Potluck Picnic at the Park – Saturday 19th May 2012

(This activity is in conjuction with May’s Monthly

Dear fellow SHCians,

I have not organized any activity for quite some time and hopefully (crossing my fingers), some members will find the time, the day and the date of this Potluck Picnic convenient for them to join. My thanks to Dan Huang and Charles Chua for making the trip with me to recce the park on Monday 30th April’s morning. We have unanimously agreed on an excellent spot that is near the main road, bus stop and toilet facility. There is a sort-of shelter from the heat but not from the rain, lots of benches, grassy ground, trees and a lovely view of the cleaned-up Kallang River.

In my previous thread I received offers of help in provision of food and transportation from some members. I am very grateful for their kindness.

Details of this activity are as follow:-

  • E.O.s– Rosalind Lee, Dan Huang & Charles Chua
  • Day/Date    : Saturday 19th May 2012
  • Time           : 3.30 pm – 6.00 pm
  • Venue         : Meeting Point 2, Kallang Riverside Park
  • Map    : http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel/travel_id_19398/travel_site_1/

Meeting Point 2 is at the spot nearest to the pedestrian bridge linking the park to Crawford Street. If you look at the map, it is at the bottom left. There is a toilet facility near the spot we’re to meet.

What to Bring

  1. Yummy food or hot/cold drinks or disposable paper plates/cups/refuse bags. 
  2. A mat or plastic sheet if you prefer to sit on the grassy patches. 
  3. Foldable deck chairs if you have your own mode of transport.
  4. Hats/Caps/Umbrellas in case it rains…..:p

Members who are keen to join this activity will get to enjoy a relaxing afternoon picnicking with other members and taste the various dishes made/cooked/bought amidst serene surroundings.

Please register early stating what type of food you’ll be bringing. Kindly refrain from duplicating the same dish a member has already offered to bring (except for drinks/fruits).


Registration List

  1. Rosalind Lee – assorted sandwiches
  2. Sam Goh – ponchos/fruits/SHC banner
  3. Susan CH Tan – Lor Bak; Khong Bak; Lor Nerng & rice
  4. Dolly Lim – Sam will bring extra share on my behalf lor..
  5. Lily Ho – bringing something
  6. Johnny Pow – sushi
  7. Annie Tan – as above
  8. Janie Leong – disposable paper plates/cups/refuse bag
  9. Gabriella Chua – finger foods, chicken nuggets
  10. Charles Chua – cakes
  11. Tan Li Li – fruits
  12. Winnie Tan – Brown rice vegetarian beehoon & maybe a fruit cak
  13. Pearl Wong – bringing something
  14. Kenneth Tan – fruit punch
  15. Dan Huang – fruits/drinks
  16. Thomas Loh – fruits & drinks 
  17. Judy Lim – egg tarts
  18. Shirleen Kao – titbits
  19. Dennis Tan – chicken wings
  20. Bobby Bok – bringing something
  21. Rose White – bringing something
  22. Christina Chan – bringing something
  23. Sarah Zahriah – mee goreng
  24. Grace Ng – bringing something
  25. Marge Tan – bringing something
  26. Ronald Lam – bringing something
  27. Ann Lim – bringing something
  28. Lilian Teo – onde onde
  29. Karen Ng- putu piring
  30. Barbara Lim – bringing something
  31. Winnie Lim – titbits
  32. Karen Thio – curry puffs
  33. Rosalind Soh – pineapples
  34. H.C. Lee – beer and nuts
  35. Sue Tan – kueh salat
  36. John Howe – chin chow
  37. Susan Tan SW – salad
  38. Oi Cheng – chwee kueh
  39. C.J. – as above
  40. Christina Phau – canned food
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Author: Rosalind LEE

Happily married. 3 grown up children, 2 of whom are married. Grandmother of 2. Stopped working since 2003. Currently spends time on the internet, reading, cooking and/or helping out with the care of the grandkids. DOJ: Sep 2009

111 thoughts on “Potluck Picnic at the Park – Saturday 19th May 2012”

  1. Hi Rosalind, Dan and participants to this Potluck cum picnic,

    Sounds like everybody had a good time at the event. I hope the new members get to meet new friends. So, food was the attraction. Exactly what our recent survey indicated.

    Men, I still have no solution. I would welcome any small or big ideas on how to reverse the situation. Aiyah, dont worry, let us focus on Potluck or home-cooked Potluck.

    Terence Seah

  2. Ref: 108 and 109


    Agreed with Rosalind’s comments at #109. All the men were fully awake during the picnic from 3.30 – 6 pm. The stimulant seems to be the good home-cooked food, fresh air, beautiful scenery and beautiful ladies, of course.

  3. #108 Tian Soo,

    I cannot put a face to your name even if I have met you before. This is due to my poor memory for names/faces and not because of dementia.

    I hope to clarify this. Johnny DID NOT fall asleep during the picnic but only after, when a group of ladies and him went to MBS. It’s only natural for him to have a nap at the Skypark after an afternoon of feasting at the picnic.

    When you said you ‘did not turn up for the function’ I read it as the function meaning the picnic because the visit to MBS was by invite only. NONE of the guys were sleepy at the picnic for your information.

    Please be more specific with your reference to ‘function’ as I take affront to categorization of the picnic as a ‘sleep-inducing’ activity.

    If readers feel I am wrong, please correct me.


  4. Johnny #106

    Johnny,my new friend.

    You escorted 5 ladies to one of the most scenic and romantic place in Singapore and proceed to fall asleep. You also ask where are the SHC men.

    I think we should discuss why you fall asleep, it may well be the same reason why we see few men in SHC functions. And if we know the reason Terence can fix it.

    Is it because we men are already worn out by the time we reach 45? What can we do to prevent you from sleeping or worst still, like me, who did not turn up for the function.

    Maybe we men need some stimulant, but what stimulant.

    What do man want, really?

  5. Hi Johnny Pow @ 106,

    With regard to your question ( Where is the men ? )

    In SHC the men are ” endangered species” hiding in the bushes. Ha! ha! :)

  6. Hi Rosalind,

    Thank you for organising yesterday potluck picnic. This event provide Annie and me an opportunity to catch-up with those we met before and others the first time. There are many varieties of food. I think I eat every 15 mins. :) We also enjoy the group games lead by Dan & May. In one of the game I was ask to approach and name 5 members. All that I approached were ladies. Where is the men? Hope more men to join in for the next event. :)

    The day seems not long enough, we join May, Clara, Ann and Sarah to Marina Bay Sand. Again, all ladies and me only man. :) Spend some time at its Skypark. Good view. Manage to take a short nap at the pool deck while the ladies chit chat. :) The hotel room is amazing…high-tech. Thanks to May Woo for leading us there. She can be good PR for MBS. :)

    Both Annie and me look forward to joining more events organise by voluntary EOs.

  7. Hi Rosalind, Dan and Charles

    Thank you very much for organising the Potluck Party today.
    I thoroughly enjoyed it. My only regret is that I had a
    heavy lunch and did not have much room to sample all the good food.


  8. Dear all,

    Wahhhhh, you wonderful people beat me in the post-mortem post!

    I want to thank everyone for TURNING up in full force and the attendance was 100%! There were one or two late registrants and everyone brought either food, desserts or drinks. Those who cooked were indeed master chefs! There were sedap food and no wastage as uneaten food were shared and brought home for family members.

    I am glad for fellow members who care for each other and no one was left alone or isolated. Our newcomer Sue Tan experienced the SHC spirit of warmness that you and I are sure have made her feel she was welcomed.

    Alamak! Here I go again, long-winded…:(

    Thank you soooo much my SHC brothers and sisters!

    Ros – Loh Si leng

  9. Hi Rosalind, Dan & Charles

    Thank you very much for all your efforts in organising the picnic for us this afternoon. It was really enjoyable, the food was good and there was good fellowship among SHC friends.

    SHC really got talent ~ you’ll be surprised at the culinary skills of some of the SHCians!

    Last but not least, the weather was fine and the picnic site just right for the event.

    Cheersssssss to all…………

  10. Weather forecast says Partly Cloudy. However, weather forecasts from NEA got to be taken with a pinch of salt.

  11. #100 Terence,

    Sorry for missing your call, Terence. I am confident the members who are going to the picnic will be game enough to ensure they have fun. :)

    The weather’s lovely as of now and I pray it will be cooler in the later afternoon. Anyway we are prepared for the elements to change and having a wet picnic will be quite a novelty…hahaha

    I have late registrants but never mind. As long as everyone bring something edible or drinkable to share with others, that’s good enough. Empty-handed participants will be getting the ‘eye’ from me….hahahaha

    Too bad you cannot be with us, Terence. Wherever you are right now, you have fun too.


  12. Rosalind,

    If you have a whistle, bring along. it’s a great way to gather the guys and gals together. Have fun.

    Terence Seah

  13. Hi Rosalind

    I am lucky to have someone or 2 persons who prepared the food.

    Lilian and Ann, thank you for cooking. See you there.

    may woo

  14. Hi Rosalind

    Hope it’s not too late to register now. I just managed to settle the urgent important tasks and 1 more to go before I can rush over to Kallang riverside potluck picnic. I might be late though. Guess it’s better late than never, right.

    I don’t want to miss this great picnic. HOpe it will be a cool and breezy afternoon. I need to avoid the uv rays (doctor’s advice).

    Hi Sam (di di or kor kor)

    I hear you la… No Frisna but got May May here. I will run the games if Rosalind doesn’t mind. I plan to do

    a) Hi-5 ice-breaker
    b) Group game (no runnning around. Must think out of the box)
    c) Number calling (forfeit will be singing with the guitarist)
    d) Matching/Pairing (All participants must be observant)

    Enough?? If not enough, I can still think of something else (no need to use any props)

    Hi Pearl

    I also hear you la. Here I come again. See you later.
    Got to run off now.

    may woo

  15. Hello Constance #94.
    Glad you could join us. Will look out for you @ Lavendar.
    See ya.
    Rgds Win

  16. Hi guys!!

    It’s D-day today the 19th and I’m so looking forward to our gathering! The weather looks promising and hot so Sam’s ponchos can be used as ground sheets… and the banner too!

    There will be a parade… of the ladies from Lavender Station with pink trolleys and a troupe of serenading guitars.

    Ten persons will be bringing “something” for our mystery quiz and I just hope that someone brings a can opener for the canned food!

  17. Hi Ros,

    Sorry for last minute registering – as I’m able to come to picnic now as prior appointment is postphoned.
    Will bring mingzhang kueh.

    Winnie & group @ Lavender Station – I’ll meet you ladies too!

    Thank you.

  18. Hi Lilian,

    Oh yah, definitely will be present at the picnic even rain or shine as I don’t want to miss the chance this round having your home made onde onde. Lolx.

    Hi Roseline,

    Actually would like to change my mind bring the banana hoon kueh which I learned from Lilian, however I can’t get the banana leaf, so I will bring the eggs tarts.
    Thank you for the effort & arranging. Look forward to have the fun gathering with everyone.


  19. #91 oi cheng jie & ah kor cj ,

    whew whew steady pom pi pi lah , so loooooooooooong we all never meet liao hor..especially cj handsome & super fit u almost went into MIA hor…

    so our pasir ris guitar john hawe ah kor ,u chin chye bring makan har ? hahahaha know lah chin chow herbal drinks good lei can ve no cold 1 bo har ? cos lua lan can not take cold lor…

    aiyo this gila game master frisna , bo lai poh mia hor ( register )calling 1 ,2 & ……

    sam huat huat

  20. Rosalind (#81), no need for apologies. Thanks for the opportunity to mingle.

    Winnie (#79), glad that I will be able to pick you out of the crowd! Thanks.

  21. Hi Ros, done my khong bak liao – last night braised slowly, slowly…. tomorrow i get the chinese bun from market. So I’m still on, waiting for your reward, remember?

    Hi Win, see you at Lavendar mrt with my pretty pink trolley of foodies.

    And Kenneth, because you unabashedly declare your tastebud for the khong bak, I’ll reserve one share for you. You want an egg too? No guarantee it’s good though. But no good must still say good, ok, or there will be no more offerings next time.

    It’s all systems go, the “inaugural” picnic for SHC, right Terence?

  22. Hi Rosalind,

    Please include me and I will be bringing Salad.

    Susan TanSW

  23. #76 ah lillian jie my full moon party in phuket tour ,

    aiyo mai jealous & snatch xiao di food hor….

    wait hor…i hungry lei!!! muah chee is 1 of my favotite snack cos any things dat ve NUTS will make me go NUTS LAH..

    now feeling much betta liao after whack ang mo ubat..make me high & stone de whole day…tis morning had a good lim kopi with lua tua tian soo …

    sam huat huat.

  24. Well done Rosalind and Dan,

    The picnic looks like it is coming to shape very well. This is a great opportunity for SHCians to socialise and get to know more friends. I am sure there is a lot to talk about when it comes to food, or guitar or board games.

    For members who have always not been able to attend weekday gatherings because of work, this Saturday picnic has been specially organised for you too. I like to encourage you to quickly register and let the organisers know by tonight.

    It is only appropriate to show up at the picnic when one has registered to come. I hope everybody will also do their share to keep the place clean.

    Thanks again Ros, Dan and all participants.

    For participants, please bring along your name tag, so that other members can get to know your name.

    Terence Seah

  25. Dear all,

    Everyone one the list has been notified to bring either food/drinks or whatever’s edible. There will be a good food variety and the amount you bring is up to you. We will not waste food for sure so if there are leftovers, Sam can lead the guys to ‘sau ka liao’….:p

    This picnic is already a success, all thanks to participants!


  26. #82 John Howe,

    Noted John. Your name’s in the list. Looking forward to seeing you and the rest.


  27. Hi Rosalind, Dan n Charles,

    Thanks for working so hard for us. Please include me. I’ll be coming with a pot of ice-cold liang liang (chin chow).


  28. Sue Tan, my apologies for omitting to include your name in the list. I’ve already updated the list.

    Forgive this lao chabor’s forgetfulness….


  29. Dear all,

    THANK YOU for getting into the spirit of the activity! I am so blessed to have such great company for the picnic. Everyone is so ONZ….contributing time, money, effort and energy.

    This is a SHC activity and credit goes to everyone who participates.

    See you all


  30. Dear Ladies,
    I will be waiting for you all at Lavendar MRT Station – Control Tower – 3pm. I will be carrying a large green cooler bag.
    (1) Tan Li Li
    (2) Sue Tan
    (3) Rosalind Soh
    (4) Gabriella
    (5) Karen Ng
    (6) Susan CH Tan
    (7) and myself
    See you all tomorrow. Advisable to wear pants / bermudas for comfortable seating on the ground.

  31. Lilian

    I was telling Sam u taught us the “muah Chi” , then he jumped sooo high and insist I must make some for him..

    No promise la … see if timing is right , I will make some for him …. Tis kind soul will sure to share with u but don hv the Teacher’s Standar Hor !!!!!

    C U .


  32. Hi Ros,

    I will bring home-made Onde Onde.

    I jealous lah. Why only bring food for Sam di di ?
    So, lookout !! we will all “snatch” loh.


  33. Hi Winnie and Gabriella,

    My friend Karen Ng will be at Lavender MRT station, too.

  34. Hi Winnie

    Just to reconfirm that the following will be meeting at Lavender MRT station, control room:

    Winnie Tan
    Tan Li Li
    Sue Tan
    Rosalind Soh

    C u all tmr…………

  35. Hi Winnie,

    Yes, I will be bring disposable forks n spoons for all sumptuous food.


  36. Sam Huat

    I will bring a small knife on that day , remind me when u pick
    me up.

    ** I will be bring Curry Puff and something for Sam Huat (alone) hor..


  37. #67 ah roselind jie ,

    pan sim lah….yr xiao di hor oredli ve dat plan abt sitting on de grass..i ve a big roll of plastic wrapper where by for inds use to wrap thier stuff type..aa ming bei bo lah ?so no kow yah ( ants ) will bite de kar chng lor..

    aiyo i ask for de 3good good buddies for tolong tolong to bring de PARANG toh to cut fruits cos my huse 1 hor..given by dolly too long bo use ..say san ( rusty ) liao lah…

    so calling karen thio ,thomas loh & roslind jie any 1 of u can bring de PARANG toh bo har ? mai ho wu lua kuei lei!!!
    (dun make me embrass me ) wrong spelling hor…

    so we ve another roselind mei ti coming hor…
    with sarawark & hawallian ong lye ong lye…chiak liao tio tao pio ( 1st prize ) wan wan lye wan wan lye !!! any1 bring huat kueh bo lah !!!hahahaha ..i sam huat hor kena bad flu for few days liao kana sai ker bei ho kay..

    dun give a damn lah..saturday rain or shine ..100% me sam huat huat COMING hor….

  38. Hi HC,

    Yes, your bringing the guitar along and doing some strumming with the group would give the Potluck a lift. Thank you; and I hope this will inspire more SHCians to pick up guitar lessons. Sorry, I cannot join you and as I down under.

    Terence Seah

  39. Hi Ros, Dan and Charles,
    I am urge to bring a guitar to the picnic and do some strumming with others regd with the guitar group. Unfortunately, Terence can’t come now and I wonder if the guitar session is going ahead. Anyway, weather permits, I will come with one other member of the guitar group, to the picnic. I will bring along 3 pcs of paper in case anyone wished to strum and sing-a-long the selected songs. I am thinking of bringing Beers and Nuts, if that’s ok.

  40. Dear all,

    Heng ah, you wonderful people can still post….with so many other members’ posting their activities, etc…this thread kana push down to dunno where. Need to type ‘Potluck’ in the search box then can find it.

    If any of you are reading this and attending the picnic, please bring along an umbrella (for hot sun or rain lor). If you have a foldable plastic mat, it’ll be great for sitting on the grass as there are limited park chairs there. Arbo gotto squat….:p Foldable chairs are a hassle to bring so the best is a mat or a piece of cloth where you can rest your butts…:p

    Picnics are fun but we must all be prepared for a-n-t-s! The guys can stomp the ants to death but we should be pretty safe if we choose our spot to picnic carefully.

    There is a canopy that’s covered with flowering plants on the exposed roof. Not that great a shelter for rain but for hot sunny afternoons, it is perfect!

    Enough loh loh soh soh…see you guys!


  41. Hi EOs

    Thanks for all the effort. I am coming.
    I will bring pineapples.


  42. Hi Janie Leong (#8 on the registration list),
    Will you be bringing disposable forks and spoons too? We will need these for the Mee Goreng and Fried Bee Hoon? If not, let me know.
    Thanks and see you soon.

  43. halo halo ah roselind jie ,

    chi pai jiak lar liao.. ( this time trouble )..i ve order some oranges , apples , pear…but de knife ( dolly gave me ) too long never use den kena RUSTY liao….so hor..now must call for bro thomas loh , karen thio or u jie to bring not parang just a sm sm knife hor.. so can u all any 1 tolong tolong bo har ?

    also pls register karen thio….she 2 bo eng to poh mia..also ask me say hor..she will bring 100kilo shark fin ..100 kilo bird nest 100 cans of abalone ..oops bo lah…just kidding 1 how can anyhow kill SHARK har ?

    tired of living har ? she will bring some makan but say i cannot kong 1 hor….so those coming but still ve not make up yr mind wat to bring har ? ..curry ayam..bu bu cha cha ,agar agar, chiken wings,prawn cracker, prawn mee , some noya kueh, nuts & beers lah….

    wah lua now i kuay bak liao ai KOON liao lah….

    goooddd nitteeee hiah ti jie mui ( brothers & sister )

    sam huat huat

  44. Those who drive, take note:

    From Kallang Road, turn into Kampong Bugis and drive all the way to where the river is. Just next to Meeting Point 2 is the public car.


  45. Rosalind,

    I will bring cut fruits.

    Bring your kites if you have one and let’s it fly in the sky.


  46. Hi Rosalind,

    I have to apologise that I will not be able to attend this Potluck because of a change in my travel schedule. Wont be able to bring my guitar too.

    I wish everybody will enjoy the Potluck by the river.

    Terence Seah

  47. Hi Ros,

    Please include Karen Ng. She has problem logging in. She will be bringing putu piring.

  48. Hi EOs
    Please include us. Will decide wat to bring later.
    Tks for organising.
    Lilian Teo/Ann Lim

  49. Hi Eo s,
    Please register Marge Tian ,Ronald Lam N Moi(grace)
    Will decide later what to bring.

  50. Hi! Rosalind & Team

    Pls register my name for the abv occassion.
    Will find my way to the park with Mee Goreng fr Beach Rd FC. See you there.

  51. Thank you, Winnie (#31) Li Li (#32) Gabriella (#33)

    I am so looking forward to my first SHC outing. I must admit I am rather nervous about going to an event where I know absolutely no one, given that I am already an old hen who should know better. Your welcome helps!

  52. Dear EOs,

    only after tonight, then, will know if I can make it hence, the delay… but cant resist,, with return of Kenneth’s Fruit punch + WinnieT rum whisky cake, aiyo, I must try best to reshuffle my dates! not forgetting curry chicken! yum yum

    Kenneth, pls add more Punch to your fruit punch! & WinnieT more rum&whisky? emmmm, it is not about alcohol… :D

    Kenneth, agreed it is all about Food haha but eh, I do not know what to bring, oh dear, foodstalls near home closed by 1pm! can I, may I bring per your request #49!? me, no cook, leh!… :(


  53. Sam didi, you can give the members whatever you want at the picnic….:) Eh! How about giving your bank account no…mwahahaha…joking nia lah!

    Thank you for jio-ing your gang…me no gang yet….:(


  54. #43 ah roselind jie ,

    okay .bo boon tay lah ( no problem ) will bring on dat day…i also like to ask , my neighbour ve given me abt 100pcs of plastic clapper & paper windmill…can give to those who re present lor….aa sai bo lah ?

    ah karen thio , i bo tuah ang tiong hor…just like to chat & meet u lah..we so looong no meet up hor….

    wu lai bo lah ? ( coming or not )

    sam huat huat huat

  55. Hey Rosalind,

    I just ask and they love the fun .. there we go!
    You’ve listed my name twice ..
    can delete No 15 unless there’s another PearlW.
    Glad there’s a carpark nearby .. yeah!

  56. #50 Pearl Wong,

    I replied to you via email but I also want to thank you for
    gathering more members to join the picnic.


  57. Hallo Rosalind #40 & 41,

    You forgot I told you I will help ferry food & barang barang only meh?
    Of cos with the ‘chef’ in tow lah., I didnt say I am joining in the picnic wor.

    Anyway, now that you called out to me, I’ll come with ..
    1. Judy Lim – tarts
    2. Shirleen Kao – titbits
    3. Dennis Tan – chicken wings
    4. Bobby Bok – decide later
    5. Rose White – ”
    6. me – ”

    So, is there parking near the picnic venue or ….?
    Do I pick you with your food & stuffs or you drive?

  58. Hey!

    We need contributors for toilet paper and maybe charcoal tablets… immodium and/or lumotil… with all the mix of food, fruit and fizz that we’re getting!

  59. Hi Rosalind,

    I will be coming for the event and bring some fruits/drinks.
    As for Sam i will be joining you, thanks for reminding me.


  60. And Rosalind, Dan,

    I am coming to the Potluck and monthly gathering, and with my guitar. I need to show off the new toy, and I look forward to all beginners and experienced ones coming together for a beginners’ jam.

    And fellow SHC members,

    Come with your fellow SHC friends too. It’s a Saturday.

    Terence Seah

  61. Hi Dan #34

    I cannot help but attend this riverbank party now that the lor bak and kong bak are back on! Haha Dan! It is about the food!

    And Winnie #35 I seldom take beehoon except in Mee Siam but your rum and whiskey fruitcake… yummy!

    I shall contribute my fruit punch which is a mystery ingredient challenge…

    And I know who the secret contributor of chicken curry is… he’s afraid of getting sued if eating the curry makes you run…

  62. YES!!! Thanks a million Terence! I did try to align the text but somehow it kept on reverting to the messy layout…:(


  63. Hi Rosalind,

    I did some tidying of the Post. Hope it is ok with you.

    Terence Seah

  64. Sam didi, can bring the banner on that day bo? I making assorted sandwiches, wait I remember the loh tee forget the banner wor.

    Kum siah

  65. halo ah roselind jie ,

    i , oredli get my tua jie to fix up special SHC pot luck banner liao….u , want 2 keep it 1st bo ?

    or .i bring it on dat day lor….

    calling karen thio & yr gang bo lai support har ?also hor, bro thomas loh , hou chong ,lua ta tian soo , charles chus
    mai wait for xmas lei !!

    sam huat huat

  66. Calling Christina Pan & Pearl Wong!

    Please post and state the type of picnic food you’ll be bringing.

    Thank you

  67. Dear members who registered,

    Thank you all so very much for making an effort to cook/prepare the lovely dishes you intend to bring to the picnic! We’re all going to have fun and if you don’t back out at the last minute I have something in store for all of you…hehehe. Don’t you love a good surprise?

    Pearl Wong! Where are you?


  68. Hi Sue,
    Sure thing. The more the merrier. See you at Lavendar MRT Control Tower – 3pm. Looking forward to seeing you.
    Cheers, win

  69. oh forgot can the ladies group congregating at Lavender MRT pl include me for the rendezvous at 3.00 pm?

  70. Hi Ros, Sorry to keep in suspense for so long but now I can confirm going. Khong bak, lor bak, lor neng and chinese bun to make it complete – will happily do so. See la, got good mood might add more things in the potpourri. Plus white rice for the carbo people!


  71. Hi there Kenneth Tan (#30),
    My fried Vegetarian Bee Hoon is something you must not miss lah, if good food is what you are looking for. No gluten – only fresh vegetables are used. Must come, after all the trouble I take to cook for you. I see you have a sweet tooth. If you come, I will bake you a special fruit cake – a yummy rum & whisky fruitcake. How’s that? Still want to go for your Turtle Soup?
    BR win

  72. As usual this an initiative by the members for the members, All are invited to attend where opportunity abounds to make new friend and bond with the old.

    We missed having a monthly gathering in April. Good to have it differently this time at the park. Terence and the guitarists will be there to entertain us.

    Ten more days to go, those of you who indicated your preferences in the various board games may take this opportunity to come and find members who share with you similar interest here.

    And…..Kenneth must you have a very good reason to attend beside the foods?


  73. Dear all who responded,

    Thank you so much for looking at my post and giving your comments. I appreciate your interest in the topic regardless of whether you’ll be attending or not.

    Thanks to all who wants to join in the picnic. I’d love a small group but if Dan wants this event to be SHC’s May monthly meeting then I reckon this might be the smallest group of members in a monthly meeting! :p

    Whatever it is, rain or shine we’ll hold the picnic. I’ll pray for good weather ideal for our event.


  74. Hi Sue #25

    C u at Lavendar MRT station at 3 pm. on that day.


  75. Hello Sue (#25),
    Welcome, welcome. I will look out for you at Lavendar MRT Station – Control Tower – 3pm. Looking forward to your Kueh Salat. Yum, yum.

  76. Oh, oh!

    Looks like Mary’s banana has crumbled! And there’s no more kueh-mueh to look forward to from Caroline. Top that with the disappearing lor bak from Susan and I can’t help but withdraw my planned participation…

    Maybe better call Tian Soo to go to Jalan Bersih for shark and turtle soup!

  77. Dear Ros

    My thousand apologies. I have to withdraw cos my daughter needs my help at the market’s stall as she has two events for that day. One in the morning n another in the evening so will have to miss cycling too.


  78. Aiyah Rosalind Lee,
    I have to withdraw from the potluck picnic. My WEC BBQ falls on the same day. I’m in the committee and I have to be there.
    So sorry about this.
    Some other time perhaps. You all have a good time.

  79. Hi Ros,

    Include me in the fun. I’ll bring fruits.

    Hey Winnie and Gabriella,

    I’ll meet you at Lavender MRT at 3pm.

  80. Hi Ros
    sound fun. would like to join but have wedding to attend after work…next time ya

  81. Hi Rosalind
    I am a newly-registered member and would like to join you and the others signed up for this picnic. I will bring kueh salat.

    Hi Gabriella, Li Li, Winnie
    I am not familiar with the area so I will show up at Lavender MRT at 3pm looking lost. Wait for me please? Thanks much.

    Sue Tan

  82. Hi Rosalind & Dan

    Tks for organising this event. Pl include me. I’ll bring some finger food – chicken nuggets.


  83. Hi Winnie #21

    So sweet of you dear ~ Ok let’s meet at 3 pm at Lavendar MRT control station.


    Warmest regards,

  84. No worries Gabriella.
    I can wait for you & others @ Lavendar MRT Control Tower.
    Shall we meet at 3pm?

  85. Hi Li Li
    I wd like to go but not sure of the way. Would you like to meet me at Lavendar MRT station and we go together?

    Hi Rosalind & Dan

    I wd like to join in if I can find my way there.
    Will wait for reply from Tan Li Li.

    Thanks & cheers,

  86. Yes I hear you Winnie.

    Cup cakes no cream still nice but Ang Mo carrot cake must have cream cheese topping otherwise no kick lah. We were suppose to have tea one day but still not done yet. Will make for you when you have tea at a later date k?


  87. Hi Li Li,

    From the map when you come out from Lavendar MRT pass the ICA Building and look for Crawford St, walk along the river and pass Southbank condo. You will spot a pedestrian bridge, cross the bridge you will see a shelter area where Meeting Point 2 is.

    There is only bus service 100 with a stop along Crawford St. If you stop at kallang MRT, the walk is slightly longer. Hope I dun confuse anybody here.


  88. Calling Caroline….. save a cupcake for me. I am coming. Any chance of an English Carrot Cake – no need cream-cheese icing?

    Hi Ros, Dan & Charles, Thanks for organising. I will bring Brown-Rice Vegetarian BeeHoon.


  89. #14 Li Li,

    Please refer to the post where I have edited and clarify where the spot of our picnic will be held. My apologies.


  90. I cant find Meeting Point 2 on the Map. (I can only find Meeting Point 3).

  91. Hi Rosalind,

    Please include me and I will bring disposable cups, plates, forks & spoons and refuse bags. Thanks….


  92. Hi there Ros

    I’ll be out of town that weekend. Sorry. Have fun though.


  93. Hi Rosalind,

    Annie Tan and me would like to join your potluck picnic cum Dan’s monthly gathering. We will make sushi.

  94. Rosalind,

    Please go ahead and correct the text breaks, and start the registration process.

    While my schedule is rather tight, i shall make effort to come, shall know next week. I am learning how to make smooth Tau Huay.

    Terence Seah

  95. Ros Dear

    YES! Please register Dolly, Lily and Caroline for the picnic.

    And Xiao Di, yes I hear you shouting for cup cakes but cannot put butter cream leh because of our weather.

    Will probably bring cup cakes or some kuih muih.


  96. Ros, I can do lor bak and bring some white rice along. Goes very well with the chicken curry from the Secret contributor. However, I have a sudden family commitment – let’s wait and hope it will not clash.

  97. Sorry for the word “shit”, should be “shift”. hahaha…lunch time now lah.

    Ah Nee

  98. Hi Rosalind,

    Thank you for organising, I wish I can join in the FUN and the yummy food, but this date coincide with the monthly cycling event. Ivan just reminded me of the date clash and possibly, the cycling will shit to morning. In any case I won’t be able to participate as I have a wedding reception in the morning and dinner in the evening.

    Sam huat huat huat(Safekeeper of the SHC Banner)….”mai tiam tiam chor kang hor”, time to relax relax and enjoy your favourite curry chicken. oh yes, don’t forget to bring along the SHC banner for nice shots / scenic picture okay…

    Ah Nee

  99. A BIG thank you to :-

    1. Sam didi for fruits and ponchos;
    2. Sockie for your warm well-wishes;
    3. Mary Chan for your banana crumble

    ‘Virgin’ as in 1st time I organize picnic at a park. I am happy even if only 5 members turn up…:)

    Dan has to do the ‘jio-ing’ as he wants to combine this picnic with his monthly gathering. Me can shake legs liao lor…:p


  100. Hi Rosalind
    Count me in. I will come with banana crumble. Hope it doesn’t rain. Will pray like Seok Cheng, hahaha.

  101. Ros,

    Would love to come support your ‘virgin’ event but alas I will be flying back from NZ on that day lei….so can only give you morale support by wishing you good luck and hope all of you have a great day. Will pray for good weather for you too :0)


  102. ah roselind jie ,

    i, sam huat will like to chip in few plastic poncoh ,some fruits & bring in our SHC banner hor….

    will take 1 day off from work too !!! ve to listen to lua tua tian soo call to …mai tiam tiam chor kang lor….

    CALLING tian soo , ah nee ,& de MAS angels , padang siow siow gang , batu pahat buddies ,taiwan ,phuket , handsome bro thomas loh ,john hawe ,everyone chew jie , lin chuah jie ,carly de tok kong cup cake cum good chef carly jie & many more come come come & siow siow , support our roselind 1st EO….( i ,support yr idea not paid EO lah )

    cheong ah cheong ah !!

    sam huat huat

  103. Hi Rosalind,

    Hhttp://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel/travel_id_19398/travel_site_1/ere is the link, hope it work.

    No, cannot help!!


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