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Hi friends makan sutra drooling


I would like to set up a chatline for makansutra kakis.  The purpose of this chatline is for friends who enjoy trying out new places which offer good and reasonably cheap food.  Since most of us are retirees or semi-retired, we have loads of time to travel to such eating outlets. The recommended makan places should preferably be near mrt stations for easy accessibility.  Wd appreciate if you could indicate your interest in joining this chatgroup either on this forum page or apps me if you have my hp number.    I’ll be the admin for this chatgroup. You may exit the chatline anytime if you find that it does not serve your interest.  And last, but not least, those who keep silent for a month will be removed from the chatline (no hard feelings about this requisite)…….

Hope that many like-minded people will come together for makan, fellowship and bask in the camaraderie of good friendship.  Let’s make the rest of our life the best in our life!


Gabriella Chua


Interested Parties:

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Loong Say Meng
  3. Amy Ko
  4. Alice Tan
  5. Charles Wee
  6. Jazz Soh
  7. Daniel  Chan
  8. Susan Chong
  9. Myra Chia
  10. John Chua SC
  11. Richard Kwok
  12. Winnie Tan
  13. Vincent Long
  14. Maria Tan
  15. … I need to verify that those who ask for connection to the chatgroup are shc members.

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17 thoughts on “Chatline for makansutra kakis

  1. The chatline has already been set up and we’re already having v good interactions among foodies and exchanging notes on good eateries :-)

    Hi FGM
    Wd you like to join this chatgroup?


  2. Hi Caroline
    The purpose of this posting is to set up a chatline on What’s Apps. Only for those with this prog on their handp.


  3. Dear Gabrielle,
    I want to join the chat group but I don’t your hand phone number. I have what ‘s app.You said not to leave my h/p number on this comment page.

  4. Hi Grabriella,
    It ‘s a bit disappointing that after so long in your chat group, you then starting to feel suspicious over my SHC membership. I have already complied with your requirement by sending the app connection (see below):

    15.The list goes on……. just send me an apps for connection if interested

    You have also added my name in one of your coffee chat sessions after my reply to join in the SHC site and we met and spoke during that chat session at Kopitiam SingPost. After all these, I am now requested to prove that I’m a SHC member. This is something unexpected.

    I hope you feel comfortable now that I’m able to log in to the SHC site.


  5. Hi Vincent
    Hope you understand that I’ve a duty to ensure that those connected to my chatline are SHC members. I’m the admin for the chatline.

    Since you’ve verified your membership, you are most welcome to the makan chatgroup. Anyway, you’ve been connected long ago because I’ve mistaken you for another Vincent….. (haha).

    Cheers and enjoy chatting…….


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