Monthly Cycling – 22 March 2014


Hi Cycling Buddies

Our first cycling event for this year is 0n 22 March 2014

Meet up at : Burger King – ECP
Time : 1600 hrs
Route : TO Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay
(cycling will be on PCN and pedestrian paths)



1. Dolly
2. Karen T
3. Judy L
4. Tony Ang
5. Andrew

Joining Dinner
1. Lily
2. Yew Kwong

7 thoughts on “Monthly Cycling – 22 March 2014

  1. Thank you Douglas for the never ending effort in this cycling event. I always enjoyed cycling whenever time permits. I will still continue to do so whenever i can do so… So next month, where to go this time…

    Also for the great company that were there last Sat….


  2. Hi Douglas

    Thanks for Leading the group for the fun ride. I always enjoy the sea view along MBS & along Garden by the Bay .

    Looking forward to the next Labrador Park Ride which is very near to my house !!

  3. Hi Dolly n Karen

    Thank you all for joining.

    We will have a new segment for newbies or for those who want to cycle but don’t know how to cycle ,

    Grace has volunteer to teach and share her cycling experiences with beginners. Thank you Grace.

    Come, we will teach you and it’s free. Bike will be provided.

    April 26. – Lorong Halus – Punggol waterway.

    May – Labrador Park.


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