Monthly cycling-27 June 2015



IMG-20150620-WA0016Hi all cyclists

We are going island cycling at St John’s Island.

Meet : Marina South Pier,
Time : 8am
No rental bikes nearby. Only folding bikes allowed on ferry.
Ferry : $18 return

Those without bikes are welcome to join.
We will visit St John’s and Larazus island.

Things to bring:
1. Brolly or hat
2. Sun block
3. Packed lunch or some snacks.

1. Douglas
2. Lily
3. Judy Lim
4. Susan CH Tan
5. Julian Mok
6. Andrew k
7. T.S. Lim
8. Hou Chong
9. Ah Nee
10. LinaN
11. Susan Tan
12. James Tan
13. ChristinA

15 thoughts on “Monthly cycling-27 June 2015

  1. Hi Douglas,

    Pls register James Tan and me for this activity. No foldable bike. So we are going to join the team on foot.

    Susan Tan

  2. Hi Doug,

    Several months ago wanted to explore St John island, too.
    I would like to join, jalan kaki2, lah! hehe

    Thanks for organizing!

  3. Hi Susan T.

    Hi ChristinA.
    It’s nice to see you again with the cycling group. You were one of the cycling pioneers.

    Most of us will jalan2 over there, feel the quietness and admire the scenery.

    see you

  4. Thank you everyone for the fun and laughter at our Outing in St John and Lazarus Islands yesterday. I attached herewith, a photo of the group in lively spirit.
    HC[image=shc at st john’s isl.jpg]

  5. Hi Douglas,

    thanks for initiating the outing… jalan kaki was good!

    The afternoon though hot was bearable and we have good fellowship, good food/fruits/drinks.. (special thanks to Susan CH’s nasi lemak… thumbs up!!)

    On the ferry back we met a father and young daughter, probably 9yrs old. She said she had fun at the beach. The dad shown us some photos, the water was clear as could see fishes! Alas, we didnt get into the water, we just wanna relax and enjoy nature… :D

    A day well spent… thanks to all present!

  6. Hi All
    Thank youfor tthe wonderful time spend on St John’s and Lazarus Island.

  7. Hi EO Dauglas,

    Thanks for your initiative arranged the trip to St. John and Lazarus island. I fully agreed with the comment by Christina that we all have a great time catchup with everyone and sedap nasi lemak cooked by Susan C.H.


  8. Thank you Douglas. Thank you all for your good company and fully agree with the comments by Christina and Judy. Till we meet again….. adios. ????

  9. Thank you Douglas, such a caring EO to everyone. No wonder people were full of praises of you and assured me that you will be a patient coach. Alamak yesterday you and the gang saw how I finally took off after your cajoling, zig zag zig zag shakily on Julian’s Brompton but you must be glad that I reappeared after some time zig zag zig zag back to the relief of everybody.

    Thanks to everyone for chipping in to make a nice potpourri of fruits, drinks, cocktails, fishballs, cheese balls, muffins, bread, etc. Yum yum! We had a lot of fun exchanging stories. Everyone had a good laugh. Cheers!

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