My bold adventure bore fruit in my 2nd attempt when I predicted 3 numbers in Row 3 for the last TOTO draw on 15 July actually came out 3 numbers. Since I did not provide the actual numbers there is no guarantee that you would have won even if you did follow may advice but I believe I shortened the speculative odds in your favour.

Let’s see how I fare in horse racing today with 3 VAL-BETS(value in winning chances with decents odds).


They are rACE 4 NUMBER 3 BAY OF ISLAND…Race 7 number 4 EQUIENCE…and Race 9 number 2 VILLIAN.

As a bonus I am throwing in the best forecast for the day in Race 11 even it shall not count in the VAL-BET tally in my adventure in racing Investments. The forecast in Race 11 should be on number 8 with number 2. The names are Maple Star and Grecian Choice . Maple Star is favoured to win the race and Grecian Choice can possibly upset at odds paying  a decent payout

I wonder if I was plain lucky in my TOTO speculation or that is some methdology to my theories…waiting for the knives and guns around the corner. I don’t mind getting hit by super soakers , paint balls or poop gun…let’s discuss.

Can horse racing make money? I will try to buck the trend

I made a tip on a HKG race last week and the horse was not in the top 3. As all of you in SHC know my knowledge of Mandarin is a big fate zero. My copy and paste of my HKG tipster friend shud be authentic as some parts are in Mandarin. Since this is the last day of the HKG season this tip is only for a matter of interest and we will serious R.O.I analysis only for HKG races later in the year. I have had a favourable start with a 1.68 return for my VAL-BETS but the average return is 1.05 to 1.2.

Here is the text from my friend with his R.O.I for his HKG season

Dear friends,
This is the last raceday of the season; I would like to thank everyone for their support of sum shui.  Excluding this last raceday, sum shui was given out on 82 Hong Kong racedays.  A 1 point bet on each sum shui will result in a total of 87.25 points, for a return of +7.72%.
Sum shui will be back in early September for another season of Hong Kong racing.
My sum shui for Wednesday is R6#4 Mr Vigorous ????. In other words he made the equivalent of SG$436.25 from an investment of  SG$410 (not counting the result of today’s races).Please note that his bnets are based on single win bets of HKG$10 and dividends are based on HKG tote. I am tabulating the points based on SG $ equivalent to make it easier to understand. My friend is a pro making a living from investing in horses and he provides one free tip per race day to his mailing list as a means of advertising.
Happy Punting,

Decorative Magnets on Refrigerators …are they a health hazard?

Decorative Magnets on Refrigerators

A number of researchers at Princeton’s University have discovered
something scary!.

For several months, they were feeding two groups of mice: the first
group with food kept in a refrigerator, and the second group with food kept in a
refrigerator as well but with several decorative magnets on the door.

The objective of this experiment was to see how electromagnetic
radiation (that coming out from the decorative magnets on the door)
affect food items. Amazingly, rigorous clinical studies stated that
the group of mice that consumed the “radiated” food had as much as 87

% higher probability to get cancer than the other group of mice.

Inexplicably no Governments or health associations/institutions have

given any statement on this regard. However and just in case, is
recommendable  to remove any decorative magnet from  refrigerators,
and put it far away from any food.

Kindly pass this information to your contacts. I guess this is not proven. Any thoughts from any experts out there?


Patrick Khoo’s observations

Ref to Tim Liu’s comments…

I like the way the way you distort facts…refering to my mother’s private parts in Hokkien cannot be dismissed as simply "silly’…call a spade a spade. 

I like the way you mentioned the showers(cold) of blessing incident with the comment …there was no gives the wrong impression you have mellowed and have matured and walkewd away despite being provoked.

Let me refresh SHC members’ memories…the incident happened at the "Golden Building" in Shenton Way where we were both guests. A famous country and western singer(local version) had a blow up with the honourable TL about "messing with TL’s hair with an umbrella  and there was an outburst and some shouting. One party at my table(I have 3 witnesses who can testify it was not me and the person in question was willing to own up but as my guest I gave advice not to do so) mentioned the word " quarrel" and TL came over in a huff and aggresively challenged me to a fight. In the process he mentioned my dear mum with unsavoury and uncouth language. Some people who pulled him away were  also  challenged to a fight.

A few days later in the forum I explained that it was not me who said the word "quarrel"  and TL even had the termity to say he forgave me and did not even offered a word of apology to this day either in person or in the forum.

On the shower of blessings day I asked him if he was willing to apologise and his reply was "NO".After being blessed I asked him not so politely if he wanted to discuss the matter but he politely(and meekly) declined….so much for the bravado of agressiveness at the Golden Building (I was mindful that I was a guest and did not want to be party to any incident) and refused to follow me for further discussions.

Regarding the blow up between YK and RL  I believe there should be better moderation on personal attacks, insults and disguised four letter words being bandied in the forum. SHC management reluctance to get involved  and "spank" verbally or in the forum the ones who go off tangent is contributing to this fractiousness among the SHC community. I have taken Terence’s advice but did not tie TL to a tree but blessed the unrepentant. Members like TL have provoked and insulted and he has not been checked (at least publicly) and it seems there is one standard of rules for him and one for the rest of the members. This could be my last say in the forum but I hope it open member’s eyes on the current state of affairs. I have seen people who gave investment talks being rail roaded by TL unfairly and nothing is done(at least not to my knowledge) to check this loutish and bullying behaviour.

This could be my last piece for the forum but to YK (not going into specific issues) I say "you dont deserve all the shit (at least in the manner it is hurled at you)you are getting for all the stalwart and unselfish work you are doing for SHC. Patrick Lee is entitled to a different opinion from you( I wont take sides or judge on issues as I dont know the full story) but I dont agree with mention of" skirts"  and cosmetic surgeon"  comments which are  rather personal and insulting and uncalled for and degradatory and smacks of arrogance.

Anybody like Terence would like to play peacemaker/Sheriff and iron out their differences or is it too late?

I believe we need some discipline in the forum or it will become a cowboy town where every "onery"(ordinary) cowpoke can run riot and shoot from the hip on sight at any moving target as fair game) without any regard for decency and fairplay(fair comments).

MJ Club

The  primary intention of this  MJ (not Michael Jackson fan club)club is to link like minded members who like to play this game for fun or token bets.

If you feel uneasy responding in the forum you can drop me  a private email  and I can discretely link you up with members in the same vicinity with similar time availability and stakes range.

We have 2 ladies in Jurong area and 2 ladies in the Katong/Kembangan and myself in the Bedok area.

The popular stakes range at the moment is 20 cents/40 cents.However if you are interested in the 10 cents/20 cents or 25 cents/50 cents range do indicate what you prefer.We are not encouraging it but if you have no partners to play with in the higher range do make a request and I will advise if I can connect you.

Please indicate if you can only play on weekendsFriday nights,Saturdays and Sundays only) or if retired or housewife that you can play during the day.

Please  advise if you will  want to play with ladies only  leaving poor little old me out of the picture!

Please indicate if your location is able to host the game for free?

When you respond please advise name/sex/area/stakes preferred or within acceptable range/time availability on weekends only or anytime/all ladies game condition/hosting capability.

My email is at

MJ is a healthy  activity  that is highly recommended  for the Silverhairs age group to prevent the onset of dementia.If you are interested in learning  I can try to get fellow members to teach you and play games with no stakes involved just for fun.The stakes involved may not be enough for your winnings to pay for you taxi fare(if you do take a taxi) but you will have the thrill(cheap) and boasting rights.I hope this posting meets with Big Boss’s approval.

P.S. Robert…any MJ playes in Bishan area?


This is meant for members to seek advice on relationship,friendship and even parent/child problems.While I do not claim to be Mr KNOW-ALL on every subject I have been analysed by the DISC system as being equitable ,fair and objective and  a good problem solver(in real life good at solving other people’s problems but not my own problems).I am not a qualified phsychologist but I do have good old COMMONSENSE to steer me through the minefields of different opinions and solutions.

 I may not be the best man for this job even though my buddy TIM voted me the champion writer(biased opinion since he is my buddy…blush ,blush) regarding the Tan Chin Boon debacle but I actually respected  and agrred that Charles Chua’s observations about polarisation into 2 camps was particularly succinct and spot on.Although I do not agree with his conclusion that the initiator is laughing at us at the ruckus he has made.In the words of Ronald Koh …right or wrong that is the beauty of SHC.While Charles Chua and myself do not agree on everything but at least we agree on the more important things and like TIM(we don’t always agree) we continue to  be mature about it and respect each other despite our opinions.

Perhaps my harsh criticism of the over the top responses may not be entirely(most were and deservedly spanked verbally) correct for all but for some  though harsh and biased may have been appropriate in that context with the benefit of hinsdsight and reflection.In the end I think both Charles and myself were wrong in our conclusions…I said he would disappear if he did not apologise and Charles on the laughing at the ruckus part.If I am not mistaken although he was a noshow in the forum by 24 Aug and I was disappointed he did not respond further in at least a limited apology that he is still attending functions with the support of some members(can anybody confirm?)

I have been fooling around and having FUN  with supposedly gambling(investment if you win consistently and definitely more productive returns than TOTO and 4D if you have the expertise.Tim I have a proposal for you… tip 4D consistently at least in theory on the forum and bet on your lucky numbers and see who wins more or looses less in the long run…hello must tip before draw ,OK?).In this post I would like to share serious workable advice and solutions to personal problems.

This is how this post should work:

1) somebody poses a problem(if you are shy you can also present it as a friend’s problem)

2) I give advice and offer a possible solution

3) other members(jury) offer their inputs and advice

4)Review and I will give final advice. Either I shift my opinion  slightly or entirely(not likely)to incorporate these inputs or if I disagree than I have to state why.

5) Initiator of the query has the option to comment and let us know whether he/she is taking the advice with a pinch of salt or implementing  it.Over time report back and review whether it has worked or otherwise

Remember if criticisms are shot like arrows (even at me) than we should all remain COOL and not take it personally for the sake and interests of our fellow members.Do not take this post too (hot under the collar or steam between the ears)or indulge in name calling. or 4 letter words.(no hints or codes also)Attaching a label or tag after backing up your point with reasoning should be the order of the day.


I have in mind for members to share a range of useful tips that SHC  members can find useful.No I am not talking about horse racing,soccer tips(which are my areas of interest)

An example is that my mother says when I do the washing I must  be turn the clothing inside out,zippers must be zipped up and buttons unbuttoned.How many of you out there who does not do it this way please own up and share how this advice has proven useful.

I have 3 travel tips to share ; when traveling always take the name card of the hotel when you go out as taxi drivers have a bad habit of sending you to the wrong hotel and then apologise profusely for hearing wrongly.With the card and name of the hotel written in the local language they will have less excuse of doing so.

The other tip when taking the MRT , METRO, MTR , the TUBE or the UNDERGROUND especially if the language is foreign as in France is to look for the end station when changing lines and not look for directions for the station you intend to go to.For example when going to Dover when coming from the airport do not look for directions to Dover but look for directions to Boon Lay,Of course you need a station guide or map as well!

Another tip is to learn a few useful phrases in the local language eg in France "ou er de toilette?(where is the toilet? How much? Where is the —— ?

If you are a sushi fan please take note that certain outlets(not restaurants) offer a 50% discount 30 mins before closing time.

I used to leave my battery in my laptop even when I was using the power plug connection.Now I know that u should remove the battery when using the power connection.You should also drain the battery as much as possible if u use the battery.In this way your battery life will be much longer.

When I find my notes I will share how certain stains are removed.

Members  can also  share survival tips ,camping tips cooking tips,how to get nice phone numbers without paying extra like 93833883 or 96998511,tips on weight reduction,how to stave of the onset of  wrinkles,special diet or healthy food programmes,cosmetic tips,travel tips,foodie tips on where the best is for certain types for certain types of food,how to travel with children,investment tips,business tips,where to get bargains,household tips,how to keep food fresh for a longer period  in the fridge,how to make things last longer,where to buy the best durians or where to get tasteful durians at decent prices,how to cut down your handphone bills when overseas.I cant possibly cover every subject so I leave it to members to create new ideas

Tips can also be negative: how to avoid getting ripped off,how to avoid bad situations,share bad experiences or knowledge of bad experiences so members can avoid falling into the same traps.

One tip when buying a car or something similar make sure before you sign  read the receipt  or contract as to whether it includes the GST or excludesand state so clearly.One conman try to con my friend out of an extra GST payment after the deposit was paid.Luckily she got out of a tight spot when I advise her to call their bluff as the road tax was expiring soon and they backed off.

Let this post also be an avenue for members to get advice on issues not related to friendships and relationships or personal issues.(this we can cover in another agony uncle post that I might initiate soon).So if you have a non personal problem or dilemna you can ask fellow members for advice!Caveat Emptor clause applies…use it at your own discretion.

I hope SHC members are willing to share and sometimes in the process embarass themselves(you can always say you were told by a friend…) and help each other by sharing our wealth of Silverhairs experience.

Illuminate each other with your glow , light the candle  and lift the darkness upon us!


Chance to win Vietnam air ticket

Make a date to meet Patrick Khoo from 2.00pm onwards at  Asian Civilizations Museum(next to Victoria Memorial and near the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles…for deatailed map log on to or drop me an email at and I will send you an email with map and full day programme).

Besides the free ticket to HCMC  Lucky Draw(just fill form…don’t have to be present)I will give you(not me actually) free Milo welcome drink  for all and balloons for your kids.My booth will have a lucky dip where you will have a chance to win a exquisite Vietnamese embroidery painting,Vietnamese hats,caps (not those made in France)and T-shirts.The ?th (number connected with my date of birth)SHC member who visits my booth if he does get a prize in the lucky dip will be guaranteed (fixed legally) to win a Vietnamese hat from me.

This exhibit is the same as Steven Chan’s post in June but the programme for the whole day which starts at 11.00am is different. I would suggest you come from 2.00pm onwards to see the martial arts experts from Vietnam and they will be followed by 5 hot ladies from an all girl pop fusion band.Admission is free instead of the usual S$8.There will also be perfomances from award winning modern dancers,story telling for kids,Games for young and silverhairs,free lessons on how to make water fairy puppets and paper lanterns.

There will be a special preview of  a Silverhair HCMC/Nha Trang(no swimming in seas due Monsoon season)/Cantho City Tour with itinerary based on recommendations and input from experienced Viet Trippers like Kenneth Tan,Dee Ang,Lena Wang,Jassmine Teo and last but not least the effervescent Steven Chan(maps were useful).This tour is based on  clean and comfortable budget accomodation and outstanding exotic food like Tamarind Crab,Elephant ear fish,Vietnamese seafood dinner,BBQ dinner,Giant rice balls,gourmet lunch by hotel resort chef ,outstanding French restaurant and visit to ice cream parlour.Other highlights include visit to Hot Spring Mineral bath and waterfalls,a light sleeper luxury train overnight from HCMC/Nha Trang/HCMCvisit to Pearl Farm  and a chance to see the Ghe Cho Festival in Cantho where you will see the incandescent paper lanterns powered by burning oil careen into the air(yes these lanterns actually fly as seen in an Andy Lau movie).This tour is from 08Nov to 16Nov based on minimum 15 to go.(if numbers are less than 15 the rates will be higher with no Singapore Tour Leader Escort).Final pricing and basic itinerary will be posted in the forum when prices are finalised.This special tour is not  a typical standard tour but has been specially designed to meet SHC tastes and can be tailored to suit SHC members needs and budget eg Pearl Farm tour can be chopped if 100km travel from Nha Trang is considered too long a journey.Number of days can also be shortened if budget turns out to be high.

The other programmes at this "Vietnam experience" include Vietnamese food  and mooncakes , an outdoor  pop fusion concert  and other entertainment from  8.00pm to 11.00pm.Of course you will a  2nd chance to see the interesting museum exhibits from Vietnam if you missed it the 1st time with Steven.

If you are a CITIBANK clear card holder you will get a $60 per couple discount for our Vietnam Spa promotion.

If you drop a deposit for any of our other tours for that day you will be entitled to a $30 discount(normally given to travel agents) from our standard tour prices.

Bring your kids along and have a  fun time and get a chance to win interesting prizes(Anybody wants to baby sit the Big Baby and keep me company are welcome…will buy you a drink…not Milo of course).Cheers!

Horse Racing Advisory

My strike rate has taken a dip in form  and my R.O.I is in the red.However I still would like  to prove that horse investments can make money if one has the right skills ,experience and diligent homework(research).

After a 2 week break I ‘m back with a selection for today . Tim will like this one and he will likely not be a 1st favourite.Even if one wants to play an outsider he should play one of the top 5 favourites as they come in 80% of the time.The problem with rank outsiders is not because of the 20% chances only but which one among this lot? I have tipped  3 value bets of $35 to $40 in my 7naps tipping column previously since the start of this season.

My selection (medium bet confidence) for today is Race 8 nbr 3 Ace Armada.His main rival is nbr 8 with nbr 5 the likely favourite in close contention .The others in the frame are 1-4-2.

I recommend an investment of 50 wins and 50 places on Ace Armada.

  • Foe exotic bet play 3-8/3-8-1-5/3-8-1-5-2-4 and 3/8-1/field and 8-1/3/field
  • For forecast and place forecast 10 tickets @ on 3#8-1
  • For trio go for 3-8/3-8-1/3-8-1-5-2-4

I will do the R.O.I tally some other time.

Your horse racing reit investment pundit

P.S. Anybody thinks he can tip better please feel free to join in before the start of actual races

Soccer Investment Advisory-EPL

I am on a yellow card to do a max of 15 lines.My 1st prediction(a little biased but based on last season’s results with due respect to the newbie lady who is as yet untested) is that Gary Lim of the Newpaper will top the Newpaper panel and the locals will again outshine the expats).

One tip for SHC readers  is to use a results charts based on last season’s results on home games only and a separate chart on away games only .Good ref publications like Football Weekly and Newpaper are useful as a guide but I have one bugbear of their format of presenting info. eg in their head to head column they present actual  past results of matches between both featured teams with no regard to who is playing at home and who is playing away.The Hill  City vs Fulham match is a good example; 1 away win and 2 draws.As  a pundit I am not interested in past Fulham(at Home) vs Hull City(away) results.I would rather know more of the results in previous years when Hull City were playing at home.

Take Arsenal $30 on the 1.5 goals.Take Spurs  $30 to win on the 1 X 2 and Hull City vs Fulham take $30 on the draw.Take $10 on the draw-draw on the HT/FT on the Hull City match and $10 on draw/away on the Spurs match.Take into consideration that "artificial  bad luck " (clue – something to do with Kukup trip on 23rd Aug.)If anybody has a different opinion do post it in this forum before the start of matches.I will post my analysis of other matches later as on thin ice – – – 15 lines axe.Go slow on 1st weekend.Good Luck!!!$$$

Poems on love

    I am initiating this post to invoke and stimulate  the creative instincts among SHC members and make them aware that with our life full of rich experiences  we have a better awareness of Love and Life in general.    

"Poems can also include phrases,salutations on greeting cards,anecdotes, lyrics from songs,reflections and  similar thoughts.These can be original or discovered from somewhere( if willing and able try to identify source ).

Love can also mean friendships,   relationships ( can also include hate and our feelings when we are in a melancholy or even negative   mood    )    

I’ll kick off with a few corny (have a good laugh)ones that I remember from the past. The 1st  one is not original but copied from  a Hallmark card with a quote I believe from a Lady(I  think ) by the name of Kahil Gibran. 

"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot help but keep it from themselves."

The 2nd is from a Beatles song called "In My Life" I can’t remember all the words  at this time…can anybody help to refresh?

The 3rd are lyrics from a Nat King Cole song called "When I fall in Love"…will it be forever?

"You are you and I am I,but together we make beautiful music   ."                

MKZ (Malacca) Trip 04 July 08-06 July 08 for discerning lovers of good food

Malacca Trip 04Jul  – 06 Jul 2008
Staying in 3 bedroom apartments with 2 pax in master bedroom  A with bathroom attached , 2 pax in bedroom B , 2 pax in bedroom C ,1 pax sleeping in 1 bed in living room , 1 pax sleeping on sofa in living room(total 8 pax to one apartment-an alternate is 7 to an apartment at M$82 with nobody sleeping on sofas)…stay is at Century Mahkota Apartments within walking distance to 2 major shopping malls.There are better and cheaper modes of stay like hotels but I chose this style of stay due to the fact we can relax and congregate together in one apartment to socialise and fraternize.  Allotment of sleeping arrangements will be on a drawing of lots basis for PLAN A  where all parties will pay an equal amount of M$76 per person per night(including breakfast).  Alternatively if all parties are agreeable …for PLAN B….Bedrooms B and C will be based on M$76 per person per night( X 2 ) and those in bedroom A can pay M$92 and those sleeping in the living room can pay M$60 if all parties are agreeable.The gross rate for 8 to an apartment is M$605 and for 7 to an apartment is M$573 per apartments .
I  will be act as EO ( gentle Dictator ) in the absence of Ronald Wie who has to fulfill National Day Parade Rehearsal Duties.The proposed tentative budget is S$200 per person  for the whole trip  including  accomodation in Malacca for 2 nights and all meal and drinks during meal times and entrance fee requirements while in Malacca only. All expenses before  you reach Malacca and after you leave Malacca will be at your own expense eg meals and drinks before you reach MKZ and after you leave MKZ.
The agreed methodology of individual car arrangements where drivers get a free ride and all the remainder of pax will contribute to petrol,toll fees and parking. Any other hidden costs like accidents(touch wood everything goes well), damage etc will be borne equally by all participants (you may consider seriously to take up insurance before the trip and can contact me regarding the insurance plans). The pax in the cars must also top up the petrol to full tank basis before exiting Malaysia.This expected expenditure between S$150 to S$200 will be handled and audited by 2-4 senior SHC regarding monitoring of expenses for the whole group. If there is a surplus this balance can augment our dinner in Johore Bahru on the way back( if not enough participants can top up the balance.I would like to declare the my company will benefit on the 10% comm on the hotel portion only. All participants will be provided with a photostat of a state map and another  city map showing the detailed locations of all the places of interest in relation to Malacca roads.This map is exclusive to seasoned travel agencies and not available to the general public.
04July  Friday morning meet at agreed location (tentative Sun Plaza…vicinity of the road between Sun Plaza and Sembawang MRT. at 7.00am-7.15am.Timing and venue can change in consideration of suggestions put foward.Traditional Newton not considered as not practical for those living in the North.Earlier time is not practical for those travelling by MRT .. Quick breakfast  can be considered in Johore Bahru or Singapore .It takes 3 hours to travel from Johore Bahru to Malacca …but give allowance of 30 mins or less for rest stops.
Lunch at Ole Sayang or Bibik Neo. .Check – in at Century Mahkota service apartments.Afternoon free and easy to attack the 2 major shopping malls next door for shopping spree.Evening drop by coffee shop for Ter-Cha light dinner recommended by friend  or Charles Chua(thanks for freebie tip).After dinner walkabout at night market at Jonkers Street(Jalan Hang Jebat) and supper .After that unwind at service  apartment for social interaction.
05 July Saturday…buffet breakfast at hotel
Morning visit to Cultural Museum(replica of 15th century architecture of Melaka Sultanate Palace).
Proceed to walkabout in the vicinity of Stadhuys, an eg of 17th century  Dutch buildings painted in salmon red.It houses the history ,ethnographic(marriage ceremonies) and literature museums(recommend to skip last location ).
Gather our convoy and proceed to Hang Li Po’s Well,Bukit Cina and Sam Po Kong temple..
Next visit is to the Baba and Nonya Heritage Museum and after that stroll down Tan Cheng Lock street looking at antique shops and drop in on authetic Peranakan speciality shop selling the best belachan(sells by small slabs) and gula melaka  in  town.In addition they sell tarts and other tid-bits.If group interested can drop by shop selling Malacca coffee(good but not that great) before or after lunch depending on time available.
Lunch at one  of friday’s choices or ikan bakar(fried fish) plus other seafood stuff like squid..
Recommended afternoon itinerary …visit D’Paradise Tropical Fruit World and Aboroginal Nature Village near Alor Gajah.Hire a buggy or take a walk in the sprawling Park with its many Fruit and flora attractions.You can then proceed to Gadek Hot Springs nearby
Alternate itinerary…visit to A Famosa water theme Park.
Another alternate itinerary is to visit Mini Malaysia and Mini Asean Park.
Alternatively shopping interlude for the die hard shopping fans.
Dinner at best(most expensive )Peranakan restuarant in town…a must go foodie place.Some have suggested to switch to lunchtime and Ikan bakar switch to dinner…any feedback.?
For culinary people there is Portugese food and Chitty Indian food as alternate suggestions for the other meals to consider…so do provide feedback if you want a change from the  usual Baba food.
After dinner show off your vocal chords with a session in a private room.(subject to availability but will try to pre-book.)
For supper can drop by at oyster omelette stall…if kiasu can drop by before going for karaoke.
Adjourn to apartment. for chit chat sessions.
06July Sunday
Free at leisure for last minute shopping for bargains.
Lunch at location on our list.
Requesting for late check-out for one apartment only to wash up before journey back.
Drop by Johore Bahru for diiner at own expense if out of budget or subsidy if there is still left over…
Buy fruits at J.B market before returning  to Singapore.
Top up of driver’s fuel tanks before returning to Singapore.
At this stage you can list  your name and indicate your interest with no commitment to cancellation charges until we indicate so.Please state your prefence for 7 pax or 8 pax in one apartment and whether you prefer mixed ,all male or all
female.We will try to accomodate your wishes but be prepared to adjust and be flexible if the the fit is not perfect.The 1st
22-24 pax will enjoy the best rates but if we can’t have groups of 7 or 8 than the balance will fit 5-6  pax to a 2 bedroom apartment(if 6 pax one will have to take the sofa)at rate of M$80 for 6pax and M$90 for 5 pax per person per night).Let me state that I will assign myself to the 8 pax  in an apartment configuration on a mixed sex basis and "chope"(book) the sofa for myself  but feedback so I will make  a decision on whether  the remaining  should be on a 7 pax configuration. basis.The following are already logged in as confirmed and will have prirority in being in the 1st 22-24 pax  are Danz Hwang,Kathryn Lee(needs a good navigator) and Boon Liang
The pax are Patrick Khoo,Karen Thio,Grace Wong,Bira Lupolo(please advise if you  your car is available and I will assign a driver to you…if your car is confirmed I will put you in the drivers’ category)Helen Quek,Pauline Khoo,Sally(surname?)
Stef Lim and  Yew Kong(no car but available as driver. Drivers please handpick your  pax(let me know your choices) but try to keep it on a mixed sex basis per car.It’s up to individual driver if you want  to have 3 pax or 4 pax in the car with you.Drivers please advise what cruising speed you are comfortable  with on the highway and we will try to adjust.SHC please come foward to take care of your fellow drivers so that we can avoid going by bus.For those who can’t get leave and want to stay one night only please declare your intentions and we will try to arrange transport for you .I will check if my cousin’s paejaero is available with his driver thrown in for a fee(can take 6 pax)..
We welcome recommendations for other places not on our list for a consensus and further consideration eg Jasin lucky well with Chinese  Zodiac bathrooms for extra good luckChicken balls have also been recommended to be on the lunch menu but declined at the moment unless there is a surge in requests.For those who are interested in a detailed itinerary please drop me an e-mail at

SHC Monthly Meeting

Hans is an OK place to have our monthly meetings but I yearn for a place with notebook computer access. For lack of a better place I am recommending our members to do an online petition to persuade our founder to use Scorebot for our next meeting as it has internet facilities. While it’s seating capacity is limited it has enough standing capacity to create an informal  and cosy atmosphere.  Our founder is reluctant to do so because of conflict of interest but if members can persuade him in this thread I am sure he may reconsider! Our founder feels "pai sei" or awkward as he has a vested interest in the prosperity of the outlet but as long as we get a fair and good deal I strongly feel its a win -win situation for all parties.If unconvinced I would suggest we use it as a base and hangout for members until we are able to find other suitable places with internet access and than we can rotate and come back to Scorebot on alternate months or use it in lieu of unavailability of suitable locations."What say you fellow SHC members?"…support a good cause!

In the meantime any suggestions for other suitable locations with internet access? Is anybody a member of any country club who can negotiate use of one of their outlets or unutilised ballroom for one of their slow nights since it is a weekday usually.

Survey on volunteer drivers for Malacca trip

Mr. Ronald Wie with myself as co-chair would like to make this survey on the principle that 3pax in the car will pay for all expenses related to toll,fuel and parking charges for the driver who will get a free ride in lieu of free loan of his car for the trip.His fuel tank will  be topped up in full before the return to Singapore.In addition touch wood …should an accident or any damage to car is incurred that is not covered by insurance will be borne by all occupants of the car including the driver.

Lady drivers are welcome especially by useless me(as I don’t drive) but I figure that I make a good navigator especially on bumpy roads.Ha Ha Ha!What do the drivers and pax  themselves think of 4 pax and 1 driver in the bigger cars…is it too uncomfortable?.Drivers have final say on who they want in their respective cars with a proviso that there must be a  healthy mix of both sexes unless there is an imbalance in numbers.

On this trip (date and itinerary to be decided later ) by the 2 BA-BA black sheep with MKZ(Malacca) origins or ancestry will ensure visits to the best in hawker fare for specialities like oyster omelette and the best gula melaka and belachan shop.,the best chendol stall(provided clean and not at roadside),where to find good MKZ coffee.hawker fare at Jonkers street.Good Pernakan restuarants with standards like Oleh Sayang will be vetted to narrow down to the best at reasonable prices.Special advice will be given by my cousin who is still a resident in MKZ.

Ronald and myself will sort out the places of interest to visit with input from my cousin as well.Will 2 nights be sufficient?Please let us know your thoughts If there is not enough to form a convoy of cars bus alternative will be considered…although at a glance does not seem suitable for MKZ.

Best regards,

Patrick Khoo

Review of Manchester Utd vs Chelsea Euro Champs Final

For the sake of SHC members who bet regularly on Toto,4D,the casinos and mahjong I strongly urge

members to put a bet in.I have a track record as a horse racing pundit on the horse racing website at with a 40% strike rate.At my peak for this season I did achieve a win strike rate of 45%.My insiders111 publication was  featured on Mediacorp’s programme called Tracktalk with 6 winners in a day of 10 races and 10 winners over 2 days of 20 races.My track record as a soccer pundit is getting the result of the last 4 World Cup matches played when Italy beat France in the finals.betting in these 2 fields is akin to advise being given by a good stockbroker who advises you on shares on the stock exchange.You need good research and a superior method of analysis to make $$$.

So here goes,(if I am wrong Tim Liu would probably be the 1st to throw egg on my face  followed by Terence)Terence seldom bet but was persuaded to do so by yours truly at last night’s Bachelor Nite

which was warmly gatecrashed by 3 charming ladies(warmly received).There goes the gossip grapevine working overtime!(I hope the 3 ladies don’t throw shoes at me when we meet the next time).Moderator if this is too scandalous please censor.

Here goes Take a draw on 1 X 2… 90 min result… logical reasoning market opened at $2.85

now drifted to $2.70…very confident…put a big bet on this…my bet is $100(very puny by Tim’s standards in comparison)

medium confidence token bet for better value(greedy for bigger odds…may be my undoing).

Take a token bet $5 or $10 on half-time/full-time on D-D ie DRAW-DRAW(from $4.40 drifted to $3.70)

plus another token bet on zero goals at $5 only(average is $9.00 for usual games but this is the lowest odds for this bet to the best of my memory…market opened at $6.50 drifted to $5.50

low level of confidence speculative bets at good odds …this bet must be taken in tandem…under special bets…Chelsea to win after 90 mins at $8.25 and Chelsea to win on penalties at $9.00.I am not confident of this position and for those die hard Man Utd fans I recommend this bet(2bets in tandemat $

as a better bet than For Man Utd to win on the 1 X 2 at $2.30