturers in India, Thailand and Chinese. Just like a CD which we buy from JB night markets, we call it a fake, because it is not copyrighted. Yet, we can play it on a DVD player. Would we rather die because we cannot afford expensive branded medication or would we rather live, with cheaper generic medication.

    I am rather impressed that many Singaporeans have found their own sources, where to buy their medication, in JB, which are cheaper or generic ones. This has led me to ask members to share their experiences of members who have bought medication in JB.

    Again, if you have bought medication in JB, please share your experiences, cost and even where you can buy them.

    Terence Seah

  22. Hi everyone,

    I too had bought medicines for high B/P, high cholesterol etc and can say like all others that the drugs are cheap in JB. I went with my doc’s prescription. If one is a member of the healthcare profession, flash one’s card, one gets a 10% discount.

    I no longer buy from JB. I get mine from the Polyclinic. Reason being, too much hassle going by bus and I had to get a friend to accompany me always.

    Fyi, the pharmacy used to be among a row of shops just beside the Sentosa Supermart ( a road seperates the 2). Hope it is still there for you when you need to use it.

    I am now buying my drugs from the PolyC out of convenience. I pay much more than what Steven Ng pays cos I chose to be looked after by a regular Family Doc. The Q is also shorter.Happy with the current service.

    Steven and others using the PolyC, enjoy the heavily subsidized medications currently provided by the Govt.

    Geok Suan.

  23. Hi Geok Suan and other JB sojourners

    Yes, there are a couple of pharmacies along Jalan Keris/Jalan Sutera just opposite the Lian Hoe Complex/Taman Sentosa. The well-known one is Jackie’s, run by a once Singaporean pharmacist.

    Better than that, there’s the famous paper-wrapped chicken restaurants, Teck Sing and its rival, Restoran Bamboo next door. There are other eating places along that row too.

    So, anytime you go to JB for medicine, do take some time off to check out all the exciting food places.

  24. And the Bak Kut Teh with Ah Yee Bing is very nice.

    How can I forget that Bamboo Restaurant’s herbal chicken! Nearly got fined or jailed for the birdies 🙁


  25. In Spore, u need to have a prescription for cold medicine Polaramin b4 they sell you. In JB no hassle; no need prescription easily available from any of the pharmacies.

    The fish DHA capsules are much cheaper here than in Spore and easily available at Apex Pharmacy at grd floor City Square. And NOT to forget the delicious Hokkien thick black mee , mamak soup kambing and BBQ stingray fish along the food stalls of jln. Meldrum. 🙂

  26. halo buddies ,

    try venture out further of jb…i got my mum medicine make in msia brand ..she been taking it for yrs liao…in jb more for de sporeans customers..just like steven chan got it from city square apex…u will see price different hor…

    hit de public bus from larkin bas stn 2 masai..alight @ masai bas stn abt 1hrs damn pretty safe 1…there is 1 local shop..selling damn balddy cheap lah….

    sam huat huat

  27. cold medicine Polaramin

    singapore only less than $5 for a pack
    if go JB just for cold medicine…is it worth it
    the express bus + from your home …to and fro already cost $6

  28. Alamak!

    I can go JB using public transport for only S$0.87! Of course you need your senior citizen EZlink card for this.

    And I go makan and jalan besides buying some medication… which is secondary to me as I do not have any prescription drugs to buy.

    But I think that you can get a better deal in JB considering the number of respondents who agree.

    Oh yes, the pharmacy in JB will return your prescription so you won’t need to get a new one next time. And no prescription needed for Polarmarin; so that’s a saving!

    Now, can I get back to the food….

  29. Hi Caroline (#4),

    Do you have the details of your sis’s dentist? I need to do a root canal, very costly in Singapore.

    Dorine Tan

  30. Hi Dorine

    My sis did a root canal there before but My she is currently out of town. Will check with her and let you know.

    I emailed the Makota Hospital in Malacca regarding implants and dental treatment.
    There was a write up on this hospital’s services in the Mind Your Body which comes with the thursday ST a couple of weeks ago. Supposed to be much less expensive than Singapore. However, the price quoted was MR8000 for a single implant so its not so much cheaper. My dental surgeon charges 3k+ and we can use medisave so its not worth the trip.


  31. Hi All,

    Just sharing info, what most of us are not aware of.

    Recently, I was at Nuh’s Eye Clinic for a follow-up eye check and the Consultant’s assistant told me that my eyes are ready for the (picking) or Cataract Op. As a subsidised pt,she also said that I can choose the Doctor to operate on my eye. My response was that if I upgraded then all my subsequent treatments would cost a bomb from then on. She explained that I am allowed to choose any Doc for the Op even if He is a Senior Doctor then revert back to subsidised status after Op.This is good News!!

    At the financial counselling station,I checked again with the Nurse if what the Doctor said about being able to up-grade just for the cataract op then down grade again and Nurse confirmed it is the latest Surgical practice ( only for Op).

    So all SHCians, be aware that this priviledge is available for subsidised patients in Public Hospitals when the need arises. Ask and be well informed.

    Geok Suan.

  32. Understand that P K Ng @13 and Geok Suan @22, you are taking cholesterol medicine. At which point of your diagnosis that you started taking them?

    When I first had my medical screening some 15 years ago, my LDL reading was borderline and over the years, it has been climbing to way past desirable level.

    Despite doctors advice after every screening, I have put off starting on medication as I am not a pill popping person and moreover, once on, will mean I have to continue for the rest of my life.

    Would appreciate if anyone who has been taking such medication share with me the effects or side effects after taking them.

  33. Hi Oi Cheng,

    Some few years ago, I embarked on a cholesterol medication, after much resistance. I guess we all try to avoid any medication; but I like to share one doctor’s advice. Cholesteral medication, like many other medication, has been around for years. If you have tried reducing prawns, cuttlefish and laksa, and have not been successful, take the doctor’s advice.

    I did since then, and the blood tests show it all.

    Terence Seah

  34. Oi Cheng #33

    It is very difficult to meet you nowadays and you write on this thread that is equally difficult to access. Terence have removed the link at the bottom of each comment for us to reply quickly.

    I am a heart patient who is suppose to take Statin drug everyday to keep my LDL to below 70.
    The statin drugs gives me cramps, especially after each golf game in the hot sun. My fingers can lock-up and I cannot even hold my cutleries. I have to wear sleeves that compress my forearm muscle when I play golf. Luckily it makes me look more intimidating at the golf course.

    There are some facts I found out over the years.
    1. People with higher cholesterol lives longer than people with lower cholesterol.
    2. More people with normal cholesterol die of heart attack than people with high cholesterol.
    3. If the plague deposits in your arteries reaches 90% blockage, most likely you will experience angina which will warn you to have treatment. So you are forewarn before a heart attack.
    4. A healthy person with low cholesterol reading and have negligible plague deposit can have heart attack when the plague is ruptured without warning.
    5. The plagues in your arteries rupture because of stress, both physical stress or mental stress.
    6. Physical stress is what I got 6 years ago when I jog at a pace more suitable for man 20 years younger.
    7. Mental stress is what you see in the movie, where a parent hears their unmarried teenage daughter is pregnant and they make a big spectacle and die holding on to their chest.
    8. So it is the health of the inner lining of your artery that is important to prevent heart attacks.
    9. No doctor has been able to tell me how to look after the inner lining of my artery.
    10. Only one American vegetarian doctor advocates that a vegetarian diet will strengthen your artery walls but I find it difficult to swallow.

    So I try to enjoy myself and take satin after each meal of pig trotters.

    For you, I think the best solution is to join your hubby in his marathon runs, but do it slowly please.

  35. Hi Terence and Tian Soo

    Thank you for your replies.

    I have no other health issues except for my high cholesterol, so I say to myself I can live with it.

    I started going to the gym about 3 years ago to keep fit and hopefully, to bring my cholesterol level down. It remained high.

    My intention to do a basic screen at the Polyclinic was to check the level of my cholesterol before I start taking Hypocol, then do another screen three months later to see if there is any improvement. However, the result alarms me that it has risen from 5.72 in Jan 12 t0 6.39 mmol/L. Desirable level should be less than 4.

    Perhaps I should just start taking Hypocol and doctor told me too that the amount of statin in it is minimal, so it may not help me very much.

  36. Hi Terence! A few members knew about this as we’ve been communicating via Facebook regularly.

    On the night of the ‘Arabian Night’ at @ 10.45 pm, I had chest pains. It got worst when I reached home @ 11.30 pm and my husband took me to Changi General Hospital A & E Dept. Before leaving home I took 2 anarax.

    The waiting was tiring and it wasn’t so much because there was a big crowd but I believe it was because there weren’t that many doctors on duty.

    Anyway, I had 2 ECGs done and the result showed I had blockages. I also had an x-ray done on my chest area. The attending doctor wanted me to go through a blood test but by then it was 3 + am and I was sooooo sleepy. By then the anarax had kicked in and I no longer felt any discomfort. I went home but returned to the hospital the following morning to have my blood test. Oddly enough, I was given the impression that all was well and no further medical attention or medication was given to me.

    My 2nd daughter felt that I needed a second opinion and she set up an appointment for me to see a private cardiologist. The doctor put me through ECG, Echo and CTscan and before I could even digest what his diagnosis was, I was told I must have an angioplasty done asap. I had travel plans the following week then and because the doctor said the procedure is safe and that I could travel, I went for it.

    I had 90% blockage on my right artery and it was on the top part of my heart. After the angioplasty, the doc said he had to put 2 stents as there was another blockage midway along the same artery. He said through the angiogram he could see minor blockages here and there but that they could be treated with medication.

    I have always been pretty active even at home. I just cannot sit, stand, lie down or walk for long hours during the day. The most shocking thing I discovered from this episode is that I have high glucose level; high cholesterol and high blood pressure! Aiyoh 3-in-1 like my favourite Old Town Cafe coffee!

    I recovered very quickly from the angioplasty – now medical science super efficient and was able to travel without any problems. The worst is my having to avoid sugar in my diet, cut down drastically on intake of red meats and seafood. Wahhhh so many types of food cannot eat! I also have been advised to eat 6 small meals a day. Ya lah, eat like bird because the medications I was given had directives like ‘before food’ and ‘after food’.

    Someone said that we all look healthy but because we never or have as yet gone for check up, we do not know what is wrong with our health. All the years of eating whatever we like plus the stressors of life will put a strain on our bodies.

    Go for a checkup please.


  37. Hi Rosalind #37,

    Facebook is a great social happening. I hope you are better now. Must say your writing does make us all feel vulnerable.
    Take care.

    Terence Seah

  38. Ros Dear, I was very happy to know that you are up and about.

    I had a scare last week too. I had pain around my heart and chest area, nausea and headache – symptoms of heart attack patient. Took my time and went to the polyclinic. There, they did an ECG for me and blood pressure test. The doctor told me everything was ok but he cautioned that ECG does not tell everything and referred me to CGH. Told him I will take a cab but he said its safer to call an ambulance. And there, I was “trolleyed” into the ambulance and I shut my eyes cos I was so paiseh as I felt fine.

    At CGH, I was put in the observation ward. The doctor took some blood samples for tests as I found out that with these tests, they can determine if I am a heart attack candidate. While on the bed, waiting for my tests results, I started to plan for whatever I time I may have left. I wanted to retire, travel round the world, and eat whatever I fancy. To make friends again with my “enemies” – it was a long list.

    Almost four hours later, the doctor came and told me its probably muscle cramps and everything is fine. So what I want to do with my life now – its status quo.

    I agree with Ros that we should go for regular check ups. At least, now when I feel the pain, I have no fear of a heart attack coming on.

    Health is Wealth! Take good care of whatever is still working 🙂


  39. #39 Carly,

    Carly I already made an appointment to see a cardiologist from the National Heart Centre through Bedok Polyclinic. My appt will be in November. I can govt subsidy for the consultations/medications/tests there. Private doctors too expensive lah and although one will get A-class service, I feel the fees are way too pricey.


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