Monthly Cycling- 11 July 2015

Hi cyclists

Meet : Burger King ECP
Time : 1800 hrs
Rental bikes : it’s available.

This will be a night cycling event to Marina Bay, do mount your cycling lights.

1. Douglas
2. Julian M
3. Hou Chong
4. Lily Q
5. Judy L
6. Lina N
7. YatSing
8. Charles
9. Malcolm
10.Andrew K
11.John H
12.Irene P

5 thoughts on “Monthly Cycling- 11 July 2015

  1. Hi Doug,

    Can you register Malcolm Chen and myself for this ride?
    BTW, where do you intend to have dinner? At BurgerKing? Before we start? After the ride? Not decided?


  2. Hi Doug

    What a pity .. to miss it,. I would have love night cycling to MBS . It will be fun & so cool! I ‘ve already another prog fixed sometime ago. Next time we go Nat. Stadium & the Golf course !

  3. Hi Charles
    I can meet you at the stadium around 3-4pm for some snacks before proceeding to Burger King for the cycling event.

    After the ride and if time permits, we may have supper somewhere near Raffles Quay.

    Hi Ronald.
    Your suggestion is noted.

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