A Blessed and Bountiful 2021 New Year!

On behalf of Terence and all Moderators, Admins, EOs and Group Leaders

Today is the end of 2020 and tomorrow will be the beginning of our own 365-page book… No one can go back in time to change what has happened. So work on your present to make yourself a Wonderful Future

Be PROUD of, one that excites – one that you are not itching to get to the end of….

Be RIDICULOUSLY happy to wake up and be a part of every single day…

After all, we are the writer of our own life to blow our own mind……

Here is a TOAST to all our futures, to our past, definitely to all our friends far and near. May our SHCians remains as a family filled with joy and sunshine…

Looking forward to more greetings n wishes from each and every one through this page and let us know we care… Do pen down your wishes here…….

Sally Foo

Author: Sally Foo

SHC1703 Introduced by ex-classmate Joo Tian. Married. I am in F&B industries for many years. Enjoy food and travelling. Love singing Karaoke with buddies. Date joined 22.3.2017.

10 thoughts on “A Blessed and Bountiful 2021 New Year!”

  1. 2020 – LOCKDOWN, the acronym
    Limited movements outside
    Outbreak “surge”
    Contagious coronavirus
    Keep social distance
    Droplet transmission
    Oxygen and mechanical ventilator
    Wash hands
    N-95 mask

    2021 – VACCINE, the acronym
    Vaccines available
    Aim for herd immunity
    Crowding discouraged
    Infection curve flattened
    Novel strain
    Essential services available

    The old year is gone, ????????
    A New Year dawns. ??????????????????

  2. I want to wish in 2021
    All for a better year and the virus gone
    like wave of the magic wand
    Everyone in the world stay safe
    Economic resume in fast pace

    I want to wish in 2021
    We meet people with no more safe distancing
    We walked around without wearing mask on our face

    I want to wish in 2021
    No more reports of virus testing positive
    No more staying at home notice
    Children back to school with no worries

    I want to wish in 2021
    All the countries can stay unity
    Like we learned the lesson in twenty twenty (2020)

    I want to wish in 2021
    Last and not least
    To wish each and everyone of you
    All the blessing and the best in whatever you are pursuing

    By June Peh

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