SHC Mar 2018 monthly gathering at Jayleen Hotel, Sat 17 Mar 2018

  1. I am sure most of you have enjoyed the Lunar New Year festivities, the food, the drinks, the time with family and friends and the sights and sound. Let’s welcome the year.

This month’s monthly gathering has now been confirmed as follows:

  • Venue: Jayleen Hotel, 42 Carpenter Street, Nearest MRT Station: Raffles or Clarke Quay.
  • Date/time: Sat 17 Mar 2018, from 1400 hrs – 1800 hrs.
  • Mini buffet and free flow of tea/coffee.
  • Price: $15 per SHC member.  Deadline: 14 Mar 2018.
  • Price Non-member: $20 per pax.  As this is an EO event, strictly for SHC members only)
  • Price: After deadline: $25 per pax.

Payment to POSB Savings  542-10756-1, Treasurer Christina Chan.

Once payment made, please indicate date of transfer, the amount and the transaction reference in this forum for tracking purpose.

Please register your coming.  and do bring along your name tag.

Terence Seah

Registration list:

  1. Terence Seah (EO)
  2. SS James (pd)
  3. Seng Kim (pd)
  4. Peri (pd)
  5. Ann (pd)
  6. Susan (pd)
  7. Stella Sheng (pd)
  8. Steven Chan (pd)
  9. Maria Tan (pd)
  10. MM Chen (pd)
  11. AS Ee (pd)
  12. MS Wong (pd)
  13. Linda Chan (pd)
  14. Wu SC (pd)
  15. Bessie Lam (pd)
  16. Dolly Lim (pd)
  17. GingkoT (pd)
  18. Michelle Sim (pd)
  19. Lydia Poh (pd)
  20. Melody Kim Tan (pd)
  21. Andrew Koh (pd)
  22. Charles Wee (pd)
  23. Mega (pd)
  24. Richard Yee (pd)
  25. Jenny Ho (pd)
  26. Christine Teo (pd)
  27. Ronald Lam (pd)
  28. Daisy Wee (pd)
  29. Yatsing (pd)
  30. Sue Chan (pd)
  31. Catherine Yeo (pd)
  32. Wong Hong Jeng (pd)
  33. Lydia Chin (pd)
  34. Peng Peng (pd)
  35. Anna Lee (pd) &
  36. Henry Ong (pd)
  37. Rene Tay (pd)
  38. Lina Tan (pd)
  39. Mr &  Mrs KS Loh (pd)
  40. Mr & Mrs KS Loh (pd)
  41. Peter Loo (pd)
  42. Jennifer Lim (pd)
  43. Loh Yew Kwong (pd)

We shall close at 40 pax. Early bird Deadline:  14 Mar 2018.


126 thoughts on “SHC Mar 2018 monthly gathering at Jayleen Hotel, Sat 17 Mar 2018

    • James, very nice of you to kickstart the registration. It is always difficult to kmow if an event will be successful, who will come and how to make the event meaningful to the members who will turn up.

      But, I am always confident that members who have time, and like to meet other SHCians will come join us.

      Everytime, I see you, I think of dancing and turtle soup. You have always good ideas.

      Teence Seah

  1. For understanding, any registration for participation in any EO events will always be placed in the registration. I may not reply, but the registration will be acknowledged in the registration list.

    Terence Seah

  2. This Mar gatherimg, I thought it would ne nice to celebrate the birthdays of members borned in March. It is strange that even at our age, many of us are still shy to reveal our birthdate. Doesn’t really matter whether male or female.

    Tell us, if you are a March baby boomer. I will have a big cheese cake to celebrate this occasion during our Mar gathering. I have also prepared two candles; one for each cake.

    No shy. The club does not keep your birthdate as part of registration. Everyone is 45. So, I look forward to you sharing your birthday wishes, and in turn we sing you the birthday song.

    Terence Seah

  3. Terence,
    Should you say you have a birthday gift for me, I’ll whisper
    in your ear my birthdate hehe

    I love the month of March, the month of my birth!
    You asked… so here I share
    my advance birthday wishes for my friends and I….
    “A year full of fun, excitement, filled with joy and laughter;
    Forget what’s behind; focus on what is ahead;
    That we will always have a reason to rejoice;
    Be glad, Be kind and at peace with one another”.

    and Terence may serenade me the birthday song, in Thai also can haha

    As I will be away, will claim my slice of cheese cake when I next meet you :D
    Forget not, hor.

  4. Payment $15 received from StellaS and MariaT.

    Payment $45 received from SusanCH for herself, Peri and Ann.


  5. Next Sat 17 Mar, we shall have an afternoon tea, for our Club gathering. The hotel will prepare a few local dishes, desserts, coffee and tea. For those who have been here before, you would know this is a cosy place for a SilverHairsClub gathering.

    Add to this, a fellow member has organised music to accompany a dance afternoon. Jayleen hotel has a great sound system, so I am sure dancers can rock the afternoon.

    Please make your payment to our Teasurer to secure a place.

    A SilverHairsClub members event.

    Terence Seah

  6. Terence,
    Kindly register me since I was told that cycling had been rescheduled. Will transfer $15 soonest possible. Thank you and cheers.. Dolly

  7. The Sat 17 Mar 2018 program is out.

    When you arrive, please write your first and last name on the registration list. To encourage moving around, a member can seat anywhere, anytime, if the seat or sofa is empty. No chopping with tissue, or handbags.

    The tea dish set, coffee and tea starts the moment you arrive. Make yourself at home and you can chat the whole afternoon.

    2 – 4pm – Dancing starts.
    4 – 4.30pm – Line Dancing.
    4.30 – 6pm – Karaoke. Singers to bring own disc.

    Strictly for registered and paying SHC members only. We will close at 40 pax.

  8. Glad that our registration is moving up.

    I like to request to listen to this song which is posted at the top of this event on the 17 Mar 2018 monthly gathering.

    If you bring the music disc, and you sing this song during the karaoke segment, the Club shall offer the first singer of this song $15. Hope this is a refreshing idea and that this will allow enough time for some practice. Look forward eagerly.

    Terence Seah

    • Haha Terence. Which song do u want to hear? Initially it was Massachusetts by Bee Gees. But last night, I noticed the song has been changed to Wang shi zhi neng hui wei …. !

      By the way, is there someone to man the karaoke system? Or is it “free flow”…?

  9. Unlike social dance, line dancers are usually notified of the dances ahead of the jam in order that we can do some refreshing of the steps at home. You will see better participation there as we are well-prepared for the dances as there are 1001 dances for us to guess otherwise if there is no dance list.

    Rather than go there and make some dance request on the spot, can I put a dance list here for everybody to see and prepare themselves? Cos it’s more fun to see a bigger group dancing when line dancers are confident of their steps.

    Thank you.

  10. Hi SusanT,

    Re song sequence for Line dancing, we should make the segment enjoyable for line dancers. Meantime, share what you have in mind.

    I am no Line Dancer, so definitely we shall listen and adjust accordingly. Please suggest.

    Terence Seah

    • This is the dance list – I’ve chosen easy stress-free dances so everybody can come down to the floor and stomp together:

      Electric Slide
      Khoo Kaat
      One Step Forward
      Honky Tonk Stomp
      Cowboy Cha Cha

      Waltz Across Texas
      Silver Thread
      Tango with the Sheriff
      Rock around the clock
      Chillie cha cha/Magic cha cha

      Sweet Joana
      Vertical Expression
      Red Hot Salsa
      Come Dance with Me

  11. Hi StellaS,

    As we are holding this event in a hotel, we have always issues with corkage charges. I am sure some wine wil help loosen the atmosphere. For the moment, based on our discussions with hotel, we should not bring wine or liquor to the venue.

    Like all members, we are looking forward to a relaxing and pleasant afternoon. Let’s keep it this way.

    Terence Seah

  12. Dear Attendees,
    I can help to print a simple name card for those that needed them, please reply here your First and Last Name here. I will get these printed and give to you on the day of the meeting.

    After that, you can keep these name card for the next and/or future monthly gathering meeting lor..

    As I do not logon frequently, hence, I will have the cut off date for this request on 15 March 2018 2359 hours…

    Cheers.. Dolly

  13. Hi fellow SHCians,

    I have lost my mobile phone last night, and am hunting for a replacement. Meantime, no Whatsapp, only communication via this forum.

    SusanT, can you arrange to put the LINE dance songs into a USB or disc? We have 30 mins. I am not sure if USB can be used, but think about it first.

    Terence Seah

  14. Hi Terence & Christina,

    Please register myself, Catherine Yeo & Wong Hong Jeng.

    Payment of S$45.00 already transferred to Christina Chan 3 mins ago via OCBC Ref: 2018031302172903.


    • Hi SS,

      While Terence is busy sorting out his mobile phone issue, I’m helping him out with the registration for the moment.

      Mr & Mrs KS Loh – are you registering them now, cos they are not found in your earlier list of those attending. Anyway I’ve included them since you have paid on their behalf.

  15. Please register me and my wife Anna Lee for this event. I have just transferred $30, ref no. 20115018569.

    Thank you.
    Henry Ong
    (Date of transfer is today , 8.40 pm)

  16. Hi,

    I am new here. I would like to attend the coming gathering. Amount of $15 have been transferred. Reference no: 20115150427.



    • Hi ReneT,

      Welcome to the club. Have a great time and meet the members who are attending. :)
      $15 received.

  17. Hi Susan,
    thanks for your sharp lookout for Mr n Mrs K S Loh. I certainly posted their names in earlier posting but what happened I don’t really know. Perhaps it went into moderation n got stuck there.

  18. Hi PeterL,

    Are you the guy who called me that you have dropped in a two cheques being payment for this event?
    I checked thro the registered list, seems you have not registered.

    You need to register your name in this blog and advise your date of payment.

    Terence mentioned that event will close at 40pax. We will reserve a place for you.


    • Hi Peter Loo,

      further to your text msg today, awaiting your cheque $15 to clear.
      I can verify only on 24Mar.
      For now, we will take it that you have paid.

      Meanwhile, noticed you have not posted your registration in this blog.


      • Chris,

        Somehow, Peter’s text found it’s way at his own personal thread, so I shall reproduce what he says here:

        Hi, Christina Chan

        Yes , PeterLoo here . plI am the one posted two cheques each $15/- one of the cheque may be in

        error. If it goes through I may be paying twice in this event. Please inform Terence If you are going overseas.

        Thank You.

  19. Dear participant(s),

    If you have made payment, do indicate here by 14March 4pm.
    I will be away and will only check/verify payment earliest on 24March.
    The Treasurer

  20. The event shall close soon. Deadline for payment is today, as ChristinaC is off from 4pm.

    Please do not WhatsApp me during this time, as I have lost my mobilephone.
    Look forward to a geat afternoon.

    Terence Seah

  21. Hi Christina/Terence,

    My friend, Jennifer Lim (a new SHC member) would like to attend this event. However, she noticed that registration is already closed at full house of 40 pax. Can you kindly put her on waiting list? She’s a new member and this will be her first time attending an SHC event, and she was looking forward to attending. Pls advise if you can put her on waiting list?

    Lydia Chin

  22. Hi Chris,
    I’ve xferred $15/- fm my Dbs sav. to yr Posb sav. at 2.44p today 14/3/18 fm Rivervale Plaza Posb ATM. No receipt come out fm the machine.
    Kindly confirm receipt.
    Tks DaisyW

  23. This is to confirm payment $15 received from Daisy Wee and Christine Teo.

    Hi JenniferLim,
    Welcome to the club. Payment $15 received.


  24. Hi! Christina
    Please register me though the deadline was over, I hope I can still join you people on this Sat. The transfer was done via IB as follows :
    Transaction reference : 0120637472
    Amount : $25.00
    If can’t I am fine. Thanks.

  25. Today, weather report says Nice and warm”. Please enjoy the afternoon. Rather free and easy tea session. Get to know new and more friends. SilverHairsClub is here to provide this platform for everyone.

    Seats are limited. Please do not place your bags on seats. Anyone can seat anywhere, as long as you are not seating on it. This encourages moving around.

    We shall have a registration list, floating around. Please sign in with your tel number.

    Members who would like to volunteer to help the Club with support services, please catch me when you see me around. You may also approach any of the senior SHC members.

    See u later.

    Terence Seah

  26. This month, the Club shall start to celebrate the birthdays of members. I am not sure how members will react. But it does appear to me that most members are shy when it comes to birthdays and birth dates. Everybody is 45. We wont check your ID.

    Sometime, during this afternoon, we shall bring out two cheese cakes and 1 candle each. They have been made by Susan Tan CH’s son.

    We will announce the event time this afternoon. Lets gather together, and hopefully all March boys and girls will come up quickly. We will sing the global birthday song, cut the cake and let us give it a go.

    If the above goes well, we will do so for some future monthly gatherings.

    Terence Seah

  27. Our monthly gathering at Jayleen Hotel had a good turnout. The event met our Club”s expectation by providing a platform for SHCians to meet and discuss their interests. Such gatherings suits likeminded members.

    Ronald Lee provided the music with his talent with his computer sound system. Judging from floor response, the music brought guys and gals dancing on the limited dance area. Guess time was never enough. RonaldL is a one-man musician; and he is absolutely agile with connecting the various ends of the cables to bring us music. Thank you RonaldL.

    The singing Karaoke segment started with Jennifer Lim singing this gathering theme song. and accompanied by Lydia Chin. Personally, I was impressed by the confidence and entertainment displayed. Thank you for singing this song. I appreciate it.

    The thought of a monthly gathering with food and music advanced to an other level with birthday celebrations for our March babies. Gee, we had 4 March babies. Susan Tan CH offered to make two cheese cakes, to be designed and baked by her son. With two candles each, Susan lead this segment, with a bright Happy Birthday song by RonaldL. Thank you SusanT for bringing this creative cheese cakes to the gathering.

    There are more people in the background who had helped to make this event run smoothly. Thank you very much.

    Terence Seah

  28. Yeah, it was great… thanks Terence. Would u be doing a similar one for April? What’s the date, so that we can log into our calendar early.

  29. Well done event terrence,
    I grade 5 stars.
    Hope that shc monthly event included dancing and is a closed event.
    Much better than food court .
    Very enjoy for my self.

    Looking forward for April event similar to.this

    Cheer !


  30. Dear Yew Kwong,

    My account reflected 4payments on 14Mar. After this date, there were no deposits received.
    Please check which account was $25 transferred to.


  31. Hi PeterL,

    This is to confirm only 1 of your cheques $15 was cleared. Another cheque was reversed out. Kindly check your bank account/statement.


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