Happy New Year to all my friends!

Today is the first day of the Bunny Year and I wish everyone all the best for Year 2011.

I was with the Teo brothers last night and I told them to visit you. They are TEO Beh Pio. TEO Tua Chye,

TEO To To and TEO 4D. Please welcome them to your home when they visit you.



Author: Rosalind LEE

Happily married. 3 grown up children, 2 of whom are married. Grandmother of 2. Stopped working since 2003. Currently spends time on the internet, reading, cooking and/or helping out with the care of the grandkids. DOJ: Sep 2009

6 thoughts on “GONG XI FA CAI!”

  1. Ros,

    Can you send these 4 brothers to my frens by the names of
    Teo Long and Teo Mah. They need the other 4 Teos to come
    back to their family for a re-union, haha.

  2. Andrew

    We are so blessed with such Surname ” Thio AH” and Huat Ah ..


    Wishing all members A Happy Chinese New year….

    Karen Thio Thio Thio

  3. Alamak, Roselind,

    SHC already got Andrew Thio Tua Chye and Karen Thio Beh Pio.

    They are going to Lily’s tomorrow. You can go and rub them for good luck. Of course Samm Huatx3 is also there but must have permission first.

    Good luck

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