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  1. Terence, I had already explained the meaning of ‘blessed’ in my early related posts for Freecycle, ie in the reading glasses post.


  2. Hi Terence,

    After be with SHC web site for, I think about 3 plus years, and also have opportunity speaking to you on few occasions, I have seen how the SHC members made their postings, sometimes even stretching the boundaries of SHC rules. I marvelled how you could still keep the house in order, even sometimes allowing some hot air surfacing now and then. I understand it is a tough and unpleasant job to have to tell people they are overboard or stretching the boundaries too far in their postings. At the end of it all, you still have to make those unpleasant decisions.

    To avoid recurrence of these types of issues, you may wish to consider a list of words or phrases not recommended in any SHC posting in a separate link page? This may help you in the mean time, since now you do not have a volunteer on modulating any postings and you are managing the web site, currently, alone.

    The advantage of SHC is that you have quite a substantial number of members, though we know there are some passive members, some are shy to write or come out to network, or not knowing how to use the Internet. But you know there are interest groups networking within SHC sharing and spending their time together and conforming to your guidelines.

    Internet is a powerful tool. With it, you can use it as a feedback whether on this post or email directly to you to consider. Since you are the owner of this SHC web site, you have to make the final decision on all the submissions and come out with the final list. After all, under the rules of the Internet, the owner of the web site is accountable to everything that is posted.

    How about that, let’s do it.


  3. Terence, as a recycler on Facebook, the term ‘bless’ is commonly used as in ‘blessing others’ with items that are in good condition and reusable. The recipient who responds to the item posted is thus blessed to have something he’she wants without having to pay for it.

    Hope my explanation combined with Dolly makes sense to you. :p


    • Hi Rosalind, Dolly,
      I am not familiar with the use of the word “blessed” in Facebook recycle. I shall have a look at some facebook examples to understand its meaning.
      Meantime, please carry on.

      Hi Hew Lee,
      Our system has hundreds of words that can trigger a post or a comment into moderation. Until today, I dont really know what all these words are, or even why they trigger the comments or posts into a queue. Usually, when some posts or comments go into moderation, they trigger a a ping on my handphone. I will then have alook and release them if I see no issues.

      From time to time, some words are sensitive, and I would put them in the blacklist. And again, if no issues, they will be released. I am not anti-religion or anti-politics, it’s just that I have set the rules right from the beginning, so shall keep to it.

      Yes, any sensitive words, simply mention it on this forum, and my guys will add them into the blacklist.

      Thank you.

      Terence Seah

  4. According to the Macmillian Dictionary, the word “blessed” is used to emphasise things that make you feel happy or grateful because it is just what you need.
    Synonyms – cheerful, exhilarating, heartwarming, good, pleasing, joyful, satisfying, uplifting, joyous.

    Nothing wrong using it here.


  5. Thanks DanielC, Rosalind, Dolly and Hew Lee,

    I agree with you on the use of the word “Blessed”. In the context as used by Dolly, it is appropriate to use this word in this forum. I was limited in my thoughts when I read through the Post.

    Great guys to have your guidance.

    Terence Seah

  6. Hi

    The first time when someone told me that she wanted to ‘bless’ me, very naively, I thought it was related to something religious. By the way, this friend is a very religious person and I can’t help but misunderstood her real intentions. She gave me $100 for my helping out with some work, etc. I didn’t want to accept her money as I did it on a voluntary basis.

    She said I could ‘bless’ someone whom I think may the money. I took the money and ‘blessed’ 2 needy families. That day, I learn a new meaning in the word ‘bless’.

    In fact, I have been a fortunate recipient of many blessings that came my way. Recently, many fellow SHC’ians showered me with their love and onward blessings to my immediate family members.

    To all friends who have blessed me in every way, thank you for your blessings.


  7. Hello Kenneth,
    Kamxia to cheo takers for this. But now, dont need liao cos owner decided to post at other sites for takers oredi lor… Nevertheless thanks for the effort.

    In view of this, this item is closed now.

  8. Hi Dolly,
    I helped out with a few dog rescue agencies. Purely Adoption founder told me she do have a need for this dog cage. So if it is still available, can I arrange some one to pick up at your convenience. I have been busy with stray dogs and my adopted Jap Spitz thus have not found much time for SHC activities. But I enjoyed the various forum exchange and know I will get more involved when I truly retired.

    Guess who quote this ” Until a man love and care for a pet, he does not have a soul”
    From a renowned scientist who to me is also a humanitarian and philosopher.


  9. Aiyoyo Leon,
    I am not sure if the owner had already blessed this out to other as I just told her yesterday no taker from SHC. Nevertheless, will check and advise you later.

    Cheers.. Dolly

  10. Hi Leon,
    I wrote you an email so Sockie need to clear this dog cage away asap so would appreciate that you can contact us so that we can reserve this item for you since it is a for a good cause. However, if we do not hear from you by tomorow after 2pm, we will pass over to the next on the queue.

    Anyone out here who hv the contact of Leon, perhaps you can help to pass this message to him.

    Best regards,

  11. Hi Dolly and Sockie,
    Sorry for the late reply. I dont log into SHC website frequently.
    The founder of Purely Adoption, Estella has collected the cage. Check out the website and see the great work she done for dogs. The cage will be used for dog rescue. Too bad she is still many year aways to qualify for SHC membership.

    Thank you for the cage again.


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