Monthly walk: August… Update

Note:  This is only an update …

Monthly walk: August 2015

Our walks for 2015 is on the 1st Saturdays/month unless otherwise informed.

For a few years now in the month of August, we have scheduled our annual Xtreme walk.  This year it is scheduled on 22nd August.

Due to unforseen circumstances and in view that this August there are many on-going activities, this walk on 22nd August is cancelled.

Wishing each of you a HAPPY & FUN  SG50!!     

Cheers!… the Walk Team…

Author: ChristinA Chan (Walking group leader)

Interests: Health related and socials.

3 thoughts on “Monthly walk: August… Update”

  1. Dear AL & Gabby,

    have been swarmed with work so did not log in after posting.

    Look forward to your continuous support!

    Have a great weekend ahead!

  2. Hi Christina

    Thank you for your update and thanks to all the Group EOs for organising the monthly walk. HAPPY NATIONAL DAY and a pleasant long forthcoming weekend to all EOs and the walkers


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