Badminton at Bukit Gombak stadium

Hi all, the badminton court is booked at Bukit Gombak stadium from 10.00am to 12.00 noon on this Thursday 7 June 2012. The group is made up of players of all skill levels. Come and enjoy the "sauna" and sweat out all the fats accumulated. All are welcome..See you

Author: Inez Lim

Am interested in keeping fit and travelling and would like to meet like minded people.

8 thoughts on “Badminton at Bukit Gombak stadium”

  1. Thanks Inez for the effort to book the courts for us. During my last two session here I have the opportunity to play all out until I am left panting. Though there were up to 14 players, we all have time to play as there were one or two extra courts left empty for us.

    I have since stop playing at CSC Tessensohn and hope to warm up with this group of Westerly to stay in shape.


  2. Hi Inez,

    Something puzzles me. Why did you choose the category “Charity and Social services” for this badminton game?

    Terence Seah

  3. Hi Terence, i didn’t intentionally choose the category – Charity and social services. If you refer to my email to you earlier about difficulty posting and the problems of the “enter” key, the “submit for review” etc, i may have scrolled and didn’t realize and got into that category.
    Sorry ..
    By the way, to all badminton enthusiast, the next 2 weeks badminton games have been booked for 14 June and 21 June from 10.00 to 12.00. Cheers..

  4. Hi James and inez?and good badminton kakis

    I was away in Hainan last week hence not able to play?will be there this week to play and sweat it out again with the gang and good lunch fellowship too

  5. Hi Feztus and all.. Please ensure your parking coupons for the duration of the game is enough.The parking warden is from URA – very on.. Or maybe park across the road which is HBD – generally less on..

  6. Inez, I met Ron Teo yesterday; and he was full of good impression with your organisation and the members who joined the badminton group.

    Well done; and also to all the members who enjoyed themselves.

    Terence Seah

  7. Hi to all and Terence..
    thank you for your compliments – and thanks to all who came and enjoyed the game.
    It takes everyone to come, to enjoy the company and to sweat it out.
    It is a diverse group of players – skills and age..and as long as we all enjoy the game and achieved our objective of getting a “sauna”, let’s just continue the game at the same time,same day and the same location – 10.00am to 12.00 noon, on Thursdays at Bukit Gombak Stadium. (the bookings have been made till 5th July) Cheers..

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