Short beginners course: “How to move around” Sun 27 July 2008

This week, I am in Singapore; and thought it would be nice if I do a short beginners course on "How to move around this website called".  Other experienced members who are familiar can also conduct a session like this, from time to time.  I would appreciate this.


  • How does operate as a club or a blog?  Concept and design.
  • How to write a Post or a Comment?
  • How to get a new password, and change it from time to time.
  • Security and access levels of the SHC forum, especially EDIT.
  • How to start a similar website, similar to  In case, you are thinking of starting one for your own needs.
  1. Venue:  ScoreBot, 18 Bali Lane, near Arab Street.
  2. Date and Time:  Sun 27 July 2008, starting 3pm sharp.  Finishing 5pm.
  3. Equipment:  Course is simple, and you dont need to bring your laptop; just take some simple notes.
  4. Fee:  No charge, just your time.
  5. Attendees:  Limited to 15 pax.  Have fun.

Terence Seah

You have raised your hands:

  1. Andrew Yeung
  2. Lin Chuah
  3. Dan Huang
  4. Catherine Ho
  5. Maureen Lee
  6. Mary Tan
  7. Ronald Lee
  8. Andrew Koh
  9. Agnes Seow
  10. Shirleen Kao
  11. Peng Peng
  12. Patsy Lim
  13. SK Chua
  14. Lilian Teo
  15. Seok Cheng
  16. Ron Lai
  17. Juliana Kok
  18. Tim Liu – up on the  tree
  19. Florence Ho
  20. Alice Lai – do come, but only on the durian tree, just planted.

Participation close for now.  Shall look at another date for another session.

32 thoughts on “Short beginners course: “How to move around” Sun 27 July 2008

  1. Me too, I want to join!

    One question I like to ask. is it possible to have my own password? With so many blog, it is not easy to remember all of them.


  2. Please include me in, this also serves as a chance to meet and get to know other members. Slight problem not sure of venue – Scorebot, is it a cafe? Can someone assist to give me how to get to the venue, many thanks

  3. Hi Dan,
    Of cos, you can la.. just go the site admin and top right-hand corner, Click on Profile, scroll down, see password column, you can change liao..

    Hi Maureen,
    Nearest MRT is Bugis and Bali Lane is opp Raffles Medical Hosptial.

    Hi Terence,
    I am only keen to learn on ‘how to start a similar website’ so unless there r less than 15 members attending this, pls slot me in ok. Many thanks.. Dolly

  4. Hi Dolly,

    The website has been a learning experience to me. Can’t beat Yew Kwong on his IT knowledge. But, from the start-up point, I can share what is necessary to get the SHC website up and running. Also, the cost and who to approach.

    I am likely to run one course, in detail, on another date. Now, thinking of picking durians from this RRR, even though it is cheaper to buy.

    Terence Seah

  5. Hey Tim

    Ya, on several occasions you had perched yourself up the scorebot tree. I have not noticed the tree, but am getting curious. Was it uprooted from Bottle Tree park? Would be fun to join you up there for a bird’s eye view.


  6. Hi Terence

    Am using this thread to reach out to a new member who posted her profile in another new member’s profile thread and hence she has not received any response from other SH members. Her name is Florence Ho.

    Hi Florence
    Welcome to SHC. You’ve posted your profile in another member’s (Agnes Seow’s)profile thread. You need to create a new post for your profile. To create, click ‘latest post’ and look for ‘write’ in the top left hand corner.

    Have a good time in this club and I look forward to meeting you.


  7. Hi Terence

    Please include Alice Lai’s name in the list of participants, if too congested, she don’t mind to join TIM up on the SCORBOT tree.

    Ron n Alice Lai

  8. Good Sunday Morning Terence. I cannot believe the trouble I took trying to post a comment/remark. I did a few and they all were on different areas of this website! Honestly, I’m so new – you could call me a ‘premature-yet-to-b-born’ SHC brand-new member. A few minutes ago I posted a comment which you probably did not notice (wrong site? as it was meant for YOU, with my sms#). I thought I signed up for today’s course (3 – 5pm, Bali Lane) but my name’s missing – I did raise my hand!!!. Well, this proves that I really need to follow this course – or else I’ll never ever be any wiser. Sigh….I’ll probably be writing my comments/remarks all over the website…& can’t find them back, how annoying can that be??? Florence Ho (thanks for being so patient – maybe that’s your virtue?). If I don’t meet y’all today, have a nice weekend.

  9. Hi, i wasn’t expected so many people to respond to this short course. I am pretty amateurished when it comes to doing a presentation. But I am sure you will get enough information to get started with moving around

    I think we have enough seats, I shall ask the venue people to arrange for 20 people. Only two persons will be perching on the new durian tree.

    We will start at 3.15 pm sharp and finish at 5pm sharp. Any extra time in between will be used for getting to know one another.

    Terence Seah

  10. Hi Terence

    Thanks for conducted the course, quite a number of SHCians present were newbies, understand that they were happy with the talk, some were looking forward to future talks, overall it was quite educational. For future course, could also include talk on submitting photos to the website for publishing.

    After the talk, there was a period for interaction, where new members found themselves comfortable enough to fix freely.

    Ron n Alice Lai

  11. Hi Ron, Alice,

    I shall take note of your request, the next round when I am in Singapore. We can have more sessions, not necessary conducted by me.

    Glad to see new faces too. Not strange, but I too like the way SilverHairs mingle (one r or two r’s) with one another easily and comfortabling.

    Tim did perch himself on the durian tree. He came late because he didn’t know how to get down.

    Terence Seah

  12. But Sengh, i got down finally but what kept me up on the tree for so long? Tell you buy you wont believe but will still tell you.

    Up on the tree was KT busy chasing a bee. Curious, i stayed to watch how much funnier can he be? Well, he did finally catch the bee, kiss it all over so amorously you wont believe he was kissing a bee. After his rituals, he unzipped his pants and out the bee in there. Unable to hold back my curiosity anymore, i asked him?

    His answer : “I am weak there lah and the sinseh told me the only cure is 24/7 acupuncture…………”

    So the next time you see KT prancing and scratching, well, the bee is at work again.

  13. Tim @ #28

    Glad you like the tree. We’ll get the birds there to join you the next time.

    Steven is one smart durian. Looks like he quickly gave the slip when the rangers came. And what happened to you. You were suppose to jaga “see water”; stand up for their rights; quote Ter’s diplomatic immunity and his proximity to Man U’s boss; and post bail.

    I was hoping that Steven brings back a durian tree from RRR to plant at Scorebot. Then Ter don’t have to make a police report everytime we hold a Durian party. You can conduct tours. Tourists and members can have drink and shisha together whole night waiting for the fruit to drop.

    Have you tried Durian liquer? Me neither. Apparently it exists and is described as “A vile smelling Asian spirit distilled from the Durian fruit (we believe so since the spirit smells as pungent as the fruit); bottled at 46% alcohol.”

    Sounds like a lethal cocktail. Wonder where I can get this? Will be a gas for the next tree party.

  14. KT, I called the ranger cos I went by the Rule Book. The rules forbid them from going into the forest. They were supposed to park-tor along the road and to wait for the durians to drop and roll over to the feet from the forest. Instead it being a n=hot afternoon they were in heat and dived into the bushes to enjoy the forbidden fruit.

    Like that, how to accord Sengh diplomatic protection? Even Man U’s boss wd probably hv only this to say “O man, u huh, why pretend to look for durians when you actually wanted papayas?”

    Btw, be forewarned. Steven-C is so angered by what he sees as derisive remarks that he is buying up the next durian harvest in segamat, invites every SHCian to a feast on one condition that they stone you with leftover durians before burying you with durian husks.

  15. Hi Terence,

    I missed this course and hope u can conduct another one for people like me who is not IT savvy. Also want to thx u for fixing my being “locked out” of SHC for a while, with the userID and password. Perhaps the course can help me in future should I get locked out again.

    Best Alicia Lim (No more Alicia LK Lim – but still prefer Alicia LK Lim as my userID )

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