Video Clip Making Skills,… How to Cut, Edit, add Music, Captions

Good Day All,

Are there any Experts here who can teach,… some basic Skills in Video Editing ?

13 thoughts on “Video Clip Making Skills,… How to Cut, Edit, add Music, Captions

  1. Thanks but I try to learn DIY with the various software available but not successful.

    Hope the experts here would consider a Zoom training please, Thanks

  2. YCwong. ,
    I am also using Filmora software. Its quite useful and not difficult to use.
    I think Dennis Har s suggestion to have a chat group under whatsapp is
    a good idea. We can communicate and share without tying down to specific time slots. We can of course supplement this chat with sessions on Zoom when suggested by Howard.
    The filmora software is about S$100 for lifetime.. I think it is worth it as i had been using it for about 2 years. You get regular updates on utility features such as titles, caption, audio , masking, icons, etc. It is quite enjoyable fiddling with the software.

    • CW, maybe we start with freebies first… once they get the hang of it… your Filmora Software will be a good investment.


  3. I am using CyberLink Power Director to create and edit videos. It’s free download and easy to use with desktop or mobile. One takes time to pick up the skills. digital applications are updated every now and then.

  4. Continue from previous comment.

    .every now and then, users really have to unlearn old features and pickup new features.
    I am interested to learn and share. Look fwd to a zoom session with interested members.
    Yoon Chin

    • wow…. YoonChin, you spur my appetite in wanting to explore more… i have yet to try this video thingy and know nuts abt it… i would really love to learn more….

      CHARLES Wee, pls give us a series of sessions on weekends or night time like u use to do in Travel Zoom…

      YoonChin can join to exchange notes for discussions… patiently waiting for someone to spearhead.

      Love to explore more…


        • Sally,
          Not necessary as the CyberLink apps come complete with tutorial in English. In fact, most apps come with tutorial. Very easy to pick up. Start taking a video and try cropping, edit and add audio and all the blinks blinks. It’s fun. For the first timer, target a final video of not more than 1 minute. Finally sit down, watch your creativity and discover your in born talent. You will get addicted, believe me.

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