Monthly Walk – Nature in the Garden : A Green Treasure

Date: Saturday, 4 July 2015

Meeting Place: Boon Lay Mrt Station, Exit D facing Jurong Point

Start Time: 4.00pm Sharp, taking bus to walk site

Duration:  about 2 hours.

ECs for this walk:  Veronica Wong & Mary Tan

A nice place to explore.    Climbing 58 steps to the summit lookout for a bird’s eye view of the garden.   An amazing variety of wildlife and nature and is home to so many birds, dragonflies, butterflies and insects.   Go through the freshwater swamp, streams and ponds in the garden.  Try to spot butterflies and dragonflies flying around at the Butterfly Garden.

Venture into the walking trail which is just a path between bushes and trees   The trail is a fairly easy route on an all-flat terrain except at the end where there’s quite a steep slope to go down and it is quite hard to gain a foothold on small slippery pebbles.   This trail will only be available till 2019 so come visit before it disappears.   Do wear comfortable covered walking shoes.

At the end of the walk, those who wish to have dinner can proceed to Jurong Point mall where there’s the Kopitiam and other food outlets.

Our Walk Team ECs: Christina CL Chan, Charles Wee, Mary Tan, Veronica Wong, Serene Low, Alice Seah, Jeffrey Lim, Azhari Cuttilan.

Come join the walk, do register here!

  1. Andrew Yeung
  2. Gabriella Chua
  3. Danny Lye
  4. Peggy Yap
  5. Arthur
  6. Peter Goh
  7. Tony Ang
  8. Lilian Teo
  9. Friend
  10. Grace Kang
  11. Hew Lee
  12. Judy Lim
  13. Steven Chan
  14. Daisy Phua
  15. Shawn Goh
  16. Chwee Yin
  17. Grace Wong
  18. Andrew Koh


27 thoughts on “Monthly Walk – Nature in the Garden : A Green Treasure

  1. AndrewY,
    I thought… hmmm.. no reason that AY is not coming!!
    holala… Happy to see that you are the FIRST!

    Will see U there!


  2. Dear Danny,

    we ain’t letting the cat out of the bag!
    I like suspense! the fruit will be sweeter!
    you wanna know?…come for the walk and you will! :D :D

    Look forward to see you…..

  3. Hi Christina,

    It’s been some time since we went on one of your walking adventures. Could you register Arthur and myself for this walk please.
    Peggy Yap

  4. Hi Christina

    My character is “better late than never”, so I have not joint the walk this year.

    Then you told me “not so late to do a thing we have to do”. so I am the first to register this time.

    Will I see you in the walk?

  5. All SHCians,

    Thanks all the EOs for organising the Greenery Walk on Saturday, 04 Jul 2015. We have fine and good weather after the morning shower and the walk was smooth and we saw many greenery around the area which this is the 1st time I have ventured that far into the West side of the island.

    For your info, you can go to SHC Group ( to view the photos on the walk uploaded there. At this present moment, there is no Picture Manager available to help upload the photo onto SHC Website for sharing.

    Thanks for spending your precious time in viewing the photos. For those who are interested in having the hard copy of the photos, can write to me thru my personal email by sending me a message at SHC Group.

  6. Hi Veron, Mary, Christina,

    From the pictures in Facebook, I see you have organised a beautiful walk. I am sure many members appreciate your dedication and effort to make the monthly walk come true.

    And Danny, the pictures are very nice too. I had picked one of your pictures for our web banner.

    How come everyone look so young in the photo?

    Terence Seah

  7. Mary,

    Thanks for your compliments.


    Glad that you like the pictures and picked 1 for the web banner, really feel great about it. Thanks.

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