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Hans is an OK place to have our monthly meetings but I yearn for a place with notebook computer access. For lack of a better place I am recommending our members to do an online petition to persuade our founder to use Scorebot for our next meeting as it has internet facilities. While it’s seating capacity is limited it has enough standing capacity to create an informal  and cosy atmosphere.  Our founder is reluctant to do so because of conflict of interest but if members can persuade him in this thread I am sure he may reconsider! Our founder feels "pai sei" or awkward as he has a vested interest in the prosperity of the outlet but as long as we get a fair and good deal I strongly feel its a win -win situation for all parties.If unconvinced I would suggest we use it as a base and hangout for members until we are able to find other suitable places with internet access and than we can rotate and come back to Scorebot on alternate months or use it in lieu of unavailability of suitable locations."What say you fellow SHC members?"…support a good cause!

In the meantime any suggestions for other suitable locations with internet access? Is anybody a member of any country club who can negotiate use of one of their outlets or unutilised ballroom for one of their slow nights since it is a weekday usually.

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  1. Hi Patrick and everybody,

    I am reluctant to use or suggest ScoreBot as a venue for our functions, for two main reasons. Firstly, the owners had intended it as a trading/traders cafe, and has trading/investments as its business. Because of the high risks associated with trading and investments, as founder, I do not support its activities for SHC members. Secondly, Scorebot is relatively small, and cannot meet the needs of our gatherings.

    However, I have always been looking for friendly venues, which can function as a lounge which members can sit, have tea, dream and chat, create hobbies and ideas, without the owners of the venue breathing down on us and reminding us of noise, and the need to buy special F&B packages. F&B is not something we want to spend time on. Meeting new friends is our objective.

    Yes, I did mentioned I have recently acquired an equity stake in ScoreBot, together with Shirley Wong and KT Wong, and the original Scorebot owners. Perhaps, this explains why I am not too keen to continue the Flea marts at Bali Lane as well as other hobbies and small gatherings there. Because of possible conflict of interest, I am not keen to promote ScoreBot as a venue for our use.

    I am surprised that Patrick Khoo makes this annoucement. I treat my investments as confidential, and separate from SilverHairsClub. As you know, I support small business opportunities for all members, and that if members develop their own small business, noting risks, I am all support, as one pursues meaningful their SilverHairs years.

    Here’s a clarification, probably the last I shall say on this subject. Scorebot is run as a business. To avoid misunderstanding, if you wish to use ScoreBot, please speak with Shirley Wong. And if you wish to discuss investment/trading issues, please discuss with KT. And, if you discuss SHC issues, then we can have a discussion.

    It is my wish that the venue will offer a flexible lounge concept for SHC members to meet and make new friends.

    And, finally, I hope I will be able to profit and make a couple of hundred thousand dollars from this investment for my retirement years.

    Terence Seah

  2. Why INTERNET access? Business tools or on-line games?
    In any case, it is hellava distracting.
    I hate to talk to a person who divides his attention between me and the LCD screen. No choice if he is my boss but I believe those days are over. Lets have it simple. Just meet and chat.

  3. Hi Patrick,

    Allow me to pen my thoughts that your above idea in proposing SCOREBOT as the venue for monthly gatherings is not feasible, as SCOREBOT is more apt for small impromptu meetings/talks.

    Do agree with Daniel that it’s pretty distracting to chat with someone, whose eyes is focused on the LCD screen tho!

    With the increasing number of SHC memberships every month, it would be wiser to scout for a venue that accomodates more than 150-200 pax, equipped with reasonable F&B costs.

    Above is just my modest view.

  4. Hi Patrick,

    With the number of people attenting the recent monthly meeting, I am only worried that ScoreBot will collapse under our weight. Hahaha.

  5. Hi Terrence ,
    sorry for my BIG MOUTH and indiscretion…Got Drunk and High on COKE again
    as usual Nice Guy(well intentioned) but badly executed and mess up again!
    I hope damage not to severe..and you can still buy me curry.Will make up for it by bringing Vodka or Gin for the next adjournment or Whiskey (your favourite drink) if I can find on my liquor shelf.Let’s close this thread and use Terence’s posting regarding new places to hang out.

  6. Knn, Patrick, you kena caned by yr wife again huh? Cant take revenge on her, so to vent it out, you’re asking folks to do an on-line petition? If you wanna be a rebel rouser, tim ah liu will ask his benglas to rouse you till you go erotica infinita, hit by a motorcar, see stars as you cry out to yr papa mama……………

    Seriously, 129 of us (plus 1 who was supposed to hv quit) attended the recent get-together. This is only the beginning and we will easily breach the 200 mark in no time. Even including sitting on the Scorebot tree branches and atop the bus stop outside, Scorebot wont be able to hold so many people without chests rubbing breasts, not forgetting the room your 2 tool-bags you usually lug along, will take.

    Since the Thais hv taken over Beach Rd, the Indians count Serangoon Rd their territory, the Chinese throng at Geylang, Filipinos at Orchard, we might hv to settle for the spacious but sparsely occupied Changi Terminal 3 which has air-cond at no costs. The only problem is, we need a special permit to make the noise we’re all so comfortable with and have come to enjoy at Hans.

  7. Hi all at #6,

    Tim is right to say Scorebot wont be able to hold so many people without chests rubbing breasts.Ha!Ha!

    Scorebot is far too small a venue to hold 130 pax. It would be another crowded “pasar malam” and everywhere you want to move forwards or backwards,you have to say excuse me,execute me.LOL.

  8. Hi Terence,

    I agree with Daniel C re distraction. I, too get very annoyed with people on their computers while trying to hold a conversation.

    Why would we want internet access when we are suppose to be mingling to make new friends and catch up with old ones.

    Patrick, I thing you are very “wu liao” lor. With so many people, I dont think we can squeeze into Scorebot.

    Scorebot is ideal for small groups attending talks or chit chats.

    My personal views.

  9. Hi. May I give my 2 cents worth? Is it not possible to use a People’s Association (PA) venue? The Bt. Timah CC has a Chinese restaurant. The CC has a large open space & also indoor space. And best of all, parking right next to it (Sundays free parking?). Gotta check that out.

  10. Hi Florence,

    Do you have an idea what kind of arrangements one can have with the PA venue? Give me some ideas, of what you have done there before. We need to keep looking for bigger places, near MRTs and public transport.

    Terence Seah

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