Travel Bag to be blessed

Travel bag

This travelling bag (inclusive of long strip) was given by a friend but I have no use for this and would like to be give out to any members here. Please let me know if there is any keen takers for me.

Priority will be given to those that those put their comments here.

Hope to hear from you soon… Cheers.. Dolly

PS: Collection at Bukit Panjang or I will be at the cycling event this Sat..

3 thoughts on “Travel Bag to be blessed

  1. hi Dolly

    I have lost my password and have problem logging to SHC for a long long time. I just registered a new ID as requested by Terrance and saw this post. is it too late that I wish to have this bag.

  2. Hi Sylvia,
    This item had been blessed to a SHC member and thus closed.

    Hi All,
    Normally, I wont wait too long for responses from SHC website as I cant afford to stock too many items at my little small HDB flat – Currently, as cited by my parents, I am like a garang-kuni charbo with things lying around the bedside area. So as far as I am concerned, at most, I will leave them for 7days before I re-post them at other recycled websites for takers which the turnaround times are much faster and items almost blessed instantly.

    As far as I am concerned, SHC members had the priority once I post here before the deadline.

    Losing of password and/or problem logging to SHC (especially for those pioneer members) are also not my areas of concerns unless I am informed earlier via email or thru other means of contact – Pardon me if that sounded rude but I just want to make my stand of this clear.

    Those that via email for blessing, please read the latest comments for the respective items and should in the situation that I had indicated closed, please do not send email to request for those already given out items – As at times, due to many emails recd from other recycled sites which I am in now, there might be circumstances that I had missed replying and thus misunderstanding occured for being iresponsive.

    Best regards,

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