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I am Dhevi and I have just joined the SHCians.  I am glad to know that I would be able to find new friends who share the same interests in this club. I read about the club and I am very happy that I am going to be a member of it.  I am a jolly person, happy go lucky type.

I am 48 years old and I have been working in the Armed Forces as a DXO- in the Administration line for about 30 years.    Dancing is my passion; I love to cycle despite my knee problem; and I absolutely love to travel.  I am a working mother with 3 children; My Hubby (Mr. Sekaran ) is already a member in your club.

My aim now is to meet up and get to know as many friends as possible and also looking forward to the tours organized by the club so that I can travel to many places as age is catching up.   I would also like to participate in SHC activities whenever possible. I assure you that I will actively take part in SHC’s activities.
And lastly I would like to thank Mr Terence Seah who initiated the thought of creating “The SilverHairsClub”

Yours sincerely,

Author: Sekaran

I am 64 yrs old plus , married with 3 children. Spend 27 years in the SAF as a regular and requested for an early retirement at the age of 46. Continued with a 2nd career job with MSF (old MCYS) (S'pore Boys Home ) as a Senior Youth Guidance Officer. Retired at 62 yrs and has continued to work on yearly contract as I am enjoying my job with Juveniles. I love to travel and I have visited parts of Australia, Taiwan, Bali, UK, Vietnam, China, Europe, Thailand, India, Nepal, Dubhai, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Malaysia. Still more to cover and hope that SHC members could help me in my aim to see more of the world. Presently. I cannot be active member as I have an additional role as a caretaker. New Update (10/4/23) Retiree aged 70. Residing most of the time on n off in Perth n South India and presently in Perth. Interested in short walks ( Have hip n knee problem )

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  1. Hi Dhevi

    Welcome to SHC. I am glad to know that dancing is your passion just like me.

    I hope to see you in a dancing hall soon.


  2. Hi Dhevi,

    Welcome to the SHC.
    I joined the SHC last month and met some nice friends and i can assure you that you will too.

    There are lots of activities and I can see that you are going to enjoy the Dancing and the travels with the SHCians.

    See you soon.

    Geok Suan

  3. Hi Dhevi,

    Welcome to SHC.

    I have enjoyed every minute of every event I’ve
    been on. A month ago, a dozen of us went for Hainan Tour.
    Honestly, we don’t know each other very well but we have
    so much fun and laughters together.
    An unexpected benefit is how fantastic it is to have all
    the planning and organising of a trip out done for you, I just have to transfer my money to the person-in-charge
    and turn up! Is great.

    Our monthly gathering is on 17/Dec. Please come and meet
    us. You won’t regret it ok.


  4. Hi Geok Suan,

    I hope you are reading the post. One of our member told
    me that you are looking for me. I didnt go to the post lately. A thousand apologise.
    Thank you for searching the X’mas carols. Dont worry about
    the printing. I will get it done. (I am contactable on email linchuah@yahoo.com)
    Hope to see you on the 17/Dec.



  5. Hi, Linchuah,

    Its a great pleasure to know someone who has the same passion to travel. I am looking forward to meet all of you soon as i will be attending the monthly meeting together with my hubby Mr. Sekaran on 17th Dec 08.

    Wishing all of you and your family a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.


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