Questions from a newbie a.k.a. kaypoh

As I am new I hope I’m forgiven for posing these questions.

  1. As of now, how many members are there in SHC?
  2. Are there any married members (excluding me)?
  3. Is there any member here in Facebook?
  4. Does SHC plan to expand its membership base and make it THE Numero Uno club for 45s’ and above?

That’s all for now. My apologies for coming across like CID interrogator. :p

Ros or Rosalind or Lo Si Leng

Author: Rosalind LEE

Happily married. 3 grown up children, 2 of whom are married. Grandmother of 2. Stopped working since 2003. Currently spends time on the internet, reading, cooking and/or helping out with the care of the grandkids. DOJ: Sep 2009

10 thoughts on “Questions from a newbie a.k.a. kaypoh”

  1. Hi Ros,

    You are right in suggesting Facebook as it is another avenue/platform to draw members. Hey, if someone like Oprah Winfrey with such a huge domain can enter to gather more fans and even made a full program of it, who are we to pooh-pooh at such a possibility for us.

    Even my fav organisation, Kg Senang is in there to keep members in the loop with upcoming activities, seminars and programs. Kudos to that wonderful couple.

    Also Pink Dot made a huge impact recently with their postings and gathered a great momentum for a historic gathering, turning-point agenda and a gush of new supporters.

    Let’s not just sit cushily and let the rest of the world go by without further exploration.

    (((To infinity and beyond)))

  2. ##7 Sylvia

    I remember you stormed in all the way from Canada.
    And you left us laughing at the jokes corner.
    Sorry, to date you are heard and not seen. Why don’t
    you attend the activities, since you are searching
    for the pot of ‘belly’.

    Been single or divorced is part and parcel of life in
    another modern context of marriage and partnership. To each
    their own. Live life to the fullest. ” We are the child of
    the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here; no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” – quote from Desiderata.

    Stay positive and be happy.

  3. Dear guys,

    4000 members!!! Wow!

    I asked about anyone being on Facebook because SHC can start a group there and recruit new members there. Sort of like a link to this club. Sorry, for being kaypoh. I just wanted to help broaden the membership base here. :(

  4. Patrcik-L, do you know how to write the word “die”?

    It was exactly a month ago when I first met Marilyn. She keeps 2 essentials in her kitchen – food and the roller pin. The food goes to my heart; the roller pin has no eye and it can come down very hard.

    So you’ll be very lucky if they only bombard yr ears. What is more likely to befall you is this : they will tie you up and as you lie on the floor, squatting over you, the bombing starts. Know why nuke wont kill you but this bombing will? Hehe, think hard and smell harder…….. that’s where the answer is.

  5. Hi Rosalind,

    You are not being kaypoh, and glad you are interested in knowing more about SilverHairsClub and its members. One good point about SHC members is they all seem to know everything about the same thing. In other words, most members can answer the questions you posed, without having to refer to the founders.

    Take your time, and very soon, you will know every SHCian around you.

    Terence Seah

  6. Voted the new kaypoh Queen of SHC. Just join and a great kaypoh already. Past title of beauty queen redundant.

    I am going to sell ear-plug at Dan’s flea mart to save the average SHC to become deaf due to the decibels bombarding the ear-drum.

    Please be discreet ex- beauty queen. LOL Hahahahaaaa!

    LeePat. (Don Juan)

  7. Hi Lo Si Leng,

    Those are interesting questions, our founder Terence have not put any effort to extend our membership base. Except for an interview with ST where quite a few came to know and join SHC,most other efforts are by word of mouth.

    SHC permit singles and couple to join which make it non threatening for single to mingle and find soul-mate and other to meet new friend through our various activities.

    What is your reason for seekiing members in Facebook? As it is, the SHC website is thorough enough to handle most issues.

    Terence will have to answer you as regard his ambition to be The Club for 45s’ and above.

    By the way, the October 31 Flea mart and monthly gathering is upcoming. I intend to set up a membership booth and sorely need a woman of substance to run it, are you game?


  8. Rosalind-L, following are my answers.

    1.As of now, how many members are there in SHC?

    I dont hv the exact figure but long ago, as long as 365 days past, Sengh was very proud to tell me that the magical 4000 was being tested so we must hv crossed that number by now.

    2.Are there any married members (excluding me)?

    Majority are married although not everyone sign in with their spouses. Maybe, there’s more fun to make their halves guess what keep their wives outside and away from the kitchen, hubbies do the moonwalk looking so slick and threw away their walking stick, and all always so glued to this forum.

    3.Is there any member here in Facebook?

    Yes. I was invited but hv yet to sign up.

    4.Does SHC plan to expand its membership base and make it THE Numero Uno club for 45s’ and above?

    This is an aspiration but I am not so sure whether Sengh and his co-founders will want to consciously push it that far. It need zeal, time and effort. Perhaps, let nature take its own course and allow the evolution process to run thru itself?

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